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Sirius Sports

Proposed Cycling Partnership

Summary of Contents

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Partnership Goals Cycling Demographics and Sponsorship Benefit Customer/Employee VIP Race Programs Sponsor Exposure at Tour de Georgia and Other Multi-day International Events Community Involvement with Partner and Cycling Team Mentoring Network and Programs

The Future of Sirius Sports

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The program is 3 years into a 10 year business plan in which the program is poised to reach new heights Years 4 and 5: the program will continue to grow into the dominant UCI Division III program in North America where it will become the top 3 US Based Team in its division Year 5: the Team will select specific overseas events in which it can support its sponsors needs in specific European markets Years 6 and 7: the program will execute a dual pronged approach and compete in both North America and Europe and expand to a UCI Division II program Year 7: the Team will look to be in the top five of the Division II ranked Teams in the world Years 8 and 9: the Team will build a UCI Division I program with the ability to compete in the world’s greatest professional events in both the US and Europe Year 10: the Team looks to compete in the most prestigious cycling event in the world, the Tour de France Become part of a program destined for success. The Sirius Sports program will both complement your company’s Marketing and Community / PR goals with integrity and professionalism

Year 5: Program will contest specific overseas events to supports its sponsor’s marketing needs. garnered 6 National Championships in three years along with 120 victories.The Future of Sirius Sports • Year 3: Top 8 US based Team. Years 8-10: Program will expand to Division I status and with goal to compete in the Tour De France by Year 10. • Year 6: Program will execute two pronged approach to compete in both North America and Europe and expand to a UCI Division II program. Year 4: Continue growth into dominant (top 2) UCI Division III US based Team. • . • • • Year 7: Team will be ranked Top 3 Division II Team in the world.

Projected Budgetary Needs For Programs 2006 • To accomplish business goals set forth • Title Role -500. 3 Part Time Staff • Specific Marketing and PR Programs to assist in executing Partner’s Business Goals • Top 3 US Based UCI Division III Program 2007 • 13 -15 rider Team. all programs include in 2005 business plan • The Team will compete in select European Markets in order to maximize Partner’s Global Branding Strategies • 8 Person Development Team Program . all programs included in 2005 business plan • The Team will compete in select European Markets in order to maximize Partner’s Global Branding Strategies • 8 Person Development Team Program 2008 • 13 -15 rider Team.000 Projected ROI 6:1 • 12-13 rider Team. 5 Full Time Staff.

while also promoting the brand in the sport of cycling around the world. .Sirius Sports Partnership With Your Brand. global company such as yours will strengthen our success and help us achieve joint community recognition. Sirius Sports is poised for continued success and growth in the professional cycling arena. In 2006. Corporate partnership with a respected.

etc. exposure and brand awareness. “The program produced a 6:1 return on [their] investment. REWARD TOP TALENT • Merchandising and Sales Opportunities By licensing jerseys.” ENTERTAIN KEY CUSTOMERS • Target Preferred Customers By encouraging participation in races in select target markets. T-shirts and race related items you can advertise your brand and recoup a portion of investment. Also include community partnerships and customer activities. give-always. you can leverage team relationship and offerings. caps. Employees. INCREASE COMMUNITY EQUITY • Entertain Clients. etc. Reward top talent by involving team members in employee events.Cycling Sponsorship Benefits. BUILD YOUR BRAND • Increase Company Visibility According to Motorola. . “Sponsorship of professional cycling has provided [them] a unique opportunity for increased corporate identification.

