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New Employee Orientation Seminar

University of Makati
January 26, 2012 Employees Lounge Administration Bldg.

We warmly welcome you all to UNIVERSITY OF MAKATI!

Outline of Presentation
• About the Organization – Brief History of UMak – Vision, Mission, Philosophy – Organizational Structure – Decision Making Bodies • Payroll Flowchart • Performance Evaluation • Policies and Procedures on – Absences, Tardiness, Leaves – Dress Code – Participation in University Functions • Academic Policies on GWA, Retention Policies • Admission Policies • Benefits and Privileges

Brief History of UMAK
May 13, 1972Ordinance No. 64 was passed authorizing the establishment of a tuitionfree college known as the Makati Polytechnic Community College.

April 24,1987
Ordinance No. 07, Series of 1987 renaming Makati Polytechnic Community College to Makati College. December 19,1991 Ordinance No. 433 was passed converting Makati College into Pamantasan ng Makati. December 27,2000 Pamantasan ng Makati was changed to UNIVERSITY OF MAKATI (Ordinance No 111 Series of 2000)

fuller and God-centered lives for its citizens. leading the creation of a new. responsible and sustainable economy. and ensuring richer.Makati’s Vision-Mission Makati shall lead the Philippines into the 21st century: its global and national enterprises. empowered and God-loving. its citizens productive. citizen-centered governance. enhancing and enabling interactions among members of its community – driving the national and global leadership of its resident enterprises. . 2002 2001 2000 Through breakthrough technologies and enlightened. the city shall promote intense.

All efforts anchored on 3 Development Agenda Action on Revenue. Social Services. Infrastructure. and Education ARISE Makati BEST Best Place to Live in Excellence in Education Superior Place to do Business Top Local Government Civil Servants Makati 21 Development Agenda for the 21st Century for Makati .

UMak and the City of Makati Social Development Sector Education and Culture Subsector Health SubSector Social Welfare Sub-Sector DepEd City Library MCAO University of Makati .

creative.UMAK Mission-Vision We envision the University of Makati as the primary instrument for leading the people of Makati and its contiguity towards local. innovative. progressive and sustainable program. UMak shall pursue and commit to develop competent professionals through its research. business and industry. national and global preparedness and competitiveness in the tradition of excellence through affordable quality. Vision Mission To achieve our vision. baccalaureate and graduate programs that are relevant to the needs of education. . trainings and valuesoriented technical.

WHO WE ARE. Lopez. so that they can actively participate in and competitively partake of the City’s economic progress.Institutional Philosophy University of Makati is the university of the City of Makati. WHOM WE ARE FOR Prof. We serve the children of its less-privileged citizens. . Jr. and WHAT WE HAVE TO DO FOR THOSE FOR WHOM WE ARE We must never forget. Tomas B.

Organizational Chart Board of Regents (BOR) Office of the President Office of the University Secretary Office of the Executive Vice President Office of the Registrar Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs Office of the Vice President for Administration College of Arts Sciences and Education Physical Education Recreation. Dance & Culture College of Business Administration Budget Office Center for Performing & Digital Arts Accounting Office Human Resource & Development Office Supply & Property Management Office University Clinic College of Governance and Public Policy NSTC College of Technology Management Testing & Admission General Services Office Cash Office University Facilities Reservation Office College of Computer Science Research & Library College of Nursing .

BINAY JR. Makati City Mayor and Chair Board of Regents Prof. Jr. University President .University Officials Hon. JEJOMAR ERWIN S. TOMAS B. LOPEZ.

EDITA I. ELYXZUR RAMOS University Secretary . CHAN Executive Vice President DR.University Officials DR.

University Officials PROF. MBA Vice President for Administration .ARCEGA. ADELINA S. PATRIARCA Vice President for Academic Affairs RAYMUNDO P.

