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Labour Laws of Pakistan

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Muhammad Zubair

The Constitution of Pakistan provisions

Article 11 of the Constitution prohibits all forms of

slavery, forced labour and child labour Article 17 provides for a fundamental right to exercise the freedom of association and the right to form unions Article 18 proscribes the right of its citizens to enter upon any lawful profession or occupation and to conduct any lawful trade or business

Article 25 lays down the right to equality before the

law and prohibition of discrimination on the grounds of sex alone Article 37(e) makes provision for securing just and humane conditions of work, ensuring that children and women are not employed in vocations unsuited to their age or sex, and for maternity benefits for women in employment Article 38 well being irrespective of sex, caste creed or race; Social Security

Concurrent Subject
Definition: It is the responsibility of both the

Federal and Provincial Governments For uniformity laws are enacted by the Federal Government Provincial Governments may make rules and regulations of their own

Industrial Disputes Act 1947

Industrial Disputes Ordinance 1959

Industrial Disputes Ordinance 1968 Industrial Relations Ordinance 1969 An amendment in 2002 Industrial Relations Act 2008 Labour Policy 2010

Contract of Employment & Termination

Formal appointment letter
Terms and conditions & nature and tenure Pay, allowances and other fringe benefits One month wages or in lieu of notice

Working Time and Rest Time

9 hours a day and 48 hours a week Rest or meals of at least 1 hour

After 12 months service, 14 paid leave After 4 months, 6 weeks Maternity leave

14 days of Annual leave, 10 days Casual leave

Minimum Age & Protection of Young Workers

14 and 18 years with adolescent certificate
Child can 5 hours in a day

Pay Issues
Minimum of Rs. 6,000 (from 2008)

Trade Union and Employers Association

Registered Unions Strikes & Lock-outs Without Notice of conciliation Strikes & Lock-outs are


Collective Labour Disputes

Commencement of a dispute, Give written notice 15 days Notice to settle by negotiation
Conciliation Serve a notice within 15 days for not settlement A copy to Conciliator and Labour Court Arbitration If the conciliation fails agreed upon Arbitrator Arbitrator gives his or her award within 30 days Award is valid for 2 years

Labour Courts
At Provincial level

Labour Force of Pakistan (2009 estimates)

Total: 53 million people

47 % within the Agriculture sector

10 % in the Manufacturing & Mining sector 43 % in other professions

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