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SPT OLGA User Group Meetings 2009 Guildford 20th November & Aberdeen 3rd December UniSim-OLGA Solutions

for Oil & Gas Applications

Peter Fletcher Sales Support Consultant Honeywell Advanced Solutions Bracknell UK Technology: Simulation Vertical: Oil and Gas (including LNG, GTL etc)

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1. The new Honeywell SPT agreement 2. UniSim OLGA Integration 3. Case Study Qarn Alam Steam Injection MPDS Project

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The Agreement
Memorandum Of Understanding
September 2009 SPT Group and Honeywell International Inc

Upstream Oil and Gas

OLGA ---- UniSim edpm --------- Process Control Centre

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Production Overview
Real time production overview Instantaneous view of the entire facility Highlights Exceptions-wells not producing to plan Allows focus on individual well, cluster and pipeline assets

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OLGA models for online systems

PCC Advisors & Managers
Prod. Opt. Advisor Gas Lift Opt. Advisor

The Transp. Flowpath

Adv. Warning Advisor

Cool Down Advisor

Hydrate Advisor

Opt. Ramp-Up Advisor

Leak Detection Advisor

Pipeline Blockage Advisor

Choke Control Advisor

Real Time Model Look-Ahead Model What-If Model


Real-time Data

Historical Database

OPC interface
P, T, F and valve positions

Field data Control System

Honeywell Proprietary

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Introducing UniSim
A Unified Simulation Solution
UniSim software and services improve plant performance and overall business results for the process industries through: Better plant design

Better plant operations

Better plant optimization UniSim helps visualize future plant behaviour improving decision-making in engineering and operation

UniSim Provides Plant Lifecycle Solutions

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Operator Training Simulator (OTS) with OLGA-UniSim Well-Proven Interface OLGA is seamlessly integrated in all the main process simulator architectures
Controlled and fully synchronized with Process Simulator environment The Process Simulator GUI is used also for the OLGA/subsea part Look-and-feel as ONE simulator

Key performance indicators for an integrated OTS

Robustness Speed Accuracy uptime is required to be high, but less than for online 2-5 times real-time +/- 2% in steady state comparison +/- 10-20% during dynamic scenarios

OLGA has shown to successfully meet these requirements in more than 30 OTS projects
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Sub Sea Modelling

Sub Sea Model Includes:
Production Wells Water / Gas Injection Wells Production Flowlines Water Injection Lines Gas Injection Lines

Process Model distinguishes between single phase and multiphase lines:

Single Phase lines can be modelled in UniSim Multiphase Lines need to be modelled in OLGA for good fidelity

UniSim Models:
Gas Injection Water Injection Gas Lift

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Project: Qarn Alam Steam Injection Process: Thermal Assisted Gas and Oil Gravitational Drainage Owner: Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) Consultant: Mott MacDonald EPC Contractor (On Plot): Dodsal EPC Contractor (Off Plot): Galfar Flow Assurance: Tebodin Control System: Emerson Water Treatment: Veolia Dynamic Simulation Studies: Honeywell (OnSpec) Operator Training Simulator: Honeywell (SPT)

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Simulation Objectives
1 DYNAMIC SIMULATION MODEL & STUDIES To validate the process design To check process control strategies To verify the safety and shut down sequences To provide process familiarisation training

2 OPERATOR TRAINING SIMULATOR Provides a training facility which accurately replicates the behaviour of the process plant Provides a training facility which incorporates real plant control and graphic configurations To develop operator skill levels and increase confidence and so improve reaction strategies to reduce plant disturbances

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OLGA was used for the Off Plot Hydrocarbon Gathering Facility Tebodin Oman built three OLGA models for Galfar Tebodin Oman also performed the hydraulic study and prepared the report (No evidence of slugging but some concerns about the quality) The OLGA models were not available for the Dynamic Studies so the results were interpolated to provide input data for some of the study cases The OLGA models received were reviewed in the light of the Tebodin hydraulic study findings and potential improvements were identified. SPT scope was to develop the study models into an OTS-ready representation of the Hydrocarbon Gathering System. (Wells and receiving facilities are modelled in UniSim Design.)

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Models built by Tebodin

5-7 well heads 3 almost identical models for 6 Different MSVs Direct Tie Ins


Production Manifold

Multi Selector Valve (MSV)

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Changes to OLGA models:

Test-lines added for each MSV Future wells removed from the scope Different valves/check-valves added as per P&ID Geometry updated/improved and pipes buried Looped flowlines replaced by Equivalent pipes Mass sources were modelled as three single phase mass sources for water, gas and oil. This is to better model the flow over the OLGAUSD link. To model the redirection of flow from well tie ins to test line, Leaks were applied. This means that when open, the leaks will redirect the flow from the wells tie in to the test lines. This to mimic the function of the actual MSVs. The opening and closing of leaks and valves included in USD and only manual controllers kept in OLGA.
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Reduced number of wells to only include exisitng wells

Edited SPT models

Equivalent Pipes
Future direct Tie in to IM-A/B/C deleted Geometry Updated

Inlet mass source modelled with three sources for water, oil and gas Test-lines added to the model

Improved MSV modelling Each Well Tie in modelled with a leak at the outlet to simulate redirecting flow to testline Each leak was redirected to the test-line Only manual controllers in OLGA. Control dynamics included in USD-model
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This is an overview of 7 wells linked to 1 OLGA model using 1 OLGA pipe module. There are 3 OLGA models in total representing 23 wells.

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Connection between USD streams and OLGA streams are defined here:

OLGA streams

USD streams

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UniSim Design Part

Three plant areas: Oil & Gas Water Treatment Steam Generation Oil & Gas simple processes modelled in UniSim Design Water Treatment filtration and ultrafiltration very detailed model built for Veolia for dynamic studies to be adapted for OTS Steam system uses Heat Recovery Steam Generators on the Gas Turbine exhausts.
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Project Status
UnisIm Models have been built and reviewed SPT have developed the model to suit OTS purpose. This was an unexpected lengthy process The WTP model from Veolia was finally received in a form that we could use (months late). MAT preparation is currently under way and scheduled for December. Steam Gen Plant information is still outstanding. The model has been built on what is available regarding Steam Generation. In the interim, we are still receiving Code B or AFC drawings and data including P+IDs. These will have to be considered for implementation for FAT. Any Emerson database input is only expected by February 2010. This is a good indication of how far the project is behind schedule. SAT is planned to take place in June 2010.

Conclusion a technically challenging and complex project with many parties involved with issues on the quality and availability of data and models causing delay.
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