N-URTURE a culture of excellence. . the Administrative Division shall: A –DVOCATE the 8 Norms of Conduct in Public Service. and.Administrative Vision-Mission We envision the Administrative Division to be a dynamic partner of the academe in providing quality education for the less privileged citizens of Makati Towards this end. D-IGNIFY work at all times. M-ASTER personal leadership I-NNOVATE continuously for a quality delivery of services.

and EFFICIENT service • Nationalism and patriotism – LOYALTY to the Republic and the Filipino people • Commitment to democracy – UPHOLD Constitution. shall not discriminate against anyone • Political neutrality – serve anyone REGARDLESS of party affiliations or preference • Responsiveness to the public – extend PROMPT. COURTEOUS. intelligence and skill • Justness and sincerity – true to ALL people at all times.8 Norms of Conduct of Public Officials and Employees • Commitment to public interest –ALWAYS uphold public interest over and above personal interest • Professionalism – perform duties with HIGHEST degree of excellence. maintain principle of public accountability • Simple living – lead MODEST LIVES appropriate to position and income . professionalism.


Board of Regents Add Your Text Add Your Text Add Your Text BOR Add Your Text Add Your Text The governing body Add andYour corporate powers of the University Text shall be vested and exercised by the Board of Regents thru the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. .

subject to the approval of the Board of Regents. including opening and /or revision of curricular programs.University Council Formulate the programs of study. Prescribe requirements for admission as well as for graduation and conferment of degrees. . UC Powers Have exclusive power to recommend Students for graduation or persons to be conferred with honorary degrees.

Chair on Admin. Matters City Personnel Officer .Chair on Academic Matters VP-Administration . Powers: . B. Composition: VP-Academic . firing and promotion of faculty and administrative personnel and other matters related thereto.Board Secretary/Member .Recommends to the Board of Regents (BOR) matters related to hiring.Personnel Selection Board (PSB) A.Vice Chair Faculty Representative .Member PnMAEA Representative – Member HRDO Head .


Employment Status Career Non-career Part-time .

Transcript of Records (Original & photo copy) .Oath of Office .Requirements for FULL TIME faculty members: .Position Description Form .Personnel Data Sheet (PDS) .Medical Certificate .Certificate of Assumption .Police & Barangay Clearance .Certificate of Eligibility .

Personnel Data Sheet (PDS) .Medical Certificate .Oath of Office .Affidavit if working full-time in a private company .Transcript of Records (original & photocopy) .Requirements for PART-TIME faculty members: .Certificate of Assumption .Permit to Teach if working full-time in government agency .

No documents No appointment .

Processing of Payroll UMak Cash Office for encashment/payment Step 8 Cash Division Step 7 City Administrator Office Step 6 Special Assistant Office Step 5 Accounting Department Step 4 Budget Division Step3 City Hall.HRDO Step 2 UMak.Accounting Step 1 .


On Leave Credits • Administrative employees – 15 days vacation leave – 15 days sick leave – 3 days special leave • Academic employees – NONE .

TEACHER’S LEAVE Teaching personnel shall not be entitled to Vacation and Sick Leave but to PROPORTIONAL VACATION PAY (PVP) of 70 days of summer vacation plus 14 days of Christmas Vacation. . A faculty who has rendered continuous service in a School Year without incurring absences without pay of not > 1½ days is entitled to 84 days of proportional vacation pay.

OTHER LEAVE PRIVILEGES Maternity Leave Paternity Leave Sabbatical Leave Study Leave Terminal Leave .

.For sixty (60) calendar days MATERNITY LEAVE Who are entitled? . . both the maternity benefits and the proportional vacation pay shall be received by the instructor concerned. (with Full pay) .Casual and regular personnel who render an aggregate of two (2) or more years of service. maternity benefits can be availed even if the period of delivery occurs during the long vacation in which case.An employee who has rendered one (1) year or more but less than two (two) years of service shall be computed in proportion to their length of service.For teaching personnel.

PATERNITY LEAVE • For married male employees • 7 working days • For first 4 deliveries of legitimate spouse • Non-cumulative • Non-convertible to cash • May be availed continuous or intermittent • Can also be availed in case of miscarriage .

Otherwise. are discouraged. • In general. other than allowed by the university. collections from students. Vicarious learning activities (VLA) and other similar activities that supplements and complements classroom teaching that necessitates collecting money from students to conduct such activities should be approved by proper authorities prior to conduct of such.On Vicarious Learning Activities HANDLING PUBLIC FUNDS AND OTHER COLLECTIONS • All funds sourced from the university shall be used with prudence and in accordance with COA rules on allowable expenses. . It shall also be liquidated within the period prescribed by law. the activity is deemed unauthorized and proper sanctions shall be imposed.

