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By: Mahvish Khan 11 MBA 28

Maintain our current standards for asset quality through disciplined credit risk management. In short. the easiest to deal with. “The most obvious choice for all” Mission: Focus on high earnings growth with low volatility. . offer the best value for money. Develop innovative product and services that attract our targeted customers and address inefficiencies in the Indian financial sector. and set the standard in the industry.Vision: The most successful and admired life insurance company which mean that we are the trusted company.

providing financial rewards & other action which required differential treatment among the group as distinguished from actions affecting all member equally.Performance Appraisal “Performance Appraisal is the process of evaluating the performance & qualification of the employees in terms of the requirements of the job for which he is employed.” . for the purpose of administration including placement. selections for promotions.


3. To study the performance appraisal system in HDFC Standard Life insurance Co Ltd. 2. 4.Objective of the study 1. To access whether the appraisal is done without any bias the employees. To access the degree of awareness among employers and employees on performance appraisal in HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co Ltd. 5. To know the satisfactory level and the comfort level between the Employees and superiors. To know and identify merits and demerits of performance appraisal in HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co Ltd. .

Sample Technique: The sample for the present study is selected using simple random technique. The size is confined due to time and availability. . marketing department of HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co Ltd. Sample size: The size of the sample for the present study is confined to 50 employees belonging to personnel. 2. Administration. Population: The population for the present study consists of all the employees of HDFC Standard Life Co Ltd. 3.SAMPLE DESIGN: 1.

Analysis and Interpretation 1.Are you aware about the organization performance appraisal system? a) YES b) NO YES NO .

Do you think that performance appraisal is essential? a) YES b) NO YES NO .2.

Does appraisal system of your organization facilities career growth & learning? a) YES b) NO YES NO .3.

Performance appraisal system really assesses the quality of an employee.4. Do you agree? a) YES b) NO YES NO .

Periodicity of performance appraisal should be on a) Quarterly basis b) Half-yearly basis c) Annual basis A B C .5.

The present performance appraisal of your organization distinguishes the performers & non performers? a) Strongly agree b) Agree c) Disagree d) Strongly disagree A B C D .6.

The periodical performance appraisal of employee is required for maintaining efficiency of individual 7 organization? a) YES b) NO YES NO .7.

8. Are you aware of the basis or attributes on which your performance is appraised? a) YES b) NO YES NO .

Performance appraisal is based upon a) Seniority b) Performance c) Union influence d) Both a & b Recommendations & Trade A B C D .9.

Performance appraisal is useful to the contributor to encourage people to perform better on their jobs? a) YES b) NO YES NO .10.

The appraisal system is helping each employee to discover his/her potential & make their short comings? a) Agree b) Disagree c) Strongly Agree c) Strongly Disagree A B C D .11.

integration.12. leadership qualities & growth? a) Agree b) Disagree c) Strongly Agree d) Strongly Disagree A B C D . communication skill. The present performance appraisal of your organization assesses individual behavior. discipline.

How do you want tour performance to be communicated to you? a) Written Form b) Oral Form c) Open Communication d) No Need A B C D .13.

14. What kind of counseling should occur in an organization? a) Formal b) Informal YES NO .

According to you. Counseling is a a) Formality b) Identifies Strength & Weakness of the employee c) To know the areas of need for development A B C .15.

or discuss about your performance with your superiors? a) Frequently b) Sometimes c) Rarely d) Never a b c d . How often did you speak.16.

17. Training & development programs improve the quality of the employees? a) Agree b) Disagree c) Strongly agree d) Strongly disagree Agree Disagree Strongly Agree Strongly Disagree .

? a) To a large extent b) Moderate extent c) Less extent d) Not at all Large extent Moderate extent Less extent Not at all .18. Has your performance increased as a result of performance appraisal system.

Suggestion: The performance appraisal system should facilitate career growth & learning of employees. to determine organization needs. and transfer. The short coming of employees should be informed to them after performance appraisal. Promotion should be based on performance rather than seniority or any other factors. .Findings: It has been found that most of the employees think that the performance appraisal is essential and they think it is used as a tool to improve performance. promotions. and to basis for pay increase. The appraisal system facilitates growth & learning of employees and it is used to distinguish performers.


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