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GROUP MEMBERS, Priyanka bapat Ketaki bhirdikar – 08 711 Jayesh Desai - 08 720 Foram Doshi – 08 722 Rohan Jadhav Pooja Jha - 08 729 Rasika Raina - 08 744 Mitali Sorthi – 08 754 Prajakta Torvi – 08 755 Punam Waghulde –

3/26/13 SEGMENTATION • Geographic: Pan India. 116 outlets Demographic: Caters to all ages. Sex Income group .Middle class to upper middle class Psychographics: Value for money • • .

• • .3/26/13 TARGETING • Middle Class to upper middle class Family Big Bazaar specifically targets working women and home makers who are the primary decision makers.

POSITIONING Shoppers stop High Lo w Lifestyle Crossroa ds Globus Akbar Allys 3/26/13 Price Big Bazaar Rang e Apna Bazaar High Lo w .

3/26/13 DIFFERENTIATION • Bazaar experience in a mall Value for money Every Day Low Price (EDLP) Innovative promotion strategies Situated at strategic location • • • • .



Lack of awareness among the employees about the products • • Credence: Low cost products.3/26/13 SEARCH. High billing time. True feel of bazaar (Mandi). Low priced products Experience: Crowded. EXPERIENCE & CREDENCE QUALITIES • Search: Word of mouth. Advertising. .


3/26/13 SERVICE DESIGN • Handling all the departments Handling Logistics Customer service Service blueprint. • • • .

wash Slip rooms Purchase Exit and 3/26/13 d product products withdraw cover al bags counters Complaint & Feedback desk / Website CUSTOM ER Arrives at Big bazaar retail store Submits his baggage to the baggage counter Gets a pulling basket / trolley Visits various product counters Enquires about the products not found on shelf. etc.Service Processing at Big Bazaar Retail Stores PHYSIC AL EVIDEN CE Exterior of the retail stores Submission Basket / Products & Product Uniforme Payment counter for Trolley display d Sales Counter Other interiors baggage Counters staff & danglers. Selects Products for final purchase Pays money according to the bill Leaves with his purchases & collects his belongings from the baggage counter. CONTACT PERSON (Onsta ge) Security guards Counter staff Customer Support staffs Customer Support Staffs cashier Security support staffs (Backsta ge) Inventory management Team (SCM) Finance Department persons Staff Trainers SUPPO RT PROCE SS SAP / ERP Security Department CRM . Payment lifts.

3/26/13 .