By: Tarique Hussain

Majority population of our country living in rural areas so schools in rural areas are promoted to raise the level of education and literacy in rural Pakistan. disease control. The conditions of rural education in Pakistan is improving steadily and the government is also providing full support and providing with many initiatives. Govt: should create awareness about the need for education and world literacy. . The fee structure in these schools is also free so that every child can study and afford it.8 percent of Pakistan's population is illiterate and cannot read or write. Many indirect benefits of a basic rural education include poverty reduction. More than 45.Rural Education: • Right to Education is the primary right of every citizen of Pakistan. Rural education can play key role in the development of Pakistan. enhanced employment opportunities and increasing rate of literacy.

Students problems in Rural areas: • • • • • 1) Financial problems 2) Transportation 3) Lack quality teachers 4) Lack of infrastructure 5) Receiving very poor level of education .

Financial problems: • As we know that poverty level in our country is very high and majority of population living in rural areas suffering from poverty they are unable to fulfill their basic needs as like food etc. . Their income resource mostly based on the agriculture they give preference to their children to work in field as compare to get education .

Students walk kilo meters to reach their schools to get education because in rural areas schools are located at far distance for example 7. Mostly students do not like walk many kilo meters to reach their school.8 villages have only school so students of that villages faces many difficulties to reach the school. .Transportation: • Rural areas people do not have personal convince there is also lack of public transport.

. In case teachers transferred in rural areas they did not go school regularly . Even govt: give them convince allounce for teaching in rural areas schools. Mostly teachers in rural areas as I seen often come late and go back before the official timing of school. This is main cause which decrease the interest of students.Lack of quality teachers: • Schools in rural areas located at distance from so the qualified teachers refuse to go their.

Lack of infrastructure: • Lack of infrastructure like class rooms. The students of rural areas sit on floor due to non-availability of furniture. playground and road connectivity. The students of rural areas face many difficulties specially in summer and winter season. This is also reason for decreasing the teachers interest .

Rural areas students not involve in other activities like sports. Students of rural areas totally unaware about computer education. co-curriculum activities and competitions such event and activities help in over all development of the rural areas students. The teachers get very less income so most of teachers do not teach students properly.Receiving very poor level of education: • Mostly teachers teaching in rural areas are unqualified. .

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