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For Sales Trainers----Sales Person-----ANDCustomer!!!

If you are a car salesperson ...

.Know that your prospect has heard that all car salespeople are crooks and may think you re like that guy from the used car lot

If you are in life insurance . .

o Bet on the fact that your customer

has heard this Woody Allen quote: There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman? In fact, she s probably heard it more than once (and wonders if it s true about YOU).

If you are a financial advisor

.Know that movies like Boiler Room and Wall Street negatively affect how your prospects and potential customers feel about YOU and YOUR industry.

If you are a recruiter

Understand that many people think of you as a headhunter, which is not a term of endearment or a vote of confidence for your industry

If you are in the business of selling . . .

..Know that your prospects are not interested in doing business with you when they receive a postcard addressed to [Name] or Current Resident

Customers are now more intelligent and knowledgeable than ever before!!!





What language do you use??

CircleO all that apply in each section: 1. If a white board or flip chart is available, I like to use it. 2. I prefer learning to use a computer or a new application by first watching someone. 3. I will create a picture in my mind or go back to one I know, when I am listening to someone.

4. I like to explain things by drawing a picture of what I mean. 5. When giving or getting directions I like to describe the landmarks that will be seen.

Self Test:Auditory
I prefer to hear how to use the

computer or new applications by listening to the steps and how-tos. 2. When getting or giving directions I want to hear how to get there. I want to get the street name and distances. 3. I may repeat to myself internally or out loud what has just been said.

4. I listen and can remember the details of what has been said. 5. I process information by hearing details and statistics.

Self Test:Kinos

1. I am a doer. 2. When asking or giving directions I

want to be pointed to the right direction and I will get a sense of how to get there. 3. I prefer to learn to work on a computer or a new application by just getting started and asking questions if I get stuck.

4. I find that when Im in a meeting, words come and go because I listen more for the feeling behind the words. 5. I would rather take a walk, exercise, or get involved in sports than watch TV or read a book or magazine.

Now add up how many you have for each channel:Total Score

Visualssee more@

Perceive Illustrate Highlight Focus Reflect Watch Preview Survey/Perspective

Words that sounds loud and clear for Auditory ..



Talk Ring Sound

Kinos.get to sense more when you use words like.

Feel Grab Touch Handle Rub Grasp Affect

Before using one of the typical

tactics, think twice about what the group may say or do in response that will far outweigh any potential benefit of cutting corners and doing it your way.

Elmer Wheeler

The Magic of words

Elmer Wheeler

Wheelerpoint 1: Dont sell the steak, sell the sizzle!

Wheelerpoint 2: Dont write telegraph. Wheelerpoint 3: Say it with flowers. Wheelerpoint 4: Dont ask if ask which! Wheelerpoint 5: Watch your bark!

MAKING IT WORK FOR YOU !!! ORAL COMMUNICATIONS ? are more effective than statements in engaging a customer,particularly during the early stages of a sales process.


Create a printed agenda and share it with the customer


Stay flexible and responsive to your audiences interests.

If you have a written proposal, a price quote, or other printed material,dont hand it out until the end of your presentation

Welcome interruptions, objections, and questions from your audience.

Use visual aids in formal

presentations and dont skimp on them.



Practice important presentations

using videotape to identify distracting mannerisms or habits.

Dale Carnegie

John Henry Patterson

Cranes Process:Patterson Principle of Selling

Developed 100 years ago. Effective even TODAY!! Four Step Process!!

Cranes Process:Patterson Principle of Selling

First, the approachidentify the

customers problems Where are customers losing money? What goals are they failing to achieve? What gaps in their current capabilities are keeping them from being successful?

Cranes Process:Patterson Principle of Selling Second, the propositiondevelop a specific value proposition. Identify the specific areas where losses are occurring, and quantify them. Summarize the losses and show the potential for increased profitability in concrete dollars and cents. The more you know about the customers business in detail, the more convincing your value proposition will be.

