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wikipedia. e. as the subject. Oxford Dictionary A word or group of words in a sentence that behaves in the the same way as a noun.usingenglish. a complement. an object. or topic.com A phrase whose head is a noun or a pronoun.g. Encarta® Dictionary A word or group of words that functions syntactically as a noun. that is as a subject. object. optionally accompanied by a set of modifiers. in a clause or sentence. as the subject or object of a verb.co m A single noun or pronoun or a group of words containing a noun or a pronoun that function together as a noun or pronoun. or as the object of a preposition .


PROPER NPs Eg: Tom Smith. WTO. school age. education systems. COMMON NPs Eg: a nice gift. etc. NON-DICTIONARY SIMPLE ENGLISH NOUN PHRASE Eg: small car COMPLEX Eg: local movie theatre . etc. etc. DICTIONARY Eg: computer game.

Components of noun phrase 1 Head 2 Modifiers Stress in simple word 3 .

• The noun or pronoun around which the other parts gather together. The head determines concord with the part of the sentence outside the noun phrase. or analogously the stem that determines the semantic category of a compound of which it is a component. . The other elements modify the head.Head of NP Head Head of NP • The word that determines the syntactic type of the phrase of which it is a member.

A red car  head final – Birdsong. A student of English  head initial • Determine the agreement with other parts of sentence : – The change in the Asian economies is unprecedented. – The changes in Japan's economy are most unexpected .Examples of NP’s head • Head placement: – Songbird.

.Modifiers • Definition :Optional components of noun phrases giving additional information about the noun.

Modifiers BY Pre-modifiers Modifiers’ Placement Post-modifiers in NP .

:E. "honest" (adjective). "sophisticated" (adjective). woman (head)) • Many honest down and out small-town businessmen ("Many" (determiner).: • That sophisticated city woman (determiner). businessmen (head) . "city" (noun). "down and out" (adjective phrase).Pre-modifiers Definition: All the words place before the head. These words are usually : • determiners • adjectives • nouns.g. "small-town" (noun).

their. that my. etc . five. a this. two.Determiners article demonstrati possessi quantifier numerals s ves ves s the.) etc some. many. etc.

mother tongue . brown eyes. ≥ 2 adjectives : red rounded eyes Noun: Science student.: red hair.noun Adj: A single adjective E.Adjective .g.

. usually consist of : Complement : prepositional phrases nonfinite clauses (non)-restrictive relative clauses.. (prepositional phrase) All the boys skating on the street... (restrictive relative clause) The house. .Post-modification Definition : words in the noun phrase that follow • • • • • • the head. E... which my partner and I bought a month after we met.. (non-finite clause) The car that I bought my wife.. (non-restrictive relative clause) .g: The man in the reading room.

• That-clause E.g:The student of physics.Complements • Prepositional phrase E.g:The claim that the earth is round .

Function .

Subject • The fat cat sat on the mat .1.

.2. Subject Complement • Her mother will become the school librarian.

.3. Direct Object • Your boyfriend just kissed the girl in the blue dress.

4. . Object complement We elected you team leader.

.5. Indirect Object • The groom bought a wedding present for his new bride.

. the man decided to move to the Tropics.Prepositional Complement • During his vacation.

. Noun Phrase Modifier • The bedroom walls are all oak panels.7.

8. Possessive Modifier • Why did your mother-inlaw's cat run away? .

. founded Jamestown in 1607.9. Appositive • John Smith. the colonial captain.

10. Adverbial I go to the church every Sunday morning. .

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