Team name.e.. A True Year Long Promotion Professional cycling runs from January to December. Depending on budget. Africa. • Create a Positive Image within the Community A study conducted by Georgia Tech showed that the Tour de Georgia (a target race by Sirius Sports) attracted 748. Enter the world of professional sports marketing at a relatively low cost! Be the big fish in the small pond. Canada. • • . Asia. likeness) Sirius Sports could compete in up to 150 races in Europe. Value Pro cycling is one of the best values in arena of International professional sports. Be involved in the only professional sport in which Teams are 100% involved with its sponsors.000 spectators and 120 pro cyclists to 23 Georgia cities and had $39 million of direct impact on the state economy. (i.Cycling Sponsorship Benefits. Australia and the US.

we’re building future leaders. Team members can be an integral part of your company’s marketing strategy by promoting branded products and services on a one-on-one basis.Matching The Brand. Sirius Sports will uphold and reflect the Partner’s brand to potential consumers.we’re building more than a team. Your Company and Sirius Sports both seek to win by building global and diverse teams. Through ethical racing and our commitment to the community. • • Sirius Sports’ long history of clean racing and unyielding integrity closely matches its Partner’s business ideals. goal oriented riders with vision -. educated. • • • . Sirius Sports employs innovative.

Sirius Sports Cycling Information .

• • • One of the most popular and fastest growing sports in the USA The second most popular recreational activity in the world There are more cyclists in the US than skiers. golfers and tennis players combined • 65 million people attend professional cycling events annually .Cycling Information and Demographics.

One in every three Americans owns a bike .S. Six million bicycle commuters in U.S.S.U. Cycling Audience.000 competitive adult cyclists in U. 250. • • • • 90 million cyclists & enthusiasts in the U.S.

Leisure Cyclist Demographics.U.000 . • 85% are between the ages of 25-54 • • • • • • • 63% are between 25 and 44 55% are male 45% female 63% are professional managers 90% have attended college 39% have post-graduate degrees 52% rate their brand loyalty as high Median household income = $80.S.

Sirius Sports Community Focus .

hospital and school (i. Each rider volunteers to assist with community.S.e.Community Programs.: Boys and Girls Club) We can mold the organization to work in conjunction with partnership goals Sirius Sports will give the its Partner’s brand a powerful presence and personal feel in the community Sirius Sports has well educated Corporate Spokesman in the marketplace to educate and influence your customer base . • • • • • Sirius Sports donates a portion of its winnings and time to help several charities across the U.

as a team we grow together. • • Onsite kiosk and new product literature to your customers base. Sirius Sports will execute race day literature distribution and media schedules as well as hosting and clients relations during events.On-Site Product Programs. 5 million + spectators. Marketing programs that are results driven for success. Riders will act as mobile sales and marketing staff executing programs across the entire US and Canada. Your partners can experience first hand professional athletes in action. • • .

Team Exposure At Major Races. building business morale and awareness for incentive programs Media schedule planned prior to event with several high-impact charitable community events Strategize TdG race stages and cyclist for General Classification victory Team and your staff pre-ride stages with press to promote local fan base Maintain participation in TdG and other International events through team growth plan • • • • . • Your company’s employees can meet / greet team before and after the Tour de Georgia (TdGa) and other International events.

Sirius Sports Sponsorship Programs .

• Your company’s involvement will support the continued development of the team Team and its partners will work internally at improving race day kiosk and product related programs Effective long term plan to build team into international squad • • .Sponsorship Goals.

Sponsorship Benefits. vehicles and website On-going reporting of campaign effectiveness and ability to constantly adapt programs to suit your current needs Employee rewards programs • Team gear • Health and Employee Clinic programs • Camps • Recognition in media and race announcements . • • • Your Brand name and logo on jersey.

and collateral All Team presence.000 TITLE PROGRAM • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Top 6 North American Based Professional Team 2 Top 10 Ranked US Based Riders 11 Rider Team 4 Full Time staff 4 Part Time staff 4 Fully branded vehicles 100 race schedule: North America 2 Potential Olympians Estimated impression value (based on historical documented values) over $2. vehicles. Plus potential relationships with your strategic business partners Regionally based marketing programs for your satellite offices Race day on-site literature distribution: Sponsor tent. display banners 7 Race day Hosting opportunities: provided and scheduled with Sirius Sports Marketing kit managed by Sirius Sports and your company . colors and likeness will be that of the Title sponsors name and/or brand Weekly status report on impressions generated and effectiveness of particular programs executed Co-Branding opportunity with all team sponsors.300.000 1st placement on all Team clothing.Title Sponsorship $350.

