DIFFERENT TECHNIQUES Selling yourself Selling your competence Selling your likability Selling your confidence Selling with right signal Selling your product Selling yourself in negotiation .

SELLING YOURSELF     There are three things important to sell yourself a) Competence b) Likability c) Luck Get real Relax Communication competence and likability .1.

SELLING YOUR COMPETENCE  There are four communication tools a)Your mind b)Your face c) Your body d) Your voice  Your mind is “Substance”  Your face. body and voice is your “Style”  We can refer your mind as “What you say” and other three “How you say it” .2.

voice and body are keys to the likability “first impression is last the impression”  Using  Smiling face:  Non-smiling face: Closed face  Neutral face  Open face  .3.SELLING YOUR LIKABILITY  The goal: Like by the audience  Reaction from the audience about like and dislike   Key to likability: your face:   Face.

Close face It perceived as an angry and uplift face .

Neutral face: Board and face of dead .

. caring and happy faces.Open face: It indicate warm.

confident. increase heart beat.4. command. . positive nervous energy make you dynamic. dryness( in mouth) With confidence: control. tension.  How to gain confidence:  Turn your stress in to nervousness that generates enthusiasm and energy. stress.SELLINE WITH CONFIDENCE  Care about the audience: your nervousness ally:       Focus on audience rather than your yourself Its natural and universal Famous personalities are also nervous Its energize the performance  Make  Confidence can be learn: Without confidence: fear.

5.SELLING WITH RIGHT SIGNAL  Send right signal:  Send proper signal that help audience to find you are competant.  Its everything about you send signal:  Sending good signal:  Your job is to help the audience to receive the message as you want them to receive. .confident and likable.

 . product and yourself and proud to present product of your company. After ending the transaction each party will get benefited and satisfied.  2. You got to know your product and demonstrate more effectively. You believe your company. SELLING YOUR PRODUCT  Meaning:  Process of persuading a person or a group to buy a product or service.  Two basic principal: 1.6.

hostility.7. irrational behavior. breath properly.  Negotiation as communication:  Its take place on both side in expressing ideas and exchange information.  To relax and overcome stress. .SELLING YOURSELF IN NEGOTIATION  Beware of stress:  Don’t take stress on you otherwise it develop anger.


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