Founder Institute - Understanding VC March 2013 Berlin Samuli Sirén

Who‘s Talking?
Samuli Sirén, born fin, since 1994 in Berlin, has a beautiful wife & 2 lovely children and is a passionate golfer Manager for business development and investments at K – New Media GmbH, in Berlin. active in the ICT business field for almost 17 years and is a founder, initiator and/or member of the management of diverse online/technology oriented companies such as Finfortec GmbH, Jovala GmbH, BLStream Ltd., ebion AG, PIXRAY GmbH, Newtracks GmbH, Ondango GmbH etc.

11 Things VCs look for

1. Strong management Team

2. Market

3. Biz Modell & Margins

4. Exit potential

5. IPRs

6. Upside potential

7. Good planning, good cash management

8. Reality in Projections

9. PoC, Traction

10. Scalability

11. Vision

Thank you

Samuli Sirén
Manager Business Development and Investments at K – New Media GmbH Private Investor +49 172 3161600