Conditions for Renewal Performance Evaluation Attendance Renewal of Appointment Teaching Load (Faculty) Recommendation of Dept. Head .

performance rating is still the major basis for all personnel actions. – In the university. It identifies high and low performers and therefore guides the university in maximizing its human resources. .Performance Evaluation – A performance evaluation system is a management tool which enables the University of Makati to gauge its performance.

• Report for work on time. Sec 16) .Responsibilities • Forty-Hour Work week (Rule XVII. • Observe dress code. Sec 5) for nonteaching and teaching but not-teaching personnel • NMT 6 hours of actual classroom teaching a day • Encode grades within the prescribed period. Come to class on time • Participate in University functions • Observe B-16 • File leave immediately after return from leave (Rule XVI.

Where an official or an employee fails to report for work on a regular day for which suspension of work is declared after the start of the regular working hours.Attendance when work is suspended Sec. HE SHALL ONLY BE DEDUCTED LEAVE CREDITS OR THE AMOUNT CORRESPONDING TO THE TIME WHEN OFFICIAL WORKING HOURS START UP TO THE TIME THE SUSPENSION OF WORK IS ANNOUNCED. 1999 Absence on a regular day for which suspension of work is announced. 32. . MC # 14 S. he shall not be considered ABSENT FOR THE WHOLE DAY.

assessment of student’s class standing performance • Develop.Responsibilities of a Teacher • Manage the conduct and supervision of classroom instruction. review and enrich syllabus • Accomplish and submit documents related to students’ performance • Assist in the enforcement of campus discipline • Attend regular and official meetings and assemblies .

Full-time Instructors who are “ABSENT” during their regular teaching load. as per University policy. . The exact time of suspension onwards wherein the honorarium time falls will be cancelled. “Parttimers” are exempted from said policy since they do not have regular teaching load.ATTENDANCE HONORARIUM. No Honorarium will be allowed to instructors who render half-day (1/2) service for a particular day whether in the morning or in the afternoon likewise to those who did not complete their six hours official time. Honorarium will be cancelled from the time when the suspension of work is announced. shall not be allowed to claim honoraria for that day.

s.5 days monthly leave credit under the leave law for at least three (3) consecutive months during the year ( MC No. . 1991).Absences An officer or employee in the civil service shall be considered habitually absent if he incurs unauthorized absences exceeding the allowable 2. 04.

ten (10) times a month for at least two (2) months in a semester or at least two (2) consecutive months during a year ( MC No.1991).Tardiness Any employee shall be considered habitually tardy if he incurs tardiness.04. . regardless of the number of minutes. s.


Conditions for Regularization • At least 3 years in service • VS in the last 2 ratings period • Appropriate CS Eligibility for admin personnel • For Acad – Revised MPP that is in conformance with MC # 19 S. 2012 . 2005 MC # 10 s.

Public Officers Welfare •Pag-Ibig •GSIS •PhilHealth •Employees Compensation Commission Contribution .

000 from National Fund & P2.COMPENSATION & BENEFITS STANDARD BENEFITS – those benefits that are given to all government employees nationwide • • • • • Additional Compensation Allowance (ACA) Personal Economic Relief Allowance (PERA) 13TH Month Fringe Benefits Cash Gift (P3.000 from LGC of Makati) • Rice Allowance • 14th Month .

SEPARATION FROM SERVICE AND CLERANCE • File resignation • Secure clearance • Apply for Cash Surrender Value to GSIS thru HR .

To our new partners…… Thank you and we hope you will be an active partner in our goal of providing quality tertiary education for the less privileged sector of Makati! Remember!!! .

so that they can actively participate in and competitively partake of the City’s economic progress. Jr. We serve the children of its less-privileged citizens. and WHAT WE HAVE TO DO FOR THOSE FOR WHOM WE ARE We must never forget. Tomas B. .Institutional Philosophy University of Makati is the university of the City of Makati. WHO WE ARE. Lopez. WHOM WE ARE FOR Prof.