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forms of and This presentation covers appropriate .comparative superlative adjectives and adverbs.

.A degree item on an objective test might look like this . . .

A. smartest smartest B.Sample Item Roxanne is the __________ member of her family. more smart D. least smartest Which choice fills the blank the correct with the superlative correct form form. of smart? Smartest is . most smartest C.

more. taller. Not the tallest! Use -er when you have only two! . Between those two friends.Comparative • Forms include -er adjectives and the words better. Yolanda is tallest. • Use with two items. worse. and less.

. Yolanda is more the most gregarious gregarious.Super lative • Forms include -est adjectives and the words best. worst. • Use with three or more items. most. What can I say — I’m a people person! . and least. Of all of her friends.

Most happy or happiest — not both! . He is the most most happiest happy student student in Professor Orsini’s happiest in Professor Orsini’s class.Do not use a double compar ative or super lative! We saw that Thomas made an A on the difficult test.

and least. . more interesting or least interesting. nicest! more handsome.Know the cor rect for ms. most. Two-syllable words vary: lazier but Words with three or more syllables use more. One-syllable words usually take -er or -est: Nice. less. nicer. For example.

If no error exists. choose the option that corrects an error in the underlined portion.” your court. The ball’s in . choose “No change is necessary. Show us what you can do. Par t 1 Directions: In the items that follow.Quick Test.

Item 1 My standard poodle Jack is the biggest biggestof ofmy my two dogs. A. bigger bigger B. most big D. more bigger C. . No change is necessary.

B. A. cautiouser more cautiouser most cautious most cautious No change is necessary. D.Item 2 Joseph’s parents have three sons. C. . Joseph is the most daring while Jason is the more more cautious cautious of of the three.

our new roommate. . No change is necessary. more heavier D. Chuck and I had to carry the heavier ones. A. is lazy. more heavy C.Item 3 Raphael. heavier ones. heaviest heaviest B. Of the truckload of boxes.

best best most great greater No change is necessary. B. I am the better better writer writer among her many students. . A. Obviously. D.Item 4 Professor Zuromski read my essay in front of the entire class. C.

different items. Now try some . choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence. Par t 2 Directions: In the items that follow.Quick Test.

A. D. B. C.Item 5 Roxanne can frost cupcakes __________ than anyone else in the cake-decorating class. quickest more quickly more quickly most quickly quicker .

Thomas is the __________ person we know. C. more sad sadder saddest saddest most saddest . A. D.Item 6 Of all our friends. B.

slowest B. A. more slowest C. more more slowly slowly . more slower D.Item 7 No one drives __________ than Grandmother Ruth.

less grouchy less grouchy less grouchier grouchiless the least grouchy .Item 8 Cameron spent four hours cleaning our tiny apartment. A. Now he is __________ than he was when the place was a pigsty. C. B. D.

B. and Fred farted and picked his nose.Item 9 David smiled and bowed. Glen offered a single red rose. A. D. Of the three of us. poor Cheryl certainly has the __________ date. worse more worse worst worst more terrible . C.

McKnight found 44 errors in his last essay. slower more carefully more carefully most carefully carefuller . A. C. Albert decided to proofread his next paper __________.Item 10 After Mrs. D. B.

The End. .