Cranes Process:Patterson Principle of Selling Third, the demonstration show how the solution fits. Summarize the customers problems and the potential for increasing profits. Then show how the solution works, not in terms of its technical functions,but in terms of its business impact. Functions and features are relevant only in terms of the value they deliver. Technology for its own sake is not part of the selling message.

Cranes Process:Patterson Principle of Selling

Fourth, the closeask for the order. Assume that an intelligent businessperson will want to buy. If the customer has objections, answer them and close again.

Why Patterson principle works

Interestingly, recent research into the psychology of decision making has revealed that these four steps correspond to the way people think when they are making a decision.

To add further.
Patterson wasnt interested in the psychology of decision making, of course. He was interested in selling cash registers. And he knew that Cranes method worked, so he wanted all of his sales reps to use it.

Primer Approach:Template
Sales Rep: I am from the National Cash Register Company

and I have called to interest you in a way to increase your profits (The prospect usually responds that he is not interested in

buying any cashregisters)

Sales Rep: But you are interested in increasing profits,

arent you? There are only two ways: One is by increasing sales. The other is by decreasing expense.My business has to do with decreasing the indirect expenses that are taking a part of your profit out of your pocket all the time Prospect: What are indirect expenses?


things being equal, People want to do business with their friends All things being NOT QUITE SO EQUAL,people STILL want to do business with their friends

Business Networking Strategy

Linkedin,Face Book,Twitter Trade Fair

Chamber of Commerce

Connection Strategy
Before Connecting:Ask YOURSELF:

Why am I making this connection?

How am I going to make this connection? Why would this person want to connect

with me? How am I going to keep this connection once I have made it?

Creative Selling Strategy


IBM Award Winning Salesperson:Published Report!

Secret????????????????????????????????????????? Blue Trouser Blue Shirt Blue Handkerchief Blue Socks

Blue Gloves
Blue wrist watch Everything Blue .For more than 3 years!!!. ..Similarly.Apply any idea that makes YOU

unique!!!!!! Use creativity to differentiate and Dominate


In selling you can touch a person in the

public zone without offending You will be perceived as friendlier and credible when you touch a person for emphasis. While giving sales presentation touch on the elbow with fingertips to guide him or her Public Zone=Zone between palm and elbow

The Classic Sell:

And the classic sell goes to PTO

Mercedes Benz:4 Step Process:::::::::::::::::::

Start with setting the atmosphere

Get the needs

Present arguments which meets the needs Close the sale AND in the process ,verify the

communication and overcome objections Sounds easy !!!!!Doesnt it?

NEXT Module you can ignore @your own risk



Group Size: 2 in a grop

Objective:Remembering ten

names(Other than group members) Duration:30 minutes

How to play?
Preparation:Make a list on 10 names per

session Use first and last name Varition1:Every player receiving 10 names and getting about one minute to remember names..Afterwards group will meet once again

Variation 2
Circulate all the names to all players

IN ADVANCE The person who comes first will be the winner Winner needs to explain before the team how he did it


Exercise on Memory Threads

Preparation:Blank sheet of paper and Pen Write down 30 names that come to your

mind If not,Stop now to do it before proceeding ..PTO.

Check which CATEGORIES does your name

fall in? Classmates/Colleagues/Customers/Family Members/authors/film stars/Athletics Start developing your skill from strongest area Outcome:By spending 15 minutes a day for next 15 you can remember complete names of top 100 clients !

MAKE A NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REMEMBERING CUSTOMERS Name will in turn fetch .More Incentive Increased Turnover

Effective File system :

Country File:Place,Sales Leads,Local

Competition Marketing file:Market Research Result,Turnover,Long term Short term strategy Product file:Technical information,Product Classification Competitors file

Joe Girard

Top 4 Ideas from worlds greatest Salesman:Joe Girard:Listed in Guinness Book of world Records
Honesty is the Best Policy:

You never get caught by telling the truth Girards Law of 250 Every time you turn off just one prospect ,you turn off 250 more(Reverse is also true) Time and Money well invested will build your business tremendously.Always look for new and better ways Selling the Smell:Think of what excites you about a product or used to when you first bought it.Then use that experience to sell the excitement,the thrill of owning the product

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