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Student Success and Transfer

Ken ODonnell Los Angeles Community College District Office of the Chancellor Achieving the Dream California State University March 22, 2013

Slightly more than 1/3 you of the people Thats the population have to work with. California residents added in California with bachelors degrees between 2005 and 2025 The status quo is from come California. 2/3 come Youre going to have to rely much more on aged 25-44: from other places. the success of community colleges. morally unacceptable.
To meet its growing need for college Our whole system graduates, California will need to more of its own. breaks down if produce we dont

make community colleges work. 2.7 million 2.16 million black and Latino

Dennis Jones NCHEMS Sacramento February 19, 2013

Das Williams
Chair, CA Assembly Committee on Higher Education

46% all students

23% all students

Six-year graduation rates for full-time firsttime freshmen

Six-year transfer rates among degree seekers

40% 14%

students of color

students of color

Source: CSU Graduation Initiative and CCC Student Success Task Force

Lower Division Major Prep General Education

60 transferable units 2.0 Grade Point Average 30 units of GE


GE Breadth or IGETC American Institutions Oral Communication Written Communication Quantitative Reasoning Critical Thinking

Lower Division Major Prep Impac

1440 Student Transfer Achievement Reform (STAR) Act

perfect 60+60 for the community colleges: start with GE (39 units) add 18 units lower division major preparation for the state universities: grant admission priority finish in two years worth of coursework



Lower Division Major Prep

112 X 23 X 25 64,400
112 Community Colleges

CCCs 23 State Universities CSUs majors degree pathways

Lower Division Major Prep Transfer Model Curriculum

23 State Universities

25 degree pathways
112 Community Colleges

two frameworks for articulation


Associate Degree for Transfer

Lower Division Major Prep

General Education



General Education Certification

English Communication
Math & Quantitative Reasoning Arts & Humanities Social Science

B4 C D

Science (including lab) Self-Development

B1-3 E

Sources of General Education (48 units total)

prior learning at the baccalaureate level (pass-along) * other CCCs or four-years * military and other training * external exams (AP or IB) up to 39 units

certifying California Community College (sending institution)

39 lower-division units

California State University (receiving institution) nine upper-division units

Unique Benefits of General Education


Unique Benefits of General Education



Unique Benefits of General Education




what we have

what we want




CSU Chancellors General Education Advisory Group 2007-2008 revision of Executive Order on GE Breadth

Article 1 Applicability
Article 2 Pathways to Meet Requirements Article 3 Premises

Article 4 Distribution of Units

Article 5 Transfer and Articulation Article 6 Implementation and Governance

CSU GE Breadth certification




Graduation Rates by Ethnicity and participation in High-Impact Practices

Source: CSU Northridge Institutional Research August, 2010


68% 63%

49% 38%

1 Latino/a

1 2 not Latino/a

Town Hall Meeting
2010 2009 2008 2007 2006

First-Year Persistence
first-time full-time freshmen

86% 84%

91% 93%
with Town Hall Meeting

80% 74%
white students students of color

85% 80%
William Loker Dean, Undergraduate Education
Source: Institutional Research, CSU Chico

A better transfer curriculum will: * foreground the essential learning outcomes -- what we want students to know and be able to do * take full advantage of local expertise, opportunities, and high-impact practices without sacrificing access and portability.

Student Success and Transfer