ADF Controller Flow Scopes Prepared by : Sanjeeb Mahakul

It’s a Matter of Scope
• This is the most important thing… • Task flows have a private memory scope PageFlowScope
– Plus the usual request, session and application scopes

• Accessed via expression language like the other scopes - #{pageflowScope.bean} • Private to each flow (and instance of a flow)
– This allows nesting and reuse

• Data mapped in and out in call activities and task flow returns

ADF Controller Memory Scopes
• Application
– Attributes and managed beans are available for an entire application and shared among users – Information should not have session dependency

• Session
– Attributes and beans are user instance specific, and exist from the time of their creation to the time they are deleted or the session ends – Example usecase is a user info bean that stores information about a user to avoid unnecessary queries

ADF Controller Memory Scopes
• PageFlow
– Available for the duration of a task flow – Exited when exiting the task flow – If used with nested task flows, the PageFlow scope of the caller flow is suspended and activated upon return from the called Task Flow – PageFlow scope is not available until after the JavaServer Faces Restore View phase

• View
– – – – Stores objects used by a single page Automatically released when the user leaves the page. A View scope instance exists for each view that the ADF Controller manages The lifetime begins and ends with the change of the view id of a view port

ADF Controller Memory Scopes
• Request
– Represents the smallest available scope – Lasts for the time it takes to transition from one view activity to the next

• BackingBean
– Special case of request scope – Associated with a specific manage bean instance – Used with declarative components, regions and page fragments that use a managed bean to hold view state information – Allows multiple instances of the component to co-exist on a single page

• None
– Use for beans that don’t require to keep state so that bean does not need to remain in memory

Available Object Scopes
Taskflow Flow Call View Router Method View View

Request Scope Page Flow Scope View Scope Session Scope Application Scope





VS1 S1 A1 VS2



Available Object Scopes
Region View
R D2 D1




Request Scope Backing Bean Scope Page Flow Scope PFS1





PFS2 View Scope VS1 VS2 VS3 Session Scope Application Scope S1 A1 VS4 VS5

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