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• • • • • • Founded:1943 Sweden, Småland Headquarters: Leiden, The Netherlands Industry: Retail (Specialty) Products: self-assembly furniture Present in 40 countries around the world There are 330 of Ikea stores and around 154000 co-workers • Ikea group owns 247 Ikea stores in 24 countries, the rest being managed by franchisees in 16 countries

I (Ingvar)-Founder’s first name K (Kamprad)-Founder’s last name E (Elmtaryd)-Farm where he grew up A (Agunnaryd)-Home village Logo.Acronym.Blue & Yellow. . The colors of Swedish National Flag.

. and he scraped and saved in every way possible except on ideas and quality. Ingvar used every opportunity to reduce costs.IKEA Concept • Ingvar’s innovative idea was to offer home furnishing products of good function and design at prices much lower than competitors by using simple cost-cutting solutions that did not affect the quality of products.

• 1951: published the first IKEA furniture catalogue. • 1955-1956: designed own furniture tested to use flat packages for shipping. • 2001: established IKEA Rail .history • 1943: founded in Sweden by Ingvar Kamprad.

History: first store around the world • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1958: in Sweden 1963: in Norway 1969: in Denmark 1973: in Switzerland 1974: in Germany 1975: in Australia 1976: in Canada 1981: in France 1985: in USA 1987: in UK 1989: in Italy 1998: in China 2000: in Russia .

IKEA’s Layout • • • • • Entrance upon the store Unique Design Display set up Upper level “showroom” Lower level “Marketplace and Warehouse” .

Why we should support IKEA? • IKEA is a GREEN company. • • • • Environmental friendly Minimize damage to environment Sustainable company Ban plastic and PVC .

Current Profile • Focus on kitchen and bedroom • “Sleep Revolution” • High-quality. Lower-price products 10 .

Future Profile • Internet business • Environmental protection • 1)Long terms commitments with its suppliers • 2)IKEA recycles its “five most waste materials” 11 .

Together we save money” • 1)internet.V. newspapers.. you do yours. radio.Marketing “Your partner in better living. magazines • 2)catalog is the main marketing instrument 12 . T. We do our part.

Competitors Euromarket Designs Inc. Inc. Galiform plc Wal-Mart Stores. 13 .

( Crate & Barrel ) • Company type: Private • Founded: 1962 Chicago. Furniture • Sales (mil.Competitors (1) Euromarket Designs Inc. USA • Headquarters: Northbrook. Illinois.000 (2007) 14 .):$ 401. USA • Industry: Retail • Products: Housewares. Illinois.3 (2007) • Employees: 6.

• similar management style. 15 . far behind.Competitors (1) Compare to IKEA: • by revenue and employee. online sales. • stores. catalog Characteristic: two sister stores: CB2 is for young adults and the Land of Nod is for children. marketing strategy.

728 16 .5 • 2006 Employees: 10.Competitors (2) Galiform plc • Company type: Public • Founded: 1964: MFI 2006: Galiform plc • Headquarters: London • Industry: Furniture Trade • Products: Kitchens & Bedrooms.): $2. Doors & Joinery • 2006 Sales (bil.

Characteristic: • Cuisine Stores 17 . better than Crate & Barrel • focuses on kitchen and bedroom products • in the UK and France markets.Competitors (2) Compare to IKEA: • by revenue and employee. far behind.

hypermarkets • Slogan: Save Money.Competitors (3) Wal-Mart Stores. Arkansas. • Company Type: Discount department store/Public • Founded: 1962 • Headquarters: Bentonville. Live Better. Inc.6 • 2007 Employees (mil): 1.): $348. USA • Products: Discount stores.9 18 . • 2007 Sales (bil.

IKEA. Wal-Mart.Competitors (3) Compare to IKEA: • by revenue and employee number. biggest public company. furniture is only a small portion • not a direct competitor 19 . private • extensive products.

Inspiration add in 2010 .

.IKEA Sofa Billboard To show that IKEA furniture could fit in pretty much every home. an IKEA sofa was hung in front of a billboard in Amsterdam.

IKEA Newspaper Ad Creative “Sliding Doors” IKEA newspaper advertising from Australia .

IKEA Park Bench Real park bench was decorated with items sold at IKEA stores .

IKEA Balcony IKEA redesigned the front of a whole apartment building in one of the busiest streets in Frankfurt with giant mock-ups of IKEA drawers .

IKEA Billboard Cool IKEA billboard reminds us to decorate for the holidays .

IKEA Delivery Service Clever advertising for free home delivery from IKEA in Germany .

.IKEA Apartment In a Box Creative advertising campaign for the IKEA Brooklyn store opening.

DDB Berlin directed the people’s attention to the IKEA products in popular movies with a clever trick .IKEA Cinema Catalogue To promote new IKEA catalogue.

At the bottom.IKEA Messy Bus Shelters Glass wall of the bus shelters have been filled with kitchen objects creating a real mess. sticker showed IKEA’s answer to chaos in the kitchen .

IKEA World’s Biggest Rack Existing architecture of the south train station in Vienna was converted into a giant rack filled with new IKEA products .

