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Puneet Kaur Ahluwalia (A 08)

Pidilite Industries Limited is the largest adhesive manufacturer in India. It also has world wide presence in adhesives, art material and industrial chemicals. The company was founded in 1959 Pidilite's most famous product is the Fevicol range of adhesives. Its other famous brands are Dr. Fixit, Cyclo, Ranipal, Hobby Ideas, M-seal andAcron.


Objectives of advertising
1.) Creating intelligent humor through their advertisements to convey meaning eg "Pakade rehna, chhodana nahi, dum laga kar haisya, zor laga kar haisya 2.) To give the unique brand image of ultimate bonding. 3.) To make advertisements which appeal to everybody like carpenters, interior designers, households and architects

To put an rural setting and backdrop in the advertisement. The Indian rusticity is what stands out, and they have a generous dose of humour to support it. To continue to make Fevicol a generic term for "adhesive and that is its biggest achievement.

Appeal of fevicol advertisement

Humor appeal: hen and egg advertisement, child in a village ad and people hanging on to a bus.

Play on Words Appeal: Advertisements also make effective use of catch phrases to convey the message. Such appeals help in brand recognition and recall and can be quite popular with the youth in particular. Eg dum lagga ke haishya

Brand Appeal:- This appeal is directed towards people who are brand conscious and wish to choose particular products to make a brand statement.

Advertising Historical Background

Five decades and 99 awards (Abby, Cannes, Clio, Asian Ad Awards and many more) They used all TV Commercial Print ads Hoardings Infomercials etc.

Media Planning
Are extremely savvy about their media planning

Advertisement and Publicity

31st March 2012


(Rs. in million) 31st March 2011


Ogilvy IndiaAll communication designed for Fevicol exploits the traditions and culture of India and carries with it a sense of ghar ka banaya hua Fevicol

Series of Ads

Usually just 25-30 seconds long

But, imprinted the story on viewers mind

To mark 50 years of Fevicol Something that captured that legacy of the brand The campaign was positioned as the "World's Shortest Feature Film".
Tagline50 Saal Se Champion

Print Ads

Rod Fishing
A pencil, a glass of water, a one-rupee coin and a tube of Fevi kwik the glue doesnt work underwater


Social Media Connect

Interior Design Booklets

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon

Runners wearing Fevical jersey, were sticked to the ground


Hoarding & POS Signage

Man Hangs From The Ceiling

Infomercials Lakh Dukhon Ki Ek Dawa

Covering four of its leading consumer-friendly brands Arranged as a humourous chat/Gameshow/Talkshow Free crash course in home improvement


Fevicol Champions Club

Founded in 2002 A platform for wood-working Contractors to come together as a community for their personal & professional growth, Be recognized for their efforts and to learn new methods bringing them growth, both socially & professionally.

New Limca Book of Records entry was created when nearly 4300 kids in Chennai got together to make Madhubani paintings

Over the years many new and innovative Ads been released Keeping humor as the main idea Targeted house holds & retail consumers in almost all


The TVC opens at a young girl participating in a play, where she puts a moustache using fevicol.

Even after the play, the moustache stays stuck at her face and she surprises the teacher at her school

In her village, she goes for a picture-click with the dummy of some male star.

But seeing her moustache associated with masculinity, the photographer reverses the dummy to a female star.

Then she gets married and still preserves the moustache.

She bears a child, but the moustache remains intact.

She grows old and eventually dies with the moustache being just where it is

Ironically enough, the film shoes her re-birth yet again with the moustache.

The TVC ends with the frame saying: "Fevicol 50 saal se champion."

The TVC opens with a duplicate of Salman Khan in Police uniform entering into a stationary shop stepping over a smiley ball.

The shop owner and his helper are shocked to see him as they think it is Salman Khan. Salman's duplicate says, "Aye gol matol, ek fevistick dena"

Salman's duplicate wear glasses that display heart. He behaves like the Chulbul Pandey of Salman's film Dabbang.The helper of the shopkeeper, faints assuming that he has Salman Khan in front of him.

The shopkeeper's phone rings and Salman's duplicate starts dancing like Chulbul Pandey on the ringtone. The shopkeeper switches off his phone.

