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Chocolate industry Ferrero Rocher


History of the ferrero industry: The

great leader of the Group’s development is Michele Ferrero. to his consistent and efficient partnership with his wife Maria Franca. and Pietro, Michele’s parents, transformed a pastry shop into a factory. key to success was the effective sales network organized by Giovanni, Pietro’s brother. story of a brilliant and strong-willed Piedmontese family that gathers its extraordinary strength for growth from the 3/26/13 Ferrero Foundation’s motto: “Work Create

 Thanks  Piera

 Another  The

Origin of the ferrero factory: Ferrero  Ferrero  In

Rocher was introduced in 1982.

Rocher - was born in Europe in 1982 and launched in New Zealand in 1987. just a few years it became the favorite chocolate treat for millions of people. 3.6 billion Ferrero Rocher chocolates are sold each year in over 40 countries. plants & commercial companies all around the world. employees. crores of turnover.

 Approximately

 16

 20,000  35,000

1905 1925 1946 1950 1966 1982

Birth of Giovanni Ferrero, Italy. Birth of Michele Ferrero to Pietro and Piera Ferrero, Italy. Official opening of Ferrero company, in Alba, Italy with 50 employees. Michele Ferrero assumes leadership of Ferrero, following the death of his father Pietro and his uncle Giovanni. Ferrero opens in the UK. Ferrero Rocher was launched in the UK.

Philosophy and brand image: Loyalty  High

and trust towards our consumers. products in manufactures process.


 Freshness  Innovate.  Work

hard. and luxury.

 Elegance


Logo and Slogan: Logo

reflects the luxury, elegance, quality and sobriety. “Share Something Special” means wants to communicate the same. a good regard in the minds of the customer.

 Slogan-

 Creates


Brand features: The

features reflect the presence of status and class. foil wrapping. taste, make up and look. style and expertise.

 Gold

 Unique

 Excellence


Competitors: Nestle-

Kit Kat, Milky Bar, Munch, Bar one, etc.

 Cadbury-

Éclairs, Dairy Milk, bournville, etc.

 Hershey’s-


Target market: Urban

middle-high class people should be targeted because of the purchasing power this population possesses. Y – males and females 18-25 years of age.

 Generation  Young  High  Semi

professional couples.

disposable incomes. regular and special occasion purchase.

 People

who like and enjoy chocolate taste at the same time to give importance to health. Sociable often attending parties and gatherings.

Swot analysis:Strength:
 Offers

a quality and luxury product. from the popular brand Ferrero

 Awareness

 Has

captured huge amount of market share in boxed chocolates. in packaging of 3 nos., 12 nos., 16nos. as an ideal product for gifting. 24 nos.

 Available

 Considered  Ferrero  Ferrero

Rocher gets instant customer recognition due to its packaging. Rocher is a high quality, premium 3/26/13

 Less

popular chocolate brand product in Indonesia. expensive price among competitor. for special occasion consumptions. exposure through media.

 Quite  Only  Not

advertised. available easily. brand status is decaying.

 Small  Not  The  Its

current campaigns have been poorly executed. more to modern outlet.

 Distributed

 Big

market for Asia.

 The

introduction on new flavors will help in gaining more market share. awareness if chocolates being healthy.

 Increasing  Increase  Increase  No

in the usage of internet [advertisements can be done on the net]. in the demand of the three piece impulsive pack. brand is a supremely high–quality, premium brand and this leaves the position up for grabs.

 Market  Local

leader always follow by others. of Ferrero Rocher.


 Imitation  Bad

economy cycles. competition from other chocolate brands.

 High

 Increasing  Many  The

trends of Nutri-bars replacing chocolates. competitors in the high quality, premium chocolate market. chocolate industry in general is a threat no matter how a product is positioned.

Market strategies:Product:
 Raw

cocoa quality guarantees chocolate product quality. of the product also secure the quality and image. shape of the product.

 Packaging  Good

 Use

margin price method. price survey.

 Market

 Advertising.  Sampling,  Direct  Mouth

demo, etc.

sales/ online marketing. to mouth and community sales strategy.

 Merchandising  Company

in modern outlets.

owned counter. to certain place.

 Canvassing


Available Packs:5

pieces pack for Rs.95.

 16

pieces pack for Rs.280.

 24

pieces pack for Rs.499.

Media plan budgets:The following Media Tables will show the amount spent weekly, and therefore yearly on advertising Ferrero Rocher product:

Yearly Budget Television Magazines Bill boards Newspapers Cinema

Amount $1,742,000 $409,500 $585,260 $6,301,568 $164,320

Overall Yearly (52 weeks) = $9, 447, 048.

Weekly:Budge Televisio Magazin Bill Newspa Cinema t n es boards per Total $33,500 $7,875 $11,255$121,18 $3,160 Week 4

Overall: $181, 674 weekly.


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