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Founder: Late Ashok Kapoor Dr. Rana Kapoor 2003-04. BSE stock price : 489.60 NSE stock price: 489.05 Employees: 5642 Total assets: INR 73662.1 Crore as on 31st march 2012. Products offered: All financial services.

Brand Name:
Attractive, Smart, Simple, Serious, Reliable, Trustworthy, Optimistic, Positive, Efficient, Universal. Clutter breaking in the banking environment, and affirmative with target clients across business and market segments.

Brand Vision and Commitment

To be recognized as the Best Quality Bank of the World in India. To provide a Superior and Consistent Banking Experience to all its customers. To be a long term partner with all stakeholders particularly customers by creating & sharing value. To be a solid and trusted financial trust mark backed by two professional promoters and an exceptional management team.

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Corporate Banking

Branch Banking

Knowledge Banking
Knowledge Driven Business Banking Solutions


Growth: YES BANK's core promise is growth for its internal and
external stakeholders symbolized in Say YES to Growth!

Trust: YES BANK's Promoters, Investors, and Top Management team

are all of the highest pedigree with a demonstrated track record, thus inspiring and establishing a Trust Mark Say YES to Trust!

Human Capital: YES BANK has adopted a knowledge-driven,

entrepreneurial management approach and offers financial solutions beyond the traditional realm of banking. YES BANK's top quality Human Capital represents the finest talent in Indian banking, chosen from India and abroad.


Technology: YES BANK is establishing the highest standards in

customer service by adopting cutting-edge, innovative Technology. The only thing constant about YES BANK's technology is Evolution.

Transparency & Responsible Banking: YES BANK considers

Transparency and Accountability to be of utmost importance. YES BANK has established the most stringent Corporate Governance norms, and is committed to Responsible Banking by focusing on Sustainability and Social Responsibility.

Sustainable Bank of the Year (Asia/Pacific) Award - FT/IFC Sustainable Finance Awards 2012, London

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India - Silver Shield for Excellence in Financial Reporting - Private Banks 2012
Brand Excellence Award- 3rd CMO ASIA Awards 2012, Singapore

Six awards at 3rd Asias Best Employer Brand Awards 2012, Singapore
- Talent Management - Best HR Strategy in line with Business - Excellence in HR through Technology - Continuous Innovation in HR Strategy at Work - Innovation in Recruitment - Excellence in Training

The Celent's Model Bank Award for Insights 2 Engage & Governance, Risk and Compliance Competency Framework, 2012.

Financial Insights Innovation Awards - Innovation in Payments, 2012


2011 services accounted for more than 55% of the countrys GDP. Indias performance in the sector is not only above that of other emerging developing economies, but also very close to that of the top developed countries. Among the top 12 countries with the highest overall GDP in 2010, India ranked 11 in services GDP. In 2011-12, the services sector is expected to grow by 9.1%.


The IT/ITES and BPO industry has been one of the major driving forces behind the growth of the Indian economy. In FY 2011, the ITBPO sector aggregated revenues of $88.1 billion and generated direct employment for over 2.5 million people. In FY 2012, the IT-BPO revenue is expected to cross $100 billion, and by 2015, it is expected to touch $130 billion. Remarkable growth are large IT stalwarts like Infosys, Wipro, and Genpact. All three companies were named among the top 15 global outsourcing service providers in 2011.



Banking and Finance Sector's strongest employer brand - YES BANK
Strong Employee Value Proposition of Creating & Sharing Value with a vision to build an organisation driven by Professional Entrepreneurship YES BANK as the Young and Dynamic Bank of Emerging India - To build a strong employer brand.

- To attain a preferred employer status in the Banking and Financial Services industry.
- To ensure that the Bank is able to attract, engage and retain high quality human capital for its long-term success.

Highest standards of Corporate Governance right from its inception benchmarked. Beliefs and values, which configures the organizational values, credo and actions of its employees. Transparency and accountability are the fundamental principles of creating and sharing value. Fundamental link with the organization of business, corporate responsibility and shareholder wealth maximization. Multi-stakeholder model of accountability that will manage the symbolic relationship between the various stakeholders. Business strategy approach in to the day-to-day functioning.

Company's Philosophy on Code of Governance Code of Ethics

Prevention of Insider Trading

Whistle Blower Policy Audit & Compliance Committee

Risk Monitoring Committee

Board Remuneration Committee Nominations & Governance Committee Investor Relations Committee Fraud Monitoring Committee Service Excellence Committee Special Purpose Committee

YES BANK is based on the Key Pillars. YES BANK has a knowledge Driven Approach. YES BANK has exemplified Creating And Sharing Value YES BANK has Differentiated Banking Paradigm with the Vision of Building the Best Quality Bank of the World in India by 2015.