The duplicate stops dancing and the helper puts a glue stick on table and faints back. Seeing the glue stick Salman's duplicate gets angry.

He stretches his body due to which his shirt opens and he questions the shopkeeper, "Kamaal karte ho, kya hum duplicate use karne wale lagte hai?"

Salman's duplicate bangs on the table and says, "Original Fevistick do nahi to hum tum me...". The shopkeeper interrupts, "Sir sir... aapka original".

Salman's duplicate looks at it and says, "Kamaal ki cheez hai, hain naa hun..." VO: Fevistick the original glue stick".

A cool hill station, a wayside tea stall, a lone tourist.

The tourist orders tea and a toast. Both are served in the local style.

So our health conscious guy transfers the tea from the earthen cup to a styrofoam glass...

...and the toast onto to a plate. But as soon as he opens a small pot of marmalade, flies trouble him.

So bothered he is by the flies that he picks up his gun.

Seeing this, the tea stall owner runs and picks up the toast.

He applies something on it and jumps about, much to the consternation...

..of the tourist. The local waves the toast around vigorously and places it back on the plate. There are five flies sticking to it.

He chuckles as he places a tube of Feviquik on the gun and goes back.

The speechless tourist can't believe what he saw Feviquik on bread to catch flies!

The tea stall owner hums some tune in amusement. VO: "Chutki mein chipkaye? Feviquik.


Competitors of Fevicol

In its early years most competitorssmall-scale local manufacturers of white glue and multinational brands like Movicol (currently discontinued) Marketed their products through hardware stores and timber marts. Fevicol, on the other hand, approached carpenters directly. Huntsman, makers of the Araldite range of adhesives. The company has forayed into the wood glue category with the launch of Araldite Karpentar . Araldite Karpenter is targeted at the masses, contractors and carpenters, who are the actual users of the product. Commenting on its competitive strategy, Datta said, Yes there will be competition, but till now Fevicol was the only brand in the organised segment catering to the needs of the target customers. We feel that the market is much larger and it can easily accommodate two big players. Actor Rajpal Yadav as its brand ambassador.

Television commercial created by Auvil Production and produced by Red Ice Films Pvt Ltd. The ad campaign is to introduce the end user to a new kind of wood glue, one that has a strong adhesive strength and comes from the house of Araldite. The rationale behind the ad is to bring in the winds of change, to encourage people to start using a superior product, and to increase quality consciousness among users and to make them want to be a part of the new beginning. The ad has a catch line that says, Araldite Karpentar Ka Kamaal, Furniture Ki Mazbooti Bemisaal. This ad campaign will help in creating mass level awareness about the brand and its USP. The idea is to try and change the existing mindset of the end user and to get him to try the product once, after which the quality of the product and the credibility of the parent brand, Araldite, will do the rest.

Others Jivanjor by Jubliant Source : Business Standard

Competitors of Fevistik

Major competitors of Fevistik Local small scale manufacturers and Chinese products In the organized sector Camlin Krafty Glue

Promotional strategy of Camlin Directly marketing products to schools through an exclusive school activation team Organizing All India Camel Colour contests Self owned shops In offices as office stationery items Craft competitions. Social media marketing like blog posts, Facebook groups such as I grew up with Camlin etc. YouTube videos and Twitter tweets.

Competitors of Fevi Kwik

Major competitor Araldite

Promotional strategy Print media Does B2B selling (manufacturers, wholesalers etc. ) Promoting eco friendly packaging

Weak strategies
Generic strategy-When the product was new Fevicol ka majboot jod hain...tutega nahi Talks about the basic product attribute Pre-emptive-To strengthen the generic strategy Dum Lagake Haisha Support the existing generic strategy

Mid-strength strategies
Unique positioning strategy Fevicol Marine, wohi mazboot jod, paani mein bhi. Positing it in a different segment not talking about the functional attribute. Brand image :This type of advertising strives to create emotion and give a brand a personality. Association with DABANGG 2 An attempt to leverage the brand equity of Salman Khan

Strong strategy
Affective advertising Making people feel really good about a product is called affective advertising
Resonance advertising. Advertiser can create a campaign that certain target markets identify with, then resonance advertising has been achieved.