IKEA Bus Stop Real sofa from IKEA was placed in a bus stop shelter in Istanbul .

Moving IKEA Living Room Ceative living room on wheels filled with IKEA products. .

. with everything inside neatly organized.IKEA Staircase Store’s main staircase was presented as a chest of drawers.

.IKEA Train in Japan Kobe Monorail train was converted into a moving IKEA showroom.



Saudi Arabia .

they actually went to the trouble of photo shopping out the women from the pictures: .And in some.



Social site • https://www.com/IKEAUK?sk=app _113189835397748&filter=2 .facebook.

win that particular Ikea product . • Facebook members who had requested Gordon as a friend could then tag themselves to a specific item in each photo and in doing so.IKEA Facebook Showroom • This campaign won a Gold Cyber Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival • IKEA spread the word on the opening of their Malmö store in Sweden with the creation of an online showroom hosted on Facebook.


Videos • http://musicwithoutlabels.kunstmaan.com/2012/11/10/mas ters-in-france-brings-back-playin-with-myfriends-with-ikea-new-musicvideo/ • Warrenty • http://www.tv/commercials/ikea-bright-shinycolours-fall-2012-60-uk .be/work/ikea • http://adland.

Radio.holiday add .

ca/?p=3014 .IKEA ‘Summer Sale’ radio • http://www.andrewbradley.

creativeguerrillamarketing.Pop up adds • http://www.com/g uerrilla-marketing/ikea-france-popsapartment-paris-metro/ .

IKEA Uses Mobile Augmented Reality To Engage Shoppers’ Imagination
• An “Augmented Reality” system deals with the combination of real-world and computergenerated data, and generates a composite view for the user that is the combination of the real scene viewed by the user and a virtual scene generated by the computer

Mobile- back to school campaign

Case-IKEA apologises for benefitting from forced prison labour in communist East Germany 30 years ago .

• Ikea had commissioned the report in May as a result of accusations that both political and criminal prisoners were involved in making components of Ikea furniture and that some Ikea employees knew about it. an issue that has long been overshadowed here by the large and deadly slave-labor program under the Nazis. knowingly benefited from forced labor in the former East Germany to manufacture some of its products in the 1980s. . • Accusations against Ikea started to appear in news media reports in Germany and Sweden. • Ikea’s admission has given new impetus to efforts by victims’ groups to receive compensation for work they were forced to perform under the Communist government in East Germany.• A Swedish company.


• IKEA last month moved a step closer to setting up its stores in India—one of the company's largest untapped markets—when the country's foreign-investment board decided to forward the retailer's €1. .5 billion ($2 billion) proposal to the federal cabinet.

The first ten will come up over the next decade and the remainder thereafter. primarily textiles and carpets. The company sources $600 million worth of goods from here every year. • India has actually served Ikea as a low-cost sourcing destination for the past three decades.• In India. and plans to increase this to $1 billion annually. the company says it will open 25 stores. in two phases. .

where a company sells only its own brand of goods.• IKEA is among the few foreign retailers that have sought permission to open wholly owned stores in India after New Delhi last year allowed 100% foreign ownership in singlebrand retail ventures. • Previously. foreign companies could own a maximum 51% stake in such retail operations. .

speaking on condition of anonymity. if implemented.• IKEA's proposal to set up 25 stores in India. would be the largest investment in India by a global company • "Ikea engages in predatory trade practices." he alleges. In subsequent years. "In the first year. they offer excellent margins. the margins reduce to a level that turns a unit into an unprofitable venture .

" ." he says.IKEA – A game changer for India "Ikea has been able to pass on cost benefits to consumers because it focuses on building cost efficiencies. Ikea could be a game changer in India. "This helps it offer its customers better designed products at prices that are very affordable. And given its sheer size.

.India a export hub for IKEA Ikea already sources many products from India and plays a major role in India’s exports. the company is responsible for 20% of all rug exports from India and in future Ikea might use more of its Indian vendors for its global needs.

• This means that the small and unorganised furniture manufacturer in India will benefit from Ikeas market entry. • Though India is not rich in natural wood. etc.Benefits to India from IKEA • IKEA typically does not invest in factories. IKEA could help develop new non-wood categories like outdoor patio furniture. but works closely with enterprising entrepreneurs to meet its global supply standards. .

• IKEA is one of the most trusted and ethical retail brand in the world. • It is delivering products that help improve the lives of the many. . combined with sustainable job creation it is the best way to tackle poverty.Benefits to India from IKEA • A large number of these vendors will be small and medium sized enterprises and therefore help create manufacturing jobs at the bottom end of the pyramid.

) .Ikeas entry into India It will meet with five important customer needs: • FANTASTIC VALUE FOR MONEY (design. take home direct. plenty of options) • INSPIRATION AND IDEAS (solutions for your home) • EASE OF SHOPPING (everything in one place. function. leave children at the children play ground etc. big parking space) • FUN (a day out. eat at the restaurant inside the store. quality at low prices) • EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS (Scandinavian design sold only at IKEA.

Thank You .

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