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Pronoun Case

Do I need the pronoun they? Or do I need the pronoun



and possessive pronoun forms. . objective.This presentation covers when to use subjective.

.A pronoun case item on an objective test might look like this . . .

or us a change option problem? C makes. become we. Me and Stan theirs we No change is necessary. a their . arms. C A. D. B. furniture. but but A the new residents rolled their their eyes eyes when when they they B saw that we us us two two twohad had hadskinny skinny skinnyarms.Sample Item Stan and Stan and II offered offered to to help help move move the the furniture. C. Us needs to Is Stan and I. . arms.

he. Me threw mashed potatoes? I don’t think so! . we. • A subject pronoun functions as the subject of a verb. Meredith and Ithrew threwmashed mashedpotatoes potatoesat at Me and Meredith Henry.Subjective Pronouns • Forms include I. she. it. you. and they.

Objective Pronouns • Forms include me. always use the objective pronoun! . her. Stevie shouldn’t try Stevie shouldn’t try to kiss to kiss Grace Grace with with spinach spinach in his in his teeth! teeth! After a preposition like between. and them. us. it. me . • An objective pronoun functions as a direct object. you. him. or object of a preposition. indirect object. Just between you and I.

Dir ect vs. object! . Stevie a toothbrush toothbrush before before the the kissing toothbrush before the kissing kissing began. Crystal The Always Whogave received use what? objective the pronouns toothbrush? toothbrush likeStevie him = the and = the it to direct indirect replace object! objects. Indir ect Objects • To find a direct object. Crystal gave Stevie him itabefore the kissing began. began. use this formula: subject + verb + what? or who? • The indirect object is whoever or whatever receives the direct object.

her. Your. yours. and theirs = nouns. Yours. hers. your. we rubbed ours our eyes in disbelief. and their = adjectives. her. his.Possessive Pronouns • Forms include my. mine. ours. our. adjective forms do not agree with the nouns that follow. and theirs. • Possessive pronouns do not require an apostrophe. hers. ours. their. our. its. When Johnnie stepped to the plate and hit a home run. .

choose “No change is necessary. .Quick Test Directions: In the items that follow. If no error exists.” Show me what you know. choose the option that corrects an error in the underlined portion(s).

Clueless Clueless students students like like we we us B C can use all the help we can get! A.Item 1 Tiesha is good at math. See if she she and and Sam Sam will will A join our our study study group. group. D. her ours us us No change is necessary. . B. C.

C. he. . B. Byronand Byron andhim him them theirs No change is necessary.Together him Together . Together they they they slurped slurped slurped their their their A BB CC sodas as the guest lecturer droned on about the Roman Empire.Item 2 Marvin got an aisle seat. D. Cherise sat between Byron and Byron andhe. A.

B. Our Our Our A BB roommates like to stay up late playing loud video games. .Item 3 Me and Tonya andand Tonya Tonya I prefer prefer prefer morning morning morning classes. We hope to kick them them out out of of the the C apartment next semester. Tonya and Tonya andI I Ours they two No change is necessary. D. classes. C. A. classes.

dog. C. Perhaps that hair in your green your green beans beans comes comes from from she sheor her or orthe the thedog. C A. A B Since the strand is dark in color. dog. . yours her her her’s No change is necessary. hers. B. D.Item 4 Sheila has a golden retriever. I’ll bet it’s hers.

Item 5 Abigail studied six hours for the chemistry exam. B. test. A. D. . necessary. her them theirs No change changeis isnecessary. they they A B both knew their hard work would protect their their C high averages. When she she and and her her lab lab partner partner saw saw the the test. C.

he and Julie Them theirs theirs No change is necessary. B. C. Be careful what you say around Julie Julie and andhim. They They both both believe believe that that your your A B news—whether good or bad—is theirs their’s to their’s tospread. D. spread. C A.Item 6 Nicholas likes to gossip. him. .

needed. we D. C A. hers hers her’s asshe she B insisted on ice cream that neither of us us needed.. . we spent too much money grocery shopping. No change is necessary. me and Grandma B. The fault is mainly hers her’s.Item 7 Even though Grandma Grandma and andI Ibrought broughta acalculator calculator A and coupons.

C.Item 8 Mom gave me and and Sheila Sheilaa alecture lectureabout aboutgood good A manners. B. Sheila and I Sheila and Sheila andII ours No change is necessary. Mom had heard that me Sheila and and and Sheila Sheila I B forgot to send Aunt Louise a thank-you card for our our C Christmas presents. . D. A.

A. C.Item 9 My friends friendsand and II spent spent biology biology lab lab eating eating popcorn popcorn A and giggling. Me and my friends us us ours No change is necessary. After lab. B. He insisted that our our C behavior and attitude must change. D. Mr. Rivera threatened we us B three with withdrawal. .

B. B we students studentsneed needto tomake makesure surethat thatwe wehave have C every word Dr. her her theirs’ us students No change is necessary. . theirs. D.. Nguyen delivered in lecture. A. C. exam.Before Beforethe thebig bigexam.Item 10 We gave our calculus notes to Diego and she. she. her A They lent us theirs.

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