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The World Bank

Working for A World Free of Poverty

Ijlal Ashraf Wafa Husnain

Bilal Hassan Aneela Zahid

World Bank Agencies. 3. Special features of the World Bank. 2. Overview of the World Bank.Contents of our presentment      1. . 4. The millennium development goals. Functions. 5.

Jim Yong Kim became the 12th president of the World Bank Group. On July 1.  .Overview of the world bank  The World Bank was orginally established to support reconstruction in Europe after World War II. 2012.

Vision overcome poverty enhance growth Globalization create opportunity & hope .

Established: July 1.DC and over 3. New Hampshire. USA Membership: 185 countries Staff: Approximately 7. 1944 by a conference of 44 governments in Bretton Woods.    .000 in offices around the world. DC and more than 100 offices around the world.000 employees in Washington.WORLD BANK  Headquarters: Washington.

Middle-income countries 4. The Arab world 6. Knowledge and learning . Global public goods 5.WORLD BANK THEMES 1. Post-conflict and fragile states 3. The poorest countries 2.

It uses its financial resources. . increase economic growth. its staff. improve their quality of life. reduce poverty. and extensive experience to help developing one of the world’s largest sources of funding for the developing world SPECIAL FEATURES OF WORLD BANK Its primary focus is on helping the poorest people and the poorest countries.

G.A ICSID The International Bank for Reconstruction & Development (1945) The International Development Association (1960) The International Finance Corporation (1956) The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (1988) The International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (1966) .I.IBRD IDA IFC M.

   .FUNCTIONS  Reconstruction and development. Promotion of long range balanced growth of international trade. Arranging the loans through other channels for priority. Promotion of investment.

Millennium Development Goals .

Goal 8: Tackle HIV/AIDS.Goal 1: Goal 2: Goal 3: Goal 4: Goal 5: End extreme poverty and hunger. Reduce child death rates Goal 6: Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability Create a global partnership for development. Achieve universal primary education Empower women and promote equality between women and men Improve health of pregnant women and mothers. and other diseases . with targets for aid. Malaria. trade and debt relief.


The end ! .