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. the measurement of minor diameter is done by projecting the thread form on a screen and comparing it with standards or making use of the tool makers microscope.By projecting the thread on the screen • If the threads are very sharp or have no radius at the root.

Measurement of Minor Diameter of Internal Threads  Using taper parallels .

Measurement of effective diameter • There are two methods used for effective diameter – Thread micrometer method – Using wires (rods) Thread micrometer method .

. • These wires are made of hardened steel to sustain the wear and tear in use.Using wires • In this method small rods or wires are on the threads and the measurements are then made over or under the wires with a micrometer or any other more accurate machine.

P is a constant. d = diameter of wire P = 0. it depends upon the diameter of wire and pitch of the thread.R2) S = The diameter of the standard R1=micrometer reading over standard and wires.866p – d ( for metric threads) .9605p – 1. If p= pitch of the thread.1657 d ( for whithworth threads) P = 0.• Effective diameter E = T+P Where T is the diameter under the wires T = S – (R1. R2 =micrometer reading over screw thread and wires.

.Three Wire Method • In the case of three wire method. 2 wires on one side help in aligning the micrometer square to the thread while the third placed on the other side permits taking of readings.

Where. M = the measurement over the wires E = the pitch diameter P = the pitch W= the wire size . M = E .86603P + 3W Where.0.• Micrometer reading M=E+Q. E is effective diameter and Q a constant depending upon the wire diameter and flank angle.