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Process of Scientific Selection

Job Analysis
It is the basis for selecting the right candidate

It refers to the process of searching for prospective

employees & stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization.

Application Form
Application Blank is a device used to screen the

candidates at the preliminary level.

Is a process of
Searching for Prospective employees & Stimulating them to apply for jobs

Purpose and importance
Cost minimization Helps to increase the success rate of selection process Meet legal and social obligations regarding Composition of workforce Organizational effectiveness

Evaluate various recruiting techniques and sources

Factors affecting recruitment

External Factors Supply and demand Unemployment rate Labour market Political and social factors Son of the soil Image
Recruitment policy HRP Size of the firm Cost Growth and expansion

Internal Sources of Recruitment

Present Permanent Employees
Present Temporary or Casual Employees Retrenched or Retired Employees Dependants of Deceased, Disabled, Retired &

Present employees

External Sources of Recruitment

Campus Recruitment Private Employment

Professional Associations Data banks Casual Applicants

Agencies / Consultants
Public Employment


Similar organizations
Trade Unions

Recruitment Techniques

Promotions & Transfers :

Internal candidates are stimulated to work.

Recommendation of the present employees

Management contacts the outsiders recommended by present employees

Scouting :
Send organizations representative to various sources of recruitment

Advertising :
(AIDA) attract Attention, develop Interest, create Desire, instigate Action

Sources of recruitment

Internal Recruitment
Less costly
Already oriented to Organisations have

Perpetuates old concept of

better knowledge about candidates Good performance is rewarded

doing things Politics Current work may suffer Morale problem

External Recruitment
Fresh blood
Compliance with

May lead to low morale

reservation policy becomes easy Scope for resentment, jealousies and heartburn are avoided

and motivation Costly Adjustment takes long time

Evaluation of recruitment process

Number of suitable candidates Retention and performance Cost Time-lapsed data Comments on image projected
Initial enquiries
Candidates at various stages of R & S process Retained

Evaluation of Methods

Alternatives to recruitment
Employee leasing Temporary Employment

Creating Effective Recruitment Ads

Write a recruitment ad for a job you may have held responsible Explain where you would place this ad

To improve its appeal To get qualified response

1. 2.

Re-write the ad to appeal to

Older workers Disabled people

How would you go about finding such candidates?


is To identify the individual,

who can most successfully perform the job

from the pool of qualified candidates.

Preliminary Interview

Selection Tests


Employment Interview


Reference and back ground analysis

Employment contract

Selection Decision

Job Offer Physical Examination

Process of Scientific Selection

Written Examination
To analyze aptitude, attitude, general knowledge &

the like.

Preliminary Interview
To assess the suitability of an applicant to the job.

Business Games
To evaluate the decision-making, problem-solving

skills of the applicant

Process of Scientific Selection

To measure the nature & degree of ones

psychological potentialities essential to perform a given job. They are

Intelligence, Mechanical Aptitude, Psychomotor, clerical aptitude Job Knowledge, Work Sample tests



Group Discussion, in-basket

Interest Personality

Process of Scientific Selection

Final Interview
Structured : Asked to all applicants
Unstructured : Few unplanned questions Mix of structured & Unstructured Behavioural : Analytical Reasoning with modest stress Stress : Harsh, rapid fire questions.

RaGold India Ltd. (RIL) is one of the fast growing manufacturers

of electronic goods in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (AP) Due to the recent downsizing in most state level PSUs in AP, each job opening attracts 5 times more applications than it did just a few years ago. An engineering position (thanks to over 225 engineering Colleges in the State) is likely to generate as many as 500 applicants. The wide-spread lay-offs and the need for people to seek new career paths has created a glut of less-than-qualified applicants.
What selection tools can RIL use to get the most qualified employees

from its vast pool of job-seekers In general, which selection tools do you think are the best predictors of job performance?