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Haier Incorporated in 1984

Started its operations in Pakistan in 2001

Joint venture between Ruba General Trade company and Haier Pk

The mission of Haier is to become the industrial leader and the most competitive and consumer preferred home appliance solution provider.

Production plant located at Raiwind Lahore Head office at Gulburg Lahore Ranked at No. 2nd in Pakistan's market for home appliances 1000 sales outlets 15 large experience shops 305 exclusive shops 17 service centers 120 service outlets

White goods group

Digital and personal Integrated kitchen

Home appliances

PEL Singer Super Asia Group Viva Orient Dawlance Sony Samsung LG Waves Philips Monilex Kenwood Siemens Nobel Panasonic Whirlpool Others

Consumer Products
Business Products Service & support

Complaint register

Consumer Products
Refrigerators Freezer Washing Machine Air Conditioners Microwave ovens TV Domestic Home appliances

Commercial Air Conditioners

Warranty Installation After sale service

Marketing Manager
Finance Manager Manager ATL Manager BTL Marketing Research manager

Research & Development Department Price Range

Image of china ( Huge In quantity but worst in quality) Low level of core technology

In-house Productions

Strong Rivals


Quality products Variety of products


Targeting consumers from low end to high end.


Production plant at Raiwind Lahore Head office in Gulberg Lahore Many outlets in Pakistan


Advertising Direct Marketing Electronic media

Best quality and service

Price range After sales services

Cost leadership

Huge sales
Credibility Top notch brand Origin does not matter anymore

Haier brand is popular in Pakistan?

Do you think that Haier products are reliable?

Yes No

41% 59%

Yes No


Do you think today Haier has a negative impact of label Made in China on its image?

Yes 15%

No 85%

Introduce their online business Update their financial reports to motivate its stake holders Introduce discount packages as well as seasonal schemes