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Nursing Informatics

NUR 155

What is it anyway?

Nursing Informatics  A field that combines nursing and computers  Informatics is computer science plus information science .

A model of Nursing Informatics .

data that is interpreted organized. and knowledge to support the practice of nursing and the delivery of nursing care. . information. or structured  Knowledge.  Data-objective entry without interpretation  Information.Nursing Informatics  management and processing of nursing data.information that has been synthesized so that interrelationships are identified and formalized.

His insulin dose needs to be adjusted .Example  Data= 9:00 am -100. 4:00 am 180 time glucose 100  Information= 9:00 AM 4:00 PM 180  Knowledge= My clients glucose level rises in the late afternoon.

It is designed to make students aware of legal and ethical issues associated with the use of nursing informatics. The course explores information technology related to clinical bedside practice. . accessing research findings. and the education of nurses and clients. education. patient teaching and ergonomics.documentation.NUR 155 Course Outline  Course (Catalog) Description:  This course introduces the knowledge and skills necessary for the use of information technology by nurses in relation to patient care. health promotion. health care facility administration . inpatient and outpatient monitoring.

Describe the ethical and legal responsibilities of the nurse in relation to information systems. Demonstrate the ability to use technology of the Internet/Web for health care information access.Identify the importance of ergonomics in the prevention of health care problems using computers.Describe the role of information and information technology in the nursing profession. information. 5. Employ healthcare informatics applications designed for clinical practice of nursing in simulated patient care projects. the student is prepared to: 1. communication and interactivity . and knowledge. 6.Course Objectives        Upon completion. 4.Discuss the distinction between data. 3. 2.

 Outline of Topics  Methods of Evaluation  6 quizzes (open-book based on study guides)  6 projects (computer applications)  1 presentation (using computer applications)  See Guidelines for Computer Enhanced Student Presentations  Class Schedule  (note one day is at St. Francis Hospital) .

vendors & Information Technology Manages nursing applications Head of Computer Committee Manage Data Systems Training users .Careers In Nursing Informatics  Health Care Institutions      User liason.between nurses.

Vendors     Product Development Marketing Training Consulting .

Education  Teaching  Research  Consulting .

Standards of Practice  Nursing Informatics is a specialty in ANA with its own Standards of Practice .

Use of Computers in Nursing Education       Literature Access and Retrieval Computer Assisted Instruction Classroom Technology Distance Learning Testing Student and Course Record Management .

Use of Computers in Nursing Practice  Bedside Data Entry (medication record etc)  Computer-Based Patient Records  Client Monitoring.Local and Distant  Telenursing  Practice Management  (scheduling) .

Use of Computers in Nursing Administration      Human Resources Medical Records Quality Assurance Accreditation Budget and Finance .

Use of Computers in Nursing Research  Literature Search  Data Collection  Data Analysis  Research Dissemination .

Issues Related to Computers in Nursing  Legal/Ethical Issues      privacy/confidentiality access to data for research and other purposes informed consent License issues with telenursing Copy right of materials on the Web .

ErgonomicsMost common injuries.muscle and eye strain .

Proper Posture .