000 TITLE PROGRAM Cont. • • • • • • • • • Team logo branded clothing available world wide through web and retail based programs Employee discount on Team branded apparel and equipment 3 Corporate charity events 8 Youth mentoring and drug / charity awareness programs executed throughBoys Girls Clubs/Schools Wellness programs and training programs 1 Title Sponsored Branded national level race “ Your Brand Grand Prix” 1 Team training camp for your employees 5 member Junior Development Cycling Team .find the next Lance Armstrong Sports Marketing contact internally at your company to oversee programs .Title Sponsorship $350.

00 2nd reference of Team in all media and collateral your company will always receive mention in Team name 2nd placement on Team clothing and vehicles Team members available for Trade Events. Plus potential relationships with strategic brand partners Race day on-site literature distribution: Your brand tent.000 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Estimated impression value for 2005 (based on documented historical numbers) over $1. display banners 5 Race day Hosting opportunities: provided and scheduled with Sirius Sports Marketing kit managed by Sirius Sports and your brand Bi-Weekly updated website provided by Sirius Sports Team logo branded clothing available world wide through web and retail based programs Employee discount on Team branded apparel and equipment 5 Youth mentoring and drug / charity awareness programs executed by Pros-Boys Girls Clubs/Schools Wellness programs and training programs 5 member Junior development Team in your company’s name Sports Marketing contact internally at your brand to oversee programs . Media and Company functions 2 Charity events executed by Sirius Sports in your company’s name Co-Branding opportunity with all team sponsors.100.Co-Sponsor Minimum Commitment $175.

000 (based on documented historical values) 3rd reference of Team 2 Race day Hosting opportunities Logo and Brand on all Team clothing.Presenting Sponsor $85.000 • • • • • • • Estimated impression over $550. vehicles and media collateral Team members available for Corporate functions and trade shows and company Media events 1 Charity event executed by Sirius Sports in your companies name Monthly updates to program effectiveness and impression values .

000 • • • • Estimated Impression value over $100. website 1 Race day hosting opportunity Team members for PR events.Supporting Sponsor $20. clothing. and Marketing promotions .000 (based on documented historical values) Logo and Brand placement on all Team vehicles.

Sirius Sports Team Background .

Highlights Chris Thater Memorial Criterium Binghamton. MN Fitchburg Longsjo Classic Fitchburg. MA NYC Invitational New York. IL CapTech Classic Richmond. VA Ponoma Valley Stage Race San Dimas. CA Athens. GA . NY T-Mobile International San Francisco. NY USPRO Criterium Championships Downtown Grand Prix Merced. CA Charlotte’s International Invitational Charlotte. CA Downers Grove. CA Nature Valley Grand Prix Minneapolis. GA Tour de Georgia Statewide.2006 Racing Schedule . NC Redlands Bicycle Classic & USCF Elite Road Nationals Athens Twilight Criterium Redlands.

pursuant to their contractual obligations with the team.Sirius Sports Doping Policy • Sirius Sports has a zero tolerance policy toward performance enhancing products • • Any rider who has not acted according to Sirius Sports’ anti-doping policy will be dismissed immediately without compensation All riders. must make themselves available for random testing administered by UCI and USA Cycling guidelines within four hours notice by Team Management Throughout the six years of existence and hundreds of medical control tests. no Sirius Sports rider has ever tested positive nor has any rider acquired from a previous team ever tested positive at any time All riders and staff are required to be intimately knowledgeable of any and all products banned by the governing bodies of professional cycling • • .

4200 tim@worldbike.4759 Mcguirecycling@yahoo.225.7216 .com John Durso President 973.Contact Information Team Management Sirius Sports Terry Curley General Manager Tim Chase Business Manager 415.

Sirius Sports and your Brand: Pulling away from the Pack. .