Our Coaching staff will expect 4 things from your players:

2) 3) 4) 5)

We expect them to GRADUATE. We expect them to want to improve as a PERSON. We expect them to want to be part of a TEAM. We expect them to want to WIN.

Duey Naatz Head Coach naatzd@uwstout.edu 715-232-2758

Sean Hoolihan Offensive Coordinator hoolihans@uwstout.edu 715-232-5188

Clayt Birmingham Def. Coord, Asst HC birminghamc@uwstout.ed u 715-232-2203

Mark Thomas Linebackers thomasm@uwstout.edu 715-232-2465

Dan McCarty Offensive Line mccartyd@uwstout.edu |715-232-5234

Mike Bird D. Line, Spec. Tm Coord birdm@uwstout.edu 715-232-1423

Blue Devil Coaching Staff

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Coaches Drill Clinic, Wed. May 7th 5:45 pm – 8:30pm On the field drills and techniques w/players Free of Charge Social following ://www.uwstout.edu/athletics/football/fbclinic07.pdf hletics/football/fbclinic07.pdf

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7-7 Passing Clinic and Big Dog’s Challenge Sat. July 12th 9:00am registration Brand new turf being installed in the spring of 2008. Entry forms available at uwstout.edu/athletics/football Contacts: Sean Hoolihan 715-232-5188 hoolihans@uwstout.edu Mike Bird 715-232-1423 birdm@uwstout.edu

•Offensive Line •Basic parts the same •Adapt to personnel •Overall Team Plan

Offensive Line
•Keep simple •Play aggressively •Blocking basics

Basic Parts
•Base rules for plays •Rules stay consistent •Formations, motions, shifts •Tag words for modifying

Adapt to personnel
1. QB – thrower, runner, or both 2. OL – physical, lean on, athletic, small 3. RB – type, FB – physical, dig out a DE 4. TE – handle DE 1-1, great blocker? 5. C- shotgun snap & still block well 6. Injuries, how does this effect plan

Offensive Players Blocking Basics:
• KNOW THE SITUATION – know the down & distance, the situation, the quarter, how much time left, how is our defense playing PLAY CALL – Listen and concentrate on the play call and the snap count.

3. STANCE, START & ALIGNMENT. What is my aiming point, how do I get there? 4. GET OFF THE BALL – to win the line of scrimmage, we must be first off the ball. 5. LOW MAN WINS – play lower than your opponent. 6. FINISH THE BLOCK- to the whistle, be nasty, be aggressive, be a finisher. 7. OUTWORK YOUR OPPONENT- each & every day, every workout, all the time

• OL – play side gap, backside sift
– Backside Guard man pull to play side LB.

Gap play)
**play side can combo

• • • • •

TE rule – block the D gap player. FB rule – block the C gap player. RB rule – must press A gap, read G block, run through smoke of the X QB rule – open at 6:00, get ball deep to RB, do not drift playside WR rule – block someone to the whistle

Right 24 vs. even front

Right 24 vs. odd
PT – *covered = stab & gap back

Code Words
Gap Back – OL block their gap away from the play call Man Pull = puller is responsible for a man when pulling, no blind pulls Sift = vs. backside hinge, *knee injuries from standing around

Bag = back & OG switch responsibilities, bag = Back And Guard Base = Play side OL have base blocks instead of Gap Back Log = we try & kick out, but vs crash end, may become a log, man puller must adjust & bounce outside, *depth of pull is a key Seal= frontside OL, including TE, all block Gap back, *GL

4–5 BAG
BG- Pull for Kick out block or log of EMOL FB- 3 step away, plant, lead up on PSLB *by alignment also.

Spread R Gun 4 Base TE= base, PT – covered = base, uncovered - gap

Spread R Gun 4 Read TE= base, PT – covered = base, uncovered - gap

Spread R Gun 4 Tom TE= base, BT= man pull (4 vs. 3 inside)

Trey R 4 Base, Q Loop The TAGGED receiver will run arc path with good fake from QB.

Thunder R 4 Seal *everyone blocks gap back, including TE May also call combo with G & T

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