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Student Financial Aid
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New Student Orientation

• Estimated Cost of Attendance
• Types of Financial Aid • Developing a Personal Budget • AccessPlus & Financial Aid
New Student Orientation

Estimated Cost of Attendance 2012-2013
Direct Costs
Tuition & Fees
Housing & Meals Books

Iowa Resident
$7,721 $1,042

Non-Iowa Resident
$7,721 $1,040

Total Direct Costs (rounded)
Indirect Costs
Estimated Personal Expenses





Total Cost of Attendance



This information is listed on the back of the checklist you received today
New Student Orientation

gov • Iowa State University’s annual priority deadline is March 1 • Monitor the status of your FAFSA at ISU FAFSA Status Page in AccessPlus New Student Orientation .fafsa.Types of Aid Available • File FAFSA every year Free Application for Federal Student Aid Apply online at www.

Types of Aid Available: GRANTS • Money that does not need to be repaid • Based on FAFSA information Must show financial need Must file before March 1 for most grants • Examples: ISU Grant. FSEOG. Pell Grant New Student Orientation .

Types of Aid Available: SCHOLARSHIPS • Money that does not need to be repaid • Search & apply for scholarships every year Deadlines can be early in the spring semester • Bring scholarship checks to 0640 Beardshear • Report other Non-ISU scholarships in Access Plus under “Report Additional Aid” New Student Orientation .

Types of Aid Available: WORK-STUDY • Money does not need to be repaid • Must file FAFSA before March 1 Must demonstrate financial need • Student must work to earn money Money paid directly to student • Student Job Board on AccessPlus Work-Study & non Work-Study positions listed New Student Orientation .

Types of Aid Available: STUDENT LOANS • Borrowed money You must repay after graduation • In student’s name No co-signer for federal loans • Must file FAFSA for all federal loans New Student Orientation .

Types of Aid Available: STUDENT LOANS FEDERAL STAFFORD LOANS SUBSIDIZED STAFFORD LOAN UNSUBSIDIZED STAFFORD LOAN Financial Need Based Interest Rate (fixed) Yes Interest free while enrolled No Accrues interest while enrolled 6.8% 1% 6 months 10-30 years New Student Orientation Fees (origination fee: paid up front) 1% 6 months 10-30 years Grace Period Repayment Options .8% (after graduation) 6.

0% 0 9 months New Student Orientation Fees Grace Period .Type of Aid Available: STUDENT LOANS Federal Perkins Loan Borrower Financial Need Based Interest Fixed Interest Rate (during repayment) Student Yes: (File FAFSA before March 1) Not while enrolled 5.

Securing Federal Student Loans • Refer to your “Financial Aid Checklist” for details • Complete Entrance Counseling • Complete Master Promissory Note (MPN) • Stafford Loans: www.gov • Perkins Loans: AccessPlus New Student Orientation .studentloans.

studentloans.Types of Aid Available: PARENT LOANS Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Borrower Financial Need Based Credit Check Interest Rate (fixed) Fees (origination fee: paid up front) One Parent No *Students must file a FAFSA* Yes 7.9% 4% 60 days (unless deferred) Grace Period Repayment Options Deferment Option 10-30 years Yes: Contact Direct Loans www.gov New Student Orientation Apply Online .

Federal Direct Loan Servicers • Agency responsible for management of federal loan repayment • Borrower will be notified via U. Postal Mail • Parents and students may not have same servicer New Student Orientation .S.

financialaid.Financial Planning Resources • Discuss as a family what will work best for you • Use AccessPlus to adjust or decline aid you don’t need before accepting • Check our website for help planning www.edu “PLANNING” on the menu bar • Expenses Estimator • Informational Videos • Financial Aid Checklist & Timeline New Student Orientation .iastate.

AccessPlus & Financial Aid New Student Orientation .

edu/~u-bill/ New Student Orientation .iastate.Accounts Receivable 0880 Beardshear Hall (515) 294-7388 E-mail: ubill@iastate.edu http://www.

Today’s Topics • • • • How Do I Get My UBill What Are My Payment Options Third Party Access / Account Info Release Authorize the Application of Aid / Direct Deposit New Student Orientation .

