SAP, started in 1972 by five former IBM employees in Mannheim, Germany, states that it is the world's largest inter-enterprise software company and the world's fourth-largest independent software supplier, overall.

The original name for SAP was German: Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte, German for "Systems Applications and Products." The original SAP idea was to provide customers with the ability to interact with a common corporate database for a comprehensive range of applications. Gradually, the applications have been assembled and today many corporations, including IBM and Microsoft, are using SAP products to run their own businesses.

processes and services. Mission • • • Research and develop new methods and standards. • • Continually monitor and improve our performance against set targets. Strive for prevention of failure. Proactively communicate and share knowledge. Apply the knowledge to enhance our products.MISSION AND VISION Vision Consistently deliver high quality solutions focused on improving customer satisfaction. defect reduction and increased customer satisfaction. .

SAP for Everyone SAP for limited users SAP for everyone .


SAP Travel On Demand – Designed for the business traveler .

for faster approval and payment  Understand your corporate compliance standards. booking policies. anywhere. preferred travel suppliers. so you can concentrate on your business goals . Control your travel – from pre-trip approval and online booking to travel receipt capture and expense reimbursements  Get real-time guidance to stay within your corporate travel policies for planning trips and submitting expenses  Enter and submit receipts and expense reports anytime. and expense limits  Manage your travel and expenses effortlessly.

Rev up automotive industry growth with innovative products and positive customer experiences .

on a wide range of mobile devices. anytime and anywhere. all these capabilities are available to your dynamic workforce. or gain greater insight into your business performance. .  Whether you're looking for a cloud-based solution to run your entire business  Extend the capabilities of your departments or subsidiaries.  SAP has innovative solutions that deliver rapid time to value. SAP cloud solutions enable your business to run better – securely and cost-effectively.  What's more.


• Gain new revenue outside of your traditional business • Support both upstream and downstream customers and partners • Integrate multi-service. customer-centric billing • Manage churn and up-sell with real-time offer management • Streamline network operations for greater efficiency • Leverage in-memory analytics to process data quickly .


 Reduce time to market for tailored insurance products  Streamline insurance operations – reducing process complexity and costs  Proactively manage compliance and stay on top of new regulations  Drive maximum performance from your sales force and manage incentives  Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty .

SAP • Purpose – The scenario shows the full project management cycle following the APQP standard. • Benefits – Standardizes the development process by using templates – Increase customer satisfaction – Deliver quality products on time with the lowest possible costs – Reduce nonconformity costs by recognizing necessary changes early – Improve communication and decision making processes with internal and external partners by using Web-based access .

Competitors .


in the enterprise on-premise and hosted ERP and CRM market • Lawson .in the SMB accounting software. on-premise ERP and CRM software market • Net Suite .COMPETITORS: • Oracle . on-premise ERP and CRM software software market • Infor .in the the enterprise. CRM and ERP software market .in the SaaS ERP software market • Sage .in the SMB on-premise accounting software. CRM and ERP software market • Microsoft Dynamics .

Strengths: • • • • Robust Tailored to different industries History and customer trust/loyalty Excellent inventory management capabilities .

Weakness : • • • • • • Expensive Complicated to implement Enormous learning curve Not very user friendly or intuitive Not easily customizable Interdependencies make enterprise management difficult .

 Newer entrants can leverage web 2. Enterprises have cut back on technology purchases .Opportunities: • Ability to leverage market position • Move into the web based SaaS model Threats:  Niche solutions often provide better capabilities and are much less expensive.0 technologies to integrate with other solutions  The economy.

 Drive innovative and high-quality product development  Boost end-to-end manufacturing efficiency  Reduce costs in the design and manufacturing processes  Eliminate automotive supply chain risk and disruption  Respond rapidly to market opportunities  Optimize the customer experience .

Aerospace & Defense .

• Collaborate better: Manage and execute programs across a global supply chain • Decide better: Speed time-to-market with complete transparency • Adapt better: Enter new markets with flexible sales models and contracts • Operate better: Improve operational efficiency with lean operations .

SAP cloud solution .

Procurement Process Outline Agreement Purchase Requisition Demand Vendor Scheduling Agreement Accounts Payable Invoice Verification Goods Receipt & Inventory Mgmt. Purchase Order .

Sales Process Finished Goods Availability Check Customer Order Goods Issue Final Payment Partial Payment Billing .

Production Process Schedule/Release Goods Issue Shop Floor Order Settlement Goods Receipt .

SWOT Analysis .

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