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I before E?

Or is it E
before I?

unfortunately.This presentation covers commonly misspelled words and spelling rules— all of which. have exceptions! knowledge of .

. . .Spelling items on an objective test might look like these .

hungary . We will definitely definitely B consult Wanda since she was fueling fueling her herbrain brain C with a fruit smoothie. we we we could could could not not not A A concentrate on the lecture. No change is necessary. definitely definitely. hungry hungry B. but fueling choice A misspelled? corrects it! . or misspelled.Sample Item 1 Because we were hungry hungary. feuling D. A.. Hungry is Is hungary. definately C.

succesful B.Sample Item 2 At the flea market. it? corrects . two which ss. No change is necessary. He considered the shopping trip successfull. sucessful D. and a stuffed deer head with a broken antler. successful successful C. Harold bought fresh tomatoes. A. a pair of used jeans. misspelled? Ifc so.choice but only one l. Is Choice successfull B does the job—two s.

At many objective exams. you can not use a dictionar y! X .

I know that word! . If you don’t recognize the right answer. Hey. Your eyes have seen in print — and your brain has registered — all of the possible words that you will encounter for this skill.W hen in doubt. rely on “gut” feelings. go with the one that feels right.

x. z. Do you like my funky lenses? . bookbooks. Par t 1 • Most words become plural by adding s: chickenchickens. kitekites • Use es for words ending in s.Plurals. or “soft” ch: beachbeaches. sh. needed to find his glass es. Chad needed to problem. fixfixes. quizquizzes To finish his algebra problem sChad . glass.

heroheroes Our ears were glued to the radios as we listened to as we listened to news about the tornado es. Take cover! . tornado. Par t 2 • Words ending in a vowel + o become plural by adding s: rodeorodeos. duoduos • Words ending in a consonant + o become plural by adding es: tomatotomatoes.Plurals.

knifeknives • Words that end in ff or ffe become plural with just an s: knockoffknockoffs. giraffegiraffes Our li ves would improve if the giraffes quit the life would improve if the giraffs quit eating eating the lea ves off our shrubs. lifelives. that! Stop .Plurals. Par t 3 • Many words that end in f or fe become plural with ves: leafleaves. leafs off our shrubs.

buys. skyskies • If you have vowel + final y. keep the y when you add a suffix: monkeymonkeys. I’m a sucker for “Buy 3.but butthe theflea fleamarket market had too many good buy. toytoys Chad tryed triedto tosave savehis hismoney.Final Y Wor ds • If you have consonant + final y. fiftyfiftieth. money. Get 1 Free”! . change the y to i when you add any suffix except one beginning with i: easyeasily.

so we gave up and wallowedin in challengeing. loveloving. you will usually remove the final e: hopehoping. We were so close! . hopehopeful Climbing Climbing to tothe thetop topof ofthe themountain mountain was was too too challenging. discouragment. participateparticipating • If a suffix begins with a consonant.Final E Wor ds • If a suffix begins with a vowel. amuseamusement. you will usually keep the final e: lovelovely. so we gave up and wallowed discouragement .

double the consonant when you add a suffix that begins with a vowel or is a y: sadsaddened. forbidforbidding . swimswimming.Doubling Final Consonants • If you have a one-syllable word that ends in vowel + consonant. beginbeginner. skinskinny • If you have a multi-syllable word that ends in vowel + consonant — with the accent falling on the last syllable of the root word — double the consonant: admitadmitted.

thethe mud stain on on hishis pants.Read this sample: Chad steped stepped a puddle slipped off in ain puddle andand sliped off the sidewalk. He regreted regretted clumsiness his his clumsiness when he spoted spotted mud stain pants. Whoa! .

they usually reverse: cei ling. concei ve. i comes before e: belief. He beleives believes that that allall of of the females are admiring his great physique. recei ve • E also precedes i if the sound is a long a: ei ght. nei ghbor. wei gh Chad is concieted conceited about bulging veins about thethe bulging viens in in his rippling muscles.IE/EI Wor ds • Often. chief. Let me flex my biceps! . review • If the i and e follow c.

If no error exists. choose the option that corrects an error in the underlined portion(s).Quick Test Directions: In the items that follow.” Show me what you know! . choose “No change is necessary.

No change is necessary. C A.Item 1 Carlos hopped hopped hoped that that that he he he caught caught caught all all all of of of the the the A A misspellings inin misspellings his his essay. paper. for for he he wanted wanted to to B receive an receive an A A on on this this paper. recieve D. . hoped hoped B. essay. mispellings C.

guardding D. jewelry jewelry C. No change is necessary. . guarding guardingthe the C master bedroom. A.Item 2 The thieves thievesplanned plannedto tosteal stealMom’s Mom’sexpensive expensive A jewellry but jewellry jewelry butchanged changedtheir theirminds mindswhen whenthey they B B discovered Big Boy. our Rottweiler. theives B.

. Sheila told us to mind our own business bussiness.Item 3 When we told Sheila that her boyfriend Ronnie accompanied Kristine accompanied Kristineto toaafancy fancyrestaurant restaurant last last A B night. resterant C. accompanyed B. . C C A. business business D. No change is necessary. bussiness .

A. but I must insist on a sepparate sepparate fork. saperate D. separate separate B. . seperate C. fork.Item 4 I don’t mind sharing a dessert with Matthew. No change is necessary.

A. studying studying C. . No change is necessary.Item 5 Professor Williams recommends recommendsstuding studing studying two two two A B hours every night. espensive D. reccomends B. we students wish we had the time but must work to pay for the expensive expensive C textbooks that he requires.

our new puppy Jack sleeps on the rug. A.Item 6 All day long. possessed possessed D. he is possesed possesed by byenergy energyand and bounces off the furniture. possested C. No change is necessary. posessed B. but at night. .

way.Item 7 Ramón wishes wishs that wishs that that the the the lovely lovely lovely Belinda Belinda Belinda would would would blow blow blow A kisses his kisses hisway. kissess C. . No change is necessary. disappointed. wishes wishes B. B C A.but buthe heis isalways alwaysdisappointed. dissappointed D.

. unecessary B. unnecessery C. necessary. No change changeis isnecessary. even though he found this chore pointless and unnecessary. .Item 8 To please his wife. unnecessary A. Robert swept off the roof. unneccessary D.

instead. but we found them inedible. No change is necessary.Item 9 Patrick tried to make Babushka’s potato potatoe potatoe A A pancakes. C A. potato potato B. . frys D. ineddible C.everyone everyone B wished he had made simple French fries fries instead. inedible.

embarrases B.Item 10 Look at Jonathan’s face turning red—that boy embarasses easily! embarasses easily! A. emmbarasses C. . embarrasses embarrasses D. No change is necessary.

The End. .