Parking Permits and Citations. Room & Meals (in Residence Halls & University Student Apartments). Library Fines. Mandatory Fees. University Bookstore (books and education related materials only).How Do I Get My UBill? • Your UBill is located in AccessPlus • When there is account activity you are notified via your ISU e-mail account on the first working day of each month • Account activity may include: Tuition. Student Health Center (SHC) Services. Student Health Insurance. and other department charges New Student Orientation . Phone Services. CyCash. Printing.

February and March for Spring • May. September and October for Fall • January.What Are My Payment Options? Payments are due the 20th of each month Your UBill payment options are: • Payment in Full • Deferred Billing Plan . June and July for Summer • Monthly Payment Plan – Annual Enrollment Fee $50 • Enrollment deadline is July 18th New Student Orientation .$20/semester • August.

IA 50011-2044 We DO NOT accept CREDIT CARDS for UBill payments New Student Orientation .What Forms Of Payments Are Accepted? • Electronic payment through “Pay Bill Online” in AccessPlus • Check Accompanied by Payment Slip: • Make check payable to Iowa State University • Write University ID (customer number) on check • Take check to drop box located behind Student Answer Center on the ground floor of Beardshear Hall OR • Mail check to: Treasurer’s Office 1220 Beardshear Hall Ames.

$7.Who Else Has Access To My UBill? Only the student has access until the following steps have been completed by the student in Accessplus: • Third Party Access • Allows third parties to view the Account/U-Bill and have an online payment option • Account Info Release • Allows authorized individuals to call and speak to Accounts Receivable staff regarding the UBill • Information release only • E-mail notification and information release • Mail a copy of the bill .50 per semester New Student Orientation .

Third Party Access Steps New Student Orientation .

Third Party Access Steps Continued New Student Orientation .

Account Info Release Ll L l New Student Orientation .

00 at any one time • Uses on campus • Laundry facilities • Vending machines • Participating dining locations New Student Orientation .CyCash Maximum Charge in CyCash is $50.

How Does My Financial Aid Apply To The UBill? • Students must complete online authorization in AccessPlus for the application of federal financial aid for All Terms of Enrollment while at ISU • Available financial aid will be applied to the UBill first and any excess funds will be refunded directly to your bank account – Sign up in AccessPlus New Student Orientation .

edu/~u-bill/ New Student Orientation .Questions? Accounts Receivable Office Walk-in Advising Available Monday .Friday 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM 0880 Beardshear Hall (515) 294-7388 E-mail: ubill@iastate.edu www.iastate.

ITS WELCOMES YOU to ISU New Student Orientation .

How ITS can help you New Student Orientation .Today’s Topics • Getting the computer support you need .Services supporting you .

Information Technology Services Computers and Networks New Student Orientation .

and in the Res Halls • Outdoors: All of central campus (50+ acres) Connections are everywhere! • From 10/100MPS Up to Gigabit speeds New Student Orientation .Network Highlights • Indoors: 80+ buildings.

Getting Connected Is a SNAP! SNAP (Student Network Access Project) Funded by student computer fees New Student Orientation .

Do it yourself instructions New Student Orientation .

Appointments for small issues New Student Orientation .

HP.Free. virus removal for students! Hardware warrantee repair for Apple. Dell Drop off for longer issues New Student Orientation .

294.4000 Solution Center New Student Orientation .515.

Computer labs New Student Orientation .

Group project rooms New Student Orientation .

Checkout equipment New Student Orientation .

located in the University Book Store. as well as printers.TechCyte TechCyte. has very attractive pricing on Apple. software and peripherals and supplies. and Dell computers. New Student Orientation . HP.

facebook.twitter.com/isuits www.com/isuits New Student Orientation .www.

computer labs. and more. printing. networked resources.Your NetID is the • Your NetID is used to access your e-mail. BlackBoard classes. Stop by 195 Durham Center (Solution Center) New Student Orientation . • To register for your NetID.

Computer Inspector Examines your computer for • • • • • virus protection* weak passwords security problems writes you a prescription You will have several days to remedy the situation before your computer is removed from the campus network * Free Microsoft Security Essentials is available to students New Student Orientation .

New Student Orientation .Networks are great. but… • You need to be a responsible user • Don’t download pirated music. but ISU students still received 800 such complaints last year. software. games or movies • DMCA “take down” notices are down from the previous year.

Get to Know these Applications BlackBoard New Student Orientation .

edu/ • Email solution@iastate.iastate.Solution Center • Call (515) 294-4000 • Stop by 195 Durham Center • Appointments http://solution.edu New Student Orientation .its.

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