Evaluation of ad campaign and effectiveness

1) Analysis of the past advertising experience.Not applicable if the product is new. 2) Pre placement evaluation. Concept testing Theme testing Utilitarian theme, Focused theme, Informative theme and Non specific theme.

Media Testing Copy testing Consumer jury Matched sample Portfolio test Story board test


Conceptualized by Ogilvy, the television commercial shows a boatman rowing a boat filled to capacity with wooden chairs. As he rows through the water, an old man waves for a ride. The boatman subtly gestures a refusal, citing lack of space. The old man then clarifies that it's his young daughter who wants to travel. After a look at the young girl, the boatman stops the boat and offers her a ride. He gradually kicks stacks of chairs into the water to make room for her, her goat and her stack of hay, and continues the journey with the chairs in the water, fastened to the boat with a rope.

Throughout the TVC, a Bangla boul folk song plays in the background. At the end, the film reinforces the promise of a strong bond with Fevicol Marine, and a voiceover that says, "Fevicol Marine, wohi mazboot jod, paani mein bhi.

The TVC draws a mixed review from the advertising fraternity. While one group feels that it lives up to the old Fevicol TVCs, others opine that it fails to create the old charm.

Advertising strategy
Strong strategy Both affective and resonance strategies have been used to reposition the product. Five branded vans will travel through 375 towns and villages across three states for two months The tag line has been changed Earlier it was Chutki mein chipkaye which has now been changed to 'Sab kuch chutki mein chipkaye. The company is trying to inform the consumer about multiple utility of the product.

Effectiveness of the ad
This ad campaign project Fevi kwik as a convenient, versatile and instant adhesive for a large range of household applications including fixing mobile phone covers, broken heels, belts, bags and plate As a part of the on-ground activation, 150 Fevi kwik kiosks have been placed in towns such as Hisar, Ujjain, Hooghly and Kolhapur. The kiosks also serve to explain the applications/usages of the product.


Brand image :This type of advertising strives to create emotion and give a brand a personality. Look alike of Salman plays the protagonist. The setup of the ad and the dialect of the actor also resembles the movie Dabangg 2.This is an attempt to leverage the existing brand equity of the Dabangg franchisee

Fevistick the original glue stick". The company has tried to wage a war against those companies which are selling spurious products in the market using names which sound very similar to fevistick.
Theme: Informative theme

Abhijit Avasthi, national creative director, Ogilvy & Mather, said, From our insights we realised that when kids go to a stationery store and ask for Fevistik, many a time they are handed over some cheap glue stick. Therefore, we developed this interesting piece of communication, which tells people that Fevistik is the original glue stick in a market flooded with fakes.

It is a plan which outlines when and how often a company will advertise. Media Scheduling = Reach + Frequency + Continuity
Total Audience exposed to a message over a period of time
Average number of times message has been expose to the audience The length of the time required to generate impact on target

The maximum reach and frequency of pedilite is through Television commercials as it has wide coverage and people are more often exposed to it . The print advertisements have also been humorously creative though the frequency is comparatively less .

Thirdly the magazine of fevicol Fevicol furniture which is more used by carpenters .
Finally the bollywood movies also help in reaching to the customers . Eg Dabang 2, Masti, Coolie No. 1 etc help in advertising and create more impact than any other medium .
Brand Fevicol benefited most from Dabangg 2 association, Ormax Fevicol leads the list of brand that tied up with Salman Khan's Dabangg 2, according to an independent study conducted by research agency Ormax Media.


The strategy adopted by pedilite fevicol is Flighting strategy It has period of intense and period of no ad



Fevicol comes with an ad after an year . It does not follow a continous ad strategy as the brand is already build up

Refers to the manner in which an advertising appeal is carried out or presented. Pedilite Fevicol has used the following execution strategies : 1. Straight sell / Factual message Fevicol is being commonly used as a metaphor for strong bonding and stubborn stickness 2. Demonstration The fevicol ads such as Fevicol ka mazboot jodh hai tootega nahi , Dum laga kar haisya zor laga kar haisya help in demonstrating . 3. Slice of Life The fevicol ads prove to be problem solvers The product is not only used by carpenters but also in schools, households , offices etc.

4. Personality Symbol - The two elephants tugging at a piece of wood stuck with Fevicol, and still struggling .