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French cuisine cuisine franaise

Some facts
1. In France, people eat approximately 500,000,000 snails per year. 2. France has a different cheese for almost every day of the year. 3. The legal drinking age is officially 18 for strong liquors (21percent vol. alcohol), and 16 for most alcohol drinks, like beer and wine. 4. While French cuisine is often associated with rich desserts, in most homes dessert consists of only a fruit or yogurt. 5. France is the worlds second largest exporter of agricultural products and Europes largest.

Other facts
1. France is the world's second-largest consumer of pesticides after the US and the world's first-largest consumer of fungicides. The widespread use of chemicals is one reason people in France are turning to bio or organic products. In fact, almost 30 percent of French are now bio buyers. Wine is considered an important part of the French meal. "Wine ...the intellectual part of the meal." Alexandre Dumas, 1873. A traditional French Christmas menu consists of raw oysters, escargots, fois gras, smoked salmon, scallops and Champagne. It is common for people in most parts of France to take a two-hour lunch break



Totally different
Many people in the world know tat France is well known or "famous" for its cuisine. Every year there are many tourists in France and they enjoy "the secret" of the French kitchen. If you visit France you can see how French people enjoy their meal. In most countries people don't take much time to eat; they are stressed and eat a little snack but in France it is totally different.

Meal times
The day begins with bread, either a croissant or a tartine for everyone in the family. It is all washed down with milk or hot chocolate for young children and coffee for adults and teenagers. Served in a bowl-shaped cup, cafe au lait (ka-fay oh LAY) is coffee with a generous dose of milk. Some families also eat yogurt or fresh, white cheese. Another popular snack for children after they get home from school is pain au chocolat (pehn o sho-ko-LAH), a flaky pastry baked with a bar of chocolate in the middle.

Meal times
Lunch used to be the main meal of the day, but many families now eat a very light lunch because of work and school commitments. The usual dishes are sandwiches, salads, quiche, or pasta. On Sundays, families sit down together for a more substantial lunch consisting of salad, soup, a casserole or roast, and dessert. Favorite dishes are steak with fries or roast chicken with vegetables. The last meal of the day is dinner, eaten rather late between 7:00 and 9:30 p.m. Adults generally have three courses consisting of soup, ham, or salad, followed by a steak or lamb stew, and a dessert or cheese and fruit.

Meal times
They usually drink wine with the meal and sometimes have strong coffee afterward. Children, however, may skip the main
course and eat soup with bread or a slice of cheese.

These people take time for their meal. It is possible that they take hours to enjoy their meal. The meat and vegetables are mostly freshly cooked and the different delicious sauces make the French kitchen so popular. There is one thing that can't be missed: the French wine. It is very difficult to find a better one than the French wines; this beverage is the symbol of their country. The most popular wines are Bordeaux, Bourgogne and of course Champagne.

Croissants or boulangeries
Croissants are very popular in France and there is no country in the world where you can find better ones. . The cuisine of France is also popular because of its boulangeries. Who didn't eat there the freshly baked breakfast pastries, French toasts, croissants, often served with a strong French coffee? We can tell you that everyone who visited France would agree with us that this food is delicious.

If you have a look to the best chefs of the world the majority comes from France and it that not the proof that the kitchen of France is excellent. The top restaurants of the world are to find in Paris and Nice. If you didn't visit France it is time to do it and I am sure you will enjoy the French cuisine.

France is also well known for its cheese and many kinds of these can be enjoyed in all the countries of the world. If you want really the best taste of cheese you have to eat them in France and very often cheese is served there after a meal. You can call it a kind of dessert. The most popular cheeses are Camembert, Brie and Roquefort.

Hopefully you have heard of some of these famous French food specialties already. After all they would not deserve to be called famous if they were known only to people in the Hexagon. (That is what French people sometimes call their country

Famous appetizers
1. Tapenade and olives 2. This is served before you sit down for the meal. Along with your flute de champagne or kir (a popular before dinner drink made form crme de cassis and white wine), have a nibble on: 3. Gougres - These are bite sized cheese puffs made from choux pastry. 4. Rillettes - Variously made from chopped fish, pork, or other meats that have been slowly cooked and seasoned, these are served spread on pieces of toast. 5. Tapenade - A puree of black or green olives, capers, and olive oil that is used as a spread.

Famous starters
1. 2. Foie gras served with spice bread Baguette - A long skinny loaf of French bread that is served with the entre and will stay on the table until dessert. No French meal is complete without it. France runs on baguettes! Cuisses de Grenouille - Despite the myth of the French love for frogs' legs, they really are not number one on the menu and are only occasionally part of a meal. Escargots - Another famous French food that is not nearly so popular as has been rumored, but yes, the French do eat snails. Foie Gras - This is the very fatty liver of a goose or duck that has been force fed rich grains. Enjoyed with plain toast or as part of another dish.




Starters!!!! (YUMM)
Quenelles - These are sort of like a dumpling, but log shaped. Made from flour, milk, eggs and many times various meats or fish. Ratatouille - A mix of sauteed vegetables, including eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers and onions. Salade Nioise - This salad is so substantial that it can be enjoyed as a main dish. Recipes vary, but typically include tuna, tomatoes, bell peppers, and anchovies along with lots of olive oil. Truffes - These famous black mushrooms are so expensive and so tasty, that they are typically used in small quantities to accent another food.

Famous main dishes


Cheese again
Roquefort Cheese

Oh, you thought you were ready for dessert? No, first you must have some cheese. And with something like 500 different kinds of French cheese, you have quite a choice. Here are just a few of the more popular.

Famous desserts
Chocolate clair
Everyone's favorite part, right?