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Group members: Moruboyina Alekhya Kodi Padmasree D.Hima Varsha
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

 In general these tachometers can measure through a distance of 1m  Components  Wheel coloured as required  Micro controller(at89c52)  IR sensor  Motor  Battery  LCD screen  Conducting wires .INTRODUCTION  Definition:  An electrical instrument used to measure the speed of a rotating object with out any physical contact.

which is done by microcontroller.WORKING PRINCIPLE  The main thing in tachometer is counting.  MICRO CONTROLLER: Micro controller is a type of CPU which is used on the circuits and contains RAM input and output  PARTS OF MICROCONTROLLER .

 Transistor amplifies the current.PROXIMITY SENSOR  A sensor which detects some things near by with out any physical contact is called proximity sensor  IR sensor is nothing but an diode in which the diode produces a small current when the light falls on it  These currents are very small to detect so we use operation amplifier to detect the small voltage changes. .

Principle of counting .


//enable timer 1 TR1 = 1. Storing the counting number and calculating it per min. // be used in in the tachometer ET0 = 1. //counter 0 in mode 1 (16 bit counter). //Enable Timer/counter 1 to count PT0 = 1. //set the Timer/counter 0 TR0 = 1. //timer 1 in mode 2 (auto reload from TH1) TH1 = 0. a 0 gives a PT1 = 0. //Enable Timer/counter 0 to count TMOD = 0X25. //Setup the priorities of timer 1 and timer 0. //higher priority. PROGRAM FOR MICROCONTROLLER TO COUNT THE PULSE . //start counter from 0 ET1 = 1. First the program is written to set up the counter and stater to be at zero as soon as we start            EA = 1.

which is connected to the output of the sensor. .  The wire connection P1. is connected to the pin 3.EXPLANATION OF CIRCUIT  LCD is connected through some resistors to the ports of the micro controllers. or 16 bit register according to the configuration of the timer T0. They are very sensitive to the high voltages(at max 5 volts). this pin has a dual function which is to count incoming pulses and increment a 8. 13.  The LED’s and LCD’s are always connected through the resistor.4 of the microcontroller.

 The idea behind most digital counting device.  Those pulses will be fed to the microcontroller and counted. used to count the pulses coming from a sensor or any other electronic device. which will detect any reflective element passing in front of it. In the case of this tachometer. the counted pulses will come from proximity sensor. . to understand the microcontroller counts pulses and deduce the frequency of those pulses. will give an output pulse for each and every rotation of the shaft. is a micro-controller. and thus. frequency meters and tachometers.

m .ADVANTAGES OF CONTACTLESS TACHOMETER(over traditional)  The current design is an Embedded application which is used to calculate the speed of the motor without the need of tachometer.p.  It gives better performance and reliability.  It is portable so we can carry it to large rotating machine to note the r.  Compact in size.  Light in weight as compared to the conventional tachometer. In this application IR frequencies are used to calculate the speed of the motor.