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Financial Aid Professionals (FAP) Portal and Beyond Marcello Rojtman

Onl ine Resourc e tool s

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Financial A id Profess ionals -FAP Port al Inf ormation for Financial Aid P rof es sionals - I FA P FSA Tech

Online Resource Tools
Access Required to FSA Financial Aid Professionals (FAP) Portal and IFAP

Federal Register/Vol. 62 No.182 9/14/1997 Notice

Usage of FAP Portal and IFAP

FSA FAP Portal - over 10 Thousand Visitors a week IFAP – Over 100 Thousand Visitors a week 3

Financial Aid Professionals Portal
The four parts of the Portal  Masthead  List of Links  FSA Calendar  FSA Headlines


FAP Portal -- Masthead

The Masthead contains the following links:  Sear ch for simple or advanced search  My FSA for a customize look  Other L inks to access FSA related web sites  Help Center to access HELP,  FAQs, Contacts, Suggestions, Got a Question, About us  Feedback to send questions and comments  Priva cy Privacy Disclosure statement  IFAP – Online library


FAP Portal – List of FSA Links
Three categories: Resources and T raining : Reference materials and training opportunities FAA Acces s t o S tudent Dat a: Student Application and Disbursement Information Part icipation and Funding: School Application and Disbursement Information


FAP Portal – FSA Calendar
FSA Calendar Records: FSA Events Deadlines Training NPRMs 7

FAP Portal – FSA Calendar
View al l Cat egories in a mont h


FAP Portal – FSA Calendar

View just one category in a mont h


FAP Portal – FSA Calendar

View al l categori es in a day


FAP Portal – FSA Calendar

View one category in a day


FAP Portal – What’s New

View the newest calendar items


FAP Portal – FSA Calendar Case Study
A FAA from the University of Miami is coordinating a training session for the Florida Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. She was instructed that the training should not conflict with the Department of Education training in Region 4 or in the State of Florida. How can she confirm 12/16/2007 is a good date to have the training?


FAP Portal – Search

• Basic Search

•Select the “Advanced” link
for Advance Search

– Type Phrase or Word


FAP Portal – Search
Advance Search Type Key phrase or Word Select Area Select “Search Now” 15

FAP Portal – MY FSA
MyFSA My FSA Links MyBookmarks Change Password Logout


FAP Portal – MY FSA

Register to Customize the FAP Portal


FAP Portal – MY FSA
I would like to be able to personalize the FAP Portal. How would she begin?


FAP Portal – FSA Headlines
• FSA Headlines:
– “FSA News” – “FSA Policy and Rule Change”

• Selecting the “More”

link allows one to view previous FSA Headlines


FAP Portal – FSA Contact
The FSA Contact List is a service directory for the FSA community.


FAP Portal – FSA Contact Case Study
Max from the University of Baltimore Needs assistance processing Funding Adjustments on ACG and National SMART Grant. Where should Max find were to go for help?


On lin e R esource t ools

– Fi nanci al A id Prof essio na ls FAP Portal

Li st Se rve

– Inf ormation for Financial Aid P rof es sionals - I FA P – FSA Tech


Information for Financial Aid Professionals – IFAP

Online library for Student Aid Professionals. Most up to date guidance to manage the Federal Student Aid Programs. 23

IFAP –Three Areas
• Masthead

• Web Pages and Functions

• Categorize Popular Publications /Web pages


IFAP – Masthead

Help Center – Customer Service Call Center contact information, FAQ and more. What’s New – List publication that have are no more then 14 days old. Other links – Links to FSA related web sites. Feedback – form to send Questions and comments. FAP – link to the FAPPortal.


IFAP – Web Pages and Functions
Search – Simple, Advanced Search and About this search Other Views – Current, Archived and By Topic view of Publications. FAP Portal Features – Links to FSA FAP Portal Member Services – Setting Email Notification and More


RSS – Web Feed Download Plug-ins and Viewers – readers for PDF, MS Word, MS Excel and More


IFAP - RSS Web Feed
Receive the latest IFAP content links to your aggregator of choice within hours


IFAP – Categorize Popular
Publications And Web Pages

Short cut to the Most Popular Publications


IFAP – Current FSA Publication

Last three years of Publications Archive View for Older Publications


IFAP – Publications by Topic
View IFA P’s content through index.



IFAP – What’s New


IFAP – Help Center (FAQ)


IFAP – Member Service
•Notification of new content •Update Member Service Profile •Register to access •Different from MyFSA


IFAP – Member Service -- Registration 1. Select Member Services 3. 5.
Select Click Here to Register Complete the IFAP User Registration form and select the Submit Registration Button


IFAP – Member Service Subscription Service
48 Hour Weekly



Member Service Case Study

Max has a new job. He would like to make sure his member service profile is updated with his new information. How does Max update the IFAP member service profile?  


IFAP – Search Engine
•Search all IFAP

•Sort Results By
Date or Relevance

•Blue Status Bar

IFAP – Advance Search Engine
•Filter by Year •Filter by
Publication •Control Results


IFAP – Searchable FSA Handbook



Enhancements for IFAP and FAP Portal
• Redesign

– Implementing the latest web technology – Design for an ease of use


Both the FAP Portal and IFAP web sites provide timely information to the Financial Aid Community regardless of time of day.

On lin e R esource to ols

List S er ve – FSA Tech

– Fi nanci al A id Prof essio nal s FAP Portal – Inf ormation f or Fin anc ial Ai d Prof essi onals - IFAP


Listserv - FSA TECH
For technical questions about FSA systems, software, and mainframe products. Answers are researched by FSA systems developers and sent to everyone on the listserv.

To Sign up for FSA Tech or Change FSATECH Digest Options: For Assistance E-mail at or call 1.800.433.7327 if you have any questions


Onl ine Resource

Fin ancia l A id Pro fe ssio nals - F AP Porta l In fo rm ation fo r F in ancia l Aid Profe ssionals - IF AP Lis t Se rv e


– FSA Tech


IFAP and FAP Portal:
Please join us in the PC Lab for further discussion, questions, or demonstrations.

IFAP and FAP Portal:

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