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By Jak Cochrane and Arthur Dickson Bell

 Our

media product ‘The Wrong side’ would mainly be aimed at men were we to actually make the whole film, however we would not make the film with only male viewers in mind as although this type of gritty crime dramas is mostly associated with male audiences, we accept that female viewers of any legal age (15 or over) can still enjoy this type of action thriller just as much. However obviously not in as great a number as male audiences so most of the content would be aimed at that section of the community.

As mentioned in the previous slide, ‘The Wrong side’ were it to be released for real would be a certificate 15, we decided this as obviously for a crime drama to be realistic parts of it would have to be too graphic for audiences any younger than this, however we accept that in todays world children are mature enough to understand content like sex and murder by the time they are 15, whether they are male or female (as explained in the previous slide) however obviously we would have to adhere to rules governing the amount of gore and things of this nature if the film is allowed to be a 15.

 strong

violence  frequent strong language (eg 'f**k').  portrayals of sexual activity  strong verbal references to sex  sexual nudity  brief scenes of sexual violence or verbal references to sexual violence  discriminatory language or behaviour  drug taking

There can be a great deal, At 15 there is no upper limit on the number of uses of strong language (eg f**k).  Occasionally there may be uses of the strongest terms (eg 'c**t'), although continued or aggressive use will not normally be passed at 15.  There may be racist, homophobic or other discriminatory language, and the work could explore themes relating to this.  However, at 15 the work as a whole must not endorse discriminatory language or behaviour

At 15 sexual activity can be portrayed, as long as there is no strong or graphic detail. Some sex scenes can be quite long at this category and may involve some nudity and movement. Though nudity may be allowed in a sexual context there should be no strong detail.  There are no constraints on nudity in a nonsexual or educational context.  There can be strong references to sex and sexual behaviour, but especially strong or crude references are unlikely to be accepted unless justified by context.  Heterosexual and homosexual sex and references are treated the same.

 At

15 drug taking may be shown but the work as a whole must not promote or encourage drug misuse.  The misuse of easily accessible and highly dangerous substances like aerosols or solvents is unlikely to be acceptable at 15.  We consider the risk of potential harm to impressionable teenagers. For example, dangerous behaviour such as hanging, suicide and self-harming should not dwell on detail which could be copied.

Having looked at all these rules and more set by the BBFC as to what a 15 can entail, we believe that this is what we would choose for ‘The Wrong side’ as although parts of it would be quite dark and gritty, we would not include any particularly sadistic material or gory violence, nor would we include any graphic sexual material. As it would not be necessary in any way to help portray the story. And so it is not worth including as it would decrease the possible size of our audience.