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Radar Stealth Technology

Radar Stealth Technology

RADAR means Radio Detecting And Ranging and
STEALTH means Avoiding Detection. Whereas Radar Stealth Technology is used to prevent the detection of aircrafts or planes from radar systems.

Working Of Radars

Calculation of location and shape The location and shape of the target is detected by using DSP(Digital Signal Processing) methods.

Concept of RCS

RCS means Radar Cross-section Area. Radar cross section is the measure of a target's ability to reflect radar signals in the direction of the radar receiver. Targets RCS(F) is visualized as the product of three factors: F = Projected cross section x Reflectivity x Directivity.

Stealth Technology
No aircraft is totally invisible to radar, stealth technology prevents conventional radar from detecting or tracking the aircraft effectively. By employing a combination of features to interfere with radar as well as reduce visibility in the infrared, visual and radio frequency (RF) spectrum

Avoiding orthogonal metal plates because this causes reflections.

For minimum RCS

Then we get the architecture like a bird

Absorption of electromagnetic waves:

Internal construction that must be re-entrant triangles, so that radar waves reflecting off the internal faces and losing energy. Incoherent scattering +destructive interference+10dB of attenuation + the pyramid shapes + maximize number of bounces.

Coatings are applied on the surface of stealth aircraft. Iron ball paint:It contains tiny spheres coated with carbonyl iron or ferrite. Jaumann absorberJaumann layer consisted of two equally-spaced reflective surfaces and a conductive ground plane. Avoiding Infrared Detection: Heat is developed when the machines in aircraft are working and also due to friction of air. Use compressed gas or liquid nitrogen to cool their internal parts.

Preventing noise detection:

Aircrafts use slow-turning propellers to avoid being heard by enemy troops below. High altitude. High speed.

Applications: Military OperationsSecret operations which is confidential. Emergency protecting. To become a powerful weapon nation. (a strong nation can maintain peace in any situation )

In Modern days this Stealth Technology is playing a vital role in Military operations. Every fighter plane designs is claiming to have some sort of stealth technology to avoid detection there by reducing the odds of a successful attack.

This Radar Stealth technology is bringing a revolution in military operations of the world. Having own technology can save money and nation.