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Tarafder Md.Mehedi- Al -Masud Lecturer of business studies Southeast University.

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Fazlay Rabbi Masud Parves

2006010000148 (12th.E) 2006110000104 13th

Shakhawat Hossain Samsul Alam Billal Hossain Jannatul Mahfuz

2006110000006 2006110000042 2006110000228

13th 13th 13th

Masud parves 104

Presentation On Adaptation and The Selection Of Words

Area of Discussion

The basic need for adaptation.

Selecting short and familiar words.

Use technical words and acronyms properly. Differences between strength of words and select the words. Write concrete and use active voice.

Write with clarity, avoiding camouflaged verbs, select the right words, and using idioms correctly.
Use words which is not discriminate.

It may concern that, we are able to adapt our specific readers and select the most effective words for using in business communication. To reach this goal, we should follows.......

Role of adaptation and selecting the words.

Simplify selecting the short and familiar words.

Use technical words acronyms correctly.

Differences between strength of words and select the words. Write concretely and use active voice. Write with clarity, avoiding camouflaged verbs, selecting the write words and using idioms correctly.

Use words which is not discriminate.

The basic need for adaptation

Writing message clarifying to the readers. For examples; some conflict is bad but there is no conflict that is worst. For clearness refers that, some problem is bad but huge problem is so much bad.

Shakhawat 205

Visualizing the Readers

In visualizing the readers refers that

What he or she knows, feels, thinks and so on.

Technique of Adapting
Technique of adapting depends on the two ways..

Lower educational levels of peoples.

For examples: subordinates.

Higher educational levels of peoples. For examples: supervisors.

Adapting to multiple Readers

It is the place in the communication where the several message will be performed.

One readers. Two or more readers. Lowest number of peoples.

Governing Role of Adaptation

It is the basic theme of communication where need to apply all the writing and speaking instructions.
Such as; what I am writing and speaking that is specified otherwise readers can not be understand.

Billal 042

Suggestion For selecting Words

It is only depends on the ability for using language. Which is the really suggests to helps us select the some words.

There are the justified three good reasons for selecting the words......... Many people tend to write at a difficult level. The writer usually knows the subject better than the reader. The results of research support simplicity.

Use Familiar Words

For using familiar words, for the understand to the readers. Always using difficult or unfamiliar words are not bad, but use them clearly.

Example for the familiar and unfamiliar words. Familiar words

This machine tends to get noisy when it runs hot.



This machine has a tendency to develop excessive and unpleasant audio symptoms when operating at elevated temperatures.

Use slang and popular clichs with caution

Use popular slang and clichs when it is meaningful to readers in the society and maintain only formal communication with the people.

Choose short words

Short words refers without any question means huge thinks.

Such as; Final action will take after the reporting date.

Samsul 006

Use Technical Words and Acronyms

All technical words performs of technical level of sectors. Ex.. Accounting-(debit-credit), Law-(act / ordinance) etc. This types of words only use in this sectors but not outside fields like - Grossary shops, House etc. Use initials cautiously spell out and define it if needed. Ex.. If you see SARS, obviously you have to think that it is name of the virus. In a Business Communication some times unnecessary words create problems to the communicators. Ex.. The product is 200tk. at Gulisthan market.

Select words with the right strength and vigor

Which is that follow some important concept these are as follows.

Some words are strong and vigorous. These types of words has personalities like that people which is that good writer can be identified. To select the words wisely. such asBoom is stronger than a period of business prosperity. Sometimes weak words carries big meanings. Ex Labor boss and Union officials. In a part of speech, Verbs are strong then second is Noun. And the last one is Adjectives and Adverbs are weak words. in addition adjectives and adverbs are judgment of the words. hence these words are weak thats why they have to use properly.

Use concrete Language

When use concrete words that should be specified. Concrete is opposite to Abstract the abstract and abstract word is a vague. Abstract nouns covers the broad meaning. Discuss about abstract
and concrete words with the examples: Ex.. A significant loss in a business.

Concrete covers with the exact meaning.
Ex.. A 45% loss in business.

Use Active Voice

Active voice:

In active voice, the subject does the action.

Passive voice:

In passive voice, it receives the action.

Comparing with active and passive voice:

The office
will be inspected by Mr. Hall.

Mr. Hall will inspect the office.

Active voice is stronger and shorter. Passive voice has a place. It is not incorrect.

Jannat 228

Avoid Overuse of Camouflaged Verbs

Avoid camouflaged camouflage a verb by changing it to a noun form and then adding action verbs. Such as: if we want to change thje word of consider to consideration that time we have to tell, Give consideration to.

So, more relevant examples are follows:

Action Verb Noun Form
Apply Record Application Recording

Wording of camouflaged verbs

Make in application Make a recording


Avoid camouflaged verbs by

(1) writing correctly (2) Preferring active voice.

To agree with the suggestions..

(1) Make subject persons or things (2) Write sentence in normal order.

Select Words for Precise Meanings

Writing requires a knowledge of language. we should study of language and learn the differences meaning of similar words. Use the correct Idioms.

Here is the little reason of some idioms:

Faculty idioms:
1. comply to 2. in search for 3. listen at

Correct idioms:
1.comply with 2. in search of 3. listen to

Suggestions for nondiscriminatory writing

Avoid words that discriminate biased against nationality, age, Sexual orientation or disability etc.
should need to eliminate discriminatory words without bad intent. gender natural words. Under this concept we can follow this suggestions..



Avoid using the masculine pronouns like (he,him,his) for the both sex . Avoid words suggesting male dominance. Dont use words that lower ones status.

Rabbi 148

Avoid words that stereotype by race, Nationality, or Sexual Orientation

Which is these words indicates the unfair and untrue. Ex. Unfair words suggesting that a minority member has struggled to achieve something.
ExSo references to a generous Jew.

Here eliminate such references.

Avoid words that stereotype by age

Which is the words are certain level of peoples as old or
young can arouse negative words.

When shows any words present it fairly and objectively.

For ex. Some illegal words for both of them.

Avoid words that typecast those with disabilities

Disabilities people are sensitive to words that describe their disabilities.

For examples instead of describing one as deaf and dumb, but here obviously use the words of deaf.

Summary of This Presentation

Finally we can say our critical observation, if anybody want to adapt or select their words they should consider about the Generic words,Positive approach opposite to the Negative approach and so