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Our presentation Topic A case on Unique Airways .

Presentation Outline • Introduction • Case Summary • Case Character Analysis • Problem of Case • Question & Answer • Major Findings • Recommendation • Conclusion .

. • Most times this company gets rewards for its HR performance.Introduction • Among the largest airlines in India.

It figured among the top five airline companies in the country. including 1500 pilots and 1100 aircraft maintenance engineers.case summary • Unique Airways is a large airline company in India with over 300 domestic flights and 30 international flights to all the major cities. . The company has a strong workforce of 10200 employees. The company has an excellent work culture and developed a high level of commitment and involvement in its workforce.

Case character analysis • Advantages • Disadvantages .

Problem of the case study  expansion scheme to double it’s operation at a time  Misguidance by formed panel  Hire large number of foreign pilots & engineers  Given salary & other allowances 40percent more than domestic employee. .

Question & answer  What is your assessment of the developments in unique Airways?  Do you agree with the view of the management that the panel misguide it?  If you were to be the panel member what would be your recommendation? .

Major findings • Indian labor market were difficult for the job like pilots and maintenance engineers. • The Unique Airways salary scream was not same for foreign and domestic employees. .

• The HR department was not assessing the external environment properly. .• New appointment policy for foreign employee was not right for present economic condition of the Unique Airways.

• Use proper field incensement rather than the hole absorption. .Recommendation • Follow development programs like frontier airlines as global change.

• Maximize the training program along with the HR department training. • Took plan on long run to do so need proper analysis. . • Attend and arrange certain sectional evolution program.

• Develop and took measure as promotion and enhancement program like Etihad Guest program. .

• Most of all make air safe and sound with maximum security along with comfort .

After that management takes seriously pondered a future course of action .Conclusion From all the discussion it is conclude that unique Airways was one of the large Airways company in India but due to misguide line of HR department the company was gripped by recessionary conditions.

Question & Answering Session .

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