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Tips to Make You Successful


Dos Do your homework on the company Be positive, show interest in the company Sell yourself, be confident Speak up, ask questions Be as decisive as possible Be creative Learn from your mistakes


yourself Be arrogant Dress down Stray off coursestick with the question Be late

Preparation The

actual interview Post interview (follow up)


company and the position History and organizational structure Product lines and services Company culture Recent developments via news stories The competition The industry Obtain the interviewers name and use it


possible questions Practice your presentation and delivery Consider conducting a mock interview in the Office of Career Services


nice to EVERYONE A persons true characteristics is learned by the way he treats people who do not matter to him Be positive Be enthusiastic Be yourself Know yourself To be friendly or not??? DO NOT SMOKE!!!!! Or eat Roti Canai while waiting.


Early Dress professionally Walk professionally Smile Greeting Firm handshake Eye contact Establish rapport and show respect Be aware of your posture and body language


question is improtant Think before answering questions; ask for clarification, if necessary Answer the questionno more, no less (stay focused) Link your skills, qualifications and experiences to the position Be specificgive results


keep in mind the interviewers needs and interests Show motivation to fit in, grow with the company and make a real contribution Ask yourself: What can I do for them and how can I be of value


screening interview
interview interview


Behavioral Case

study approachTypes of Interviews

Some examples of General Screening Questions Tell me about yourself What are your Strengths/weaknesses Why did you choose our company?

Note : First Impression is important


by technical person Technical questions asked May ask you to solve a problem/diagram a system Interested in how you will work with other members of the team

Based on the premise that past behavior predict future behavior You identify a problem you have encountered in the past and describe how you resolved it You are given a scenario and asked to come up with a recommendation Looking for demonstration of analytical ability, how you approach a problem, creativity, attitude


who display a lot of enthusiasm and who want to work for their company.
need to ensure that you convey this attitude to them during the interviewing process.



into group of 3s
member must prepare 3 questions



remember to include : * a general question * a technical question * a case study or behavioral question

You must also be prepared to be interviewed by another group too This is a mock interview so your dressing, appearance and also answers must be exactly what you would portray and put forward during the evaluation on week 7