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Traditional / PastOriented Methods

Graphic Rating Scale

Straight Ranking Method

Paired Comparison Method

Critical Incident Method Confidential Reports Group Appraisal

Modern / Future-Oriented Methods

Assessment Centres 360-Degree Performance Appraisal Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scales

Management by Objectives Psychological Appraisals

Human Resource Accounting



Employees Development

Selection Validation



Dudhwala Group of Companies

Name of the Person Designation : : Mr. Zuber Barudgar Manager - HR

Aviva Life Insurance Co Ltd

Name of the Person Designation : : Mr. Amit Chowhan Assistant Manager HR

Datamatics Financial Services Ltd

Name of the Person Designation : : Mr. Vinit Anchan Quality Analyst

1. What are the managers responsibilities in the performance appraisal execution?
Dudhwala Group Unbiased & Ensure Performer is given his due Credit. Aviva Life Training & Development, Performance Feedback. Datamatics Aware of employees performance, qualification & previous experience.

2. How do you determine whether your managers are doing good job in performance appraisal?
Dudhwala Group By reviewing the Appraisal Process. Aviva Life By reviewing and discussing the performance appraisal rating sheet. Datamatics

3. How does your organization motivate employees to deliver good performance?

Dudhwala Group Increment, Promotion, Rewards & Recognition. Aviva Life Monetary & Nonmonetary Incentives. Datamatics Incentives, Good Salary Hike, Proper Work Culture, etc.

4. Is money the only thing that motivates?

Dudhwala Group
No, job satisfaction, promotion, career planning, designation, performance recognition also motivates.

Aviva Life
No, recognition, appreciation, promotion, etc. are also important.

No, it also depends on the work culture.

5. Which methods of performance appraisal are used in your organization?

Dudhwala Group 180 Degree Performance Appraisal System Aviva Life Behavioural Anchored Rating Scale & Psychological Appraisal Method. Datamatics

6. Is performance appraisal helpful in reducing grievances among the employees?

Dudhwala Group Yes Aviva Life Yes Datamatics Yes

7. Does performance appraisal system helps to identify the strengths and weakness of the employees?
Dudhwala Group Yes Aviva Life Yes Datamatics Yes

8. Is promotion purely based on performance appraisal?

Dudhwala Group Aviva Life Datamatics

No, it also depends on tenure in organization, strengths & willingness to face new challenges.



9. When performance appraisal happens in your organization?

Dudhwala Group March Aviva Life Twice a year Datamatics Twice a year (March & September)

10. Is there any conflict arise between employees after performance appraisal?
Dudhwala Group Sometimes, if appraisal has been partial in rating performance. Aviva Life Sometimes Datamatics Often

11. Who rates the performance?

Dudhwala Group Superiors & Subordinates Aviva Life Superiors Datamatics Superiors, Subordinates & Clients.

12. Is 360 degree appraisal process undertaken in your organization?

Dudhwala Group No Aviva Life No Datamatics