travel agencies. pest control. counseling services. bed & breakfast. architectural  Financial Services  banking. investment advising. hotel/motel. health club . lawn maintenance. dentistry. medical practice. eye care  Professional Services  accounting. legal. rafting  Travel  airlines.  ski resort. plumbing.Examples of Service Industries  Health Care  hospital. theme park  Others:  hair styling. insurance  Hospitality  restaurant.

scarcity of suitable plots of land at good locations.Hotel Industry  Indian hospitality industry is in the midst of a strong cyclical upturn on the back of a buoyant economy. Chennai. the next few years are likely to witness a limited capacity addition with strong increase in annual demand of about 15%..  There are strong barriers to entry viz. excessive land prices in metropolitan cities . Hyderabad & Pune. Hence.a. with a growth in business and leisure tourists @ 25% p. and an existing shortage in room supply of about 100. generates around 65-70% of industry revenue  Very few projects are under implementation in Bangalore.000 guest rooms  The Premium end of the market (5 Star Deluxe) in which the Company operates.

Demand  Growth in business-tourist traffic to India remains strong in the double digits  The trends for ARR growth and room demand remain encouraging.  Recent rupee appreciation of 7-9% could have a near-term impact on revenues  Most hotel chains are looking to either increase dollar tariffs or subsequently move to rupee tariffs for domestic as well as international customers .Hotel Industry .

745 for the previous year  Market Information:  Average room rate in North Mumbai grew by 42% in FY2007  No additional supply expected in 2007 / 2008  Future positive developments: Modernisation of International Airport with Flyover connectivity to Highway/ Rapid improvement in local infrastructure : Roads. Airports. ITES.375 compared to Rs. .Hotel Leela. BPO Units in the North Mumbai area. Seaports / Mushrooming of IT. Mumbai  Located near Mumbai International Airport  Customers: predominantly business travellers and airline crew  Largest Ballroom in the City  Average ROOM RATE during 2006-07 has been Rs 9. 6.

7 P’s Of Hotel Industry  Product  Price  Place  Promotion  People  Process  Physical Evidence .

PRODUCT PLACE PROMOTION PRICE Promotion blend Salespeople Flexibility Physical good Channel type features Quality level Accessories Packaging Warranties Product lines Branding Exposure Price level Terms Differentiation Allowances Intermediaries Advertising Outlet location Sales promotion Transportation Publicity Storage .

PEOPLE Employees Customers Communicating culture and values Employee research PHYSICAL EVIDENCE Facility design Equipment Signage Employee dress Other tangibles PROCESS Flow of activities Number of steps Level of customer involvement .

The Services Marketing Triangle Company (Management) Internal Marketing External Marketing “enabling the promise” “setting the promise” Employees Interactive Marketing Customers “delivering the promise” .

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