A Report on ‘Can Candy replace Mithai?

Submitted to: Dr. Bhavleen Kaur Faculty, EBS Dwarka

Era Business School Sector 9 Dwarka New Delhi, Delhi 110077

Date of Submission: 07

Submitted By: Bhuvan Chugh Kundan kumar Madu babu bogadhi Aatif Khan Amod

We would like to thank Dr. Bhavleen Kaur, Faculty, Era Business School, Dwarka, who guided and helped us in completing this project. We would also like to thank our respondents who gave their valuable time to our questionnaires and filled them, which indeed helped us find out whether candy can really replace traditional Indian mithai or not.

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Executive Summary .

Time has certainly changed and so has the preference of people but the million dollar question today is that ‘Can candies really replace mithai as a traditional Indian sweet’. people’s taste and preferences are also believed to be changing and It is believed that the main thing which India craves for is mouth-watering sweets. The answer may not be easy to find but we can certainly know people’s opinion and their views on this changing trend. ‘ what to give. People in this country tend to have a sweet tooth and enjoys sweets a lot.Introduction With the ever changing time and generation. . such have been the impact of chocolates and candies on Indian people. Whether It’s a festival. first thing Indians say is ‘Moo Meetha karao’. But the main question which arises these days is. The country which use to give or exchange traditional mithai now have many more options in the form of chocolates. Even the companies like cadbury and nestle have now started producing special chocolate packs for occasions and festivals. candies etc. any family function or moment of happiness. chocolates etc. chocolate or mithai’. mithai.

Objective The objective of this report is to find out peoples preference between mithai and chocolates/candies and whether candies can replace indian traditional mithai as the main sweet of India. .

The purpose behind asking these questions is to know people’s preference between chocolate & mithai and the reasons behind their respective preference and what they like to cosume on daily basis as well as what they prefer gifting on occasions and festivals. .Purpose The main purpose of this report is to find out whether candies can really replace mithai or not and for this we have asked 12 questions to a total of 30 people. which would help us get an answer to this bigger question of ‘Can candies replace Mithai’?.

Data Analysis .

Q. .)? a) Yes b) No 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Yes No 3 27 Majority of the people we surveyed eat sweets such as mithai’s. Do you eat sweets (chocolates.etc. Indian mithai. chocolates etc.

which amongst the two do you prefer? a) Mithai b) Chocolates c) Any of the two 30 25 20 15 24 10 5 0 mithai chocolates Any of the two 4 2 Most of the people prefer chocolates. while minority of the people prefer mithai. If yes. .Q.

. If chocolate then how many times a week do you buy chocolates? a) 1-3 b) 3-7 c) more then 7 Chocolates 3 1-3 times 14 11 3-7 times more than 7 times .Q.

If mithai then how many times a week do you buy mithai? a) 1-3 b) 3-7 c) more then 7 Mithai 0 2 1-3 times 3-7 times more then 7 times 24 Majority of the People eating mithai or chocolates tend to buy them 13 times a week .Q.

Which of the one are more likely to buy on regular or day to day basis? a) Mithai b) chocolate 30 25 27 20 15 10 5 0 mithai chocolate 3 .Q.

Q. If mithai. why? a) simply because of the taste b)because you don’t like chocolates c) any other reason Mithai 1 because of taste don’t like chocolate 0 2 any other .

Q. why? a) Easily available b) Cheaper then mithai c) Simply because of the taste d) all the above Chocolate easily available 5 2 cheaper then mithai 14 6 simply because of taste all of the above Good number of people prefer buying chocolate on day to day basis because of reasons like it’s low price. . If chocolates. its availability and its taste and very few prefer mithai on day to day basis.

which are you more likely to give on festivals or special occasions? a) Mithai b) chocolates 23 25 20 15 10 7 5 0 mithai chocolate .Q.

why? a) It’s a tradition b) It reflects richness c) All the above Mithai 8 10 tradition reflects richness both (a)&(b) 5 .Q. If mithai.

If chocolates. whereas only 7 people said that they prefer chocolate because it’s a more modern concept and is cheaper then mithai. why? a) symbolizes ‘young’ b) looks modern c) cheaper then mithai Chocolates 1 2 symbolizes 'young' modern cheaper then mithai 4 23 people said they prefer gifting mithai on festivals or occasions because they believe that’s the tradition.Q. .

Q. How do you rate chocolate as compared to mithai? a) below mithai b) equal to mithai c) above mithai 30 26 25 20 15 10 5 0 3 1 below mithai equal to mithai above mithai High number of people rate chocolate now as equal to mithai. .

will have to wait and watch 0 5 Yes no Cant say 17 8 Most of the people were not able to comment on the prospect of chocolate replacing mithai as the main sweet of India. they would rather . Do you think candies/chocolate will eventually be able to replace mithai as the main sweet of India? a) Yes b) No c) can’t say.Q.

But apart from day to day basis. even though there are festive packs of chocolates in market. we may not have got the real answer but still now we have a clear picture about peoples taste.Conclusion After doing this survey. majority of Indians still believe in exchanging mithais on special occasions or festivals. Chocolates and candies have had a major impact and that is why a question like this has arisen and it is believed that in near future candies and chocolates would certainly be giving mithais and mithaiwalas even a more stiff competition and a run for its money but for now it is mithai for the big . people still are not yet ready to leave the tradition of exchanging mithai. but all this does not mean that chocolate is an afterthought for people. preference and mindset. and there is a less chances of adulteration and the expiry date is also far away from purchase date unlike in mithais which needs to be consumed within few days of preparation. We would like to conclude by saying that obviously there have been a great deal of shift in peoples preference lately and they eat chocolates more then mithai because they believe it’s easily available. They believe mithai showcases the rich tradition and therefore is a much better option for festivals and occasions.

even more companies should try to change this mind set of Indian people. for example cadburys ‘kuch meetha hojaye’ campaign which has been quite successful. Though some companies our doing exactly the same.Recommendation We would like to recommend that if chocolate companies really want to replace mithai’s then they should straight away get into the customers head and try and change their mind set. Similarly. Companies should start working more on the designing of festive packs of chocolates. If companies would follow this then they would certainly be giving customers more reason to buy chocolates and chocolates packs rather the mithai’s. They can also introduce sugar free chocolates which can replace sugar free mithais. People still believe that gifting mithai looks more rich and tradional and companies need to change this thinking. They shoud try and give a more Indian touch to the chocolate packs and their advertisements. .

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