Two Critical Facts to which Intellectual Community and Nations should Awaken


Humanity and His existence is endangered by
• Environmental instability • Earth instability • Social instability

• Economic instability

We are edging to great disorder and destruction
We are in Event Horizon. We are being stressed to critical state and there are two choices – Life or Death

The only way to Life is to evolve our knowledge of Nature and the Universe

Knowledge would give us Life and Light to transcend the Event Horizon

Knowledge brings life, light, order, peace, happiness and so on
One look at the world shows we are peaking with the opposite
We are principally wrong some where

I humbly call your attention to two basic facts of nature that are vital but over looked by intellectual community

Please give attention for the sake of Human evolution into Life and Light

Universe is Energy and Matter
Earth strives to maintain certain balance of energy to matter and thus heat of the environment

There is Principle and Design on which she works

We in our ignorance are intervening into natures working to sustain her balance and thus we are inviting her wrath

We need to awaken to the Principle and Design and her working to Survive

Earth has a Parallel and Multiple World Design
This is evident from the day and night and climatic energy cycle in which we live

The design and working is as fallows
When west awakes to sunlight/heat, goes into apparent disorder, east simultaneously sleeps to darkness and goes into new order vice-versa.

When light peaks in the west it gives way to darkness and simultaneously the opposite happens in the east The west and east are instantaneously communicated and there exist a Perceiver who controls

The Perceiver here is Light or Energy or Spirit it self. Its movement between Parallel World gives the Life to the system

The fact that this change occurs over 12 hour cycle, 12 month cycle, and the Nature has many bigger cycles leading to Universal Cycle invariably means the earth has multiple worlds.

This also means that earth has many grid points arranged in layers through which the change occurs smoothly. The multiple world means that in addition to instantaneous communication, it also has time bound communication

In our ignorance we the modern people, who are slave to material world are engaged in reckless exploitation of Nature. In doing so we are dissolving the grid points and in the process we are accelerating the climate

This can be disastrous beyond certain critical point

We all know heat creates disorder and beyond some critical point it breaks down the system
Through our material activity we are recklessly increasing the heat of the environment in an exponential way

What is more critical is that we have intervened into the night cycle thus obstructing Nature’s functioning to create order
This is further augmented by Loss of Forest and Greenery

We know plants absorbs light and heat and thus works against disorder It creates biological mass that grows against gravity and thus it opposes the time direction to disorder and destruction

Loss of Forest thus is adding to disorder

Increased heat means increased energetic state. Accelerated change is sudden peaking and falling of this energetic state [Change]

We are witnessing this around the world as increased climate catastrophes

We see two opposing forces here. The unwinding force of the sun//heat and winding force of earth/cooling
Accelerated climate change now invariably means

Earth and all the Life in it will be destroyed by a Double Edged Sword

We are seeing this destruction through high energetic change or accelerated climate change leading to huge destruction from all Natural Forces

The increased heat [ unwinding] means fire and wind bound accidents will increase in number and power
The earth that reacts to wind invariably means there will increase in flash flood and snows

Winding of earth invariably means stress on the tectonic plates and this could lead to increased earth quakes and its magnitude.

It also means it stresses the volcanoes

Volcanic dust is known to cool earth’s atmosphere
No wonder Noble laureate James Lovelock predicted large scale destruction of humanity by heat

Another important effect of our unilateral intervention into nature by increasing heat and intervening to earth’s night cycle is breaking of the dynamic electromagnetic field protecting earth.

This will render our environment open for space objects to strike This will render earth fragile, leading to mud slides, sink holes and collapse of earth

All this we are witnessing now on earth

Awakening of human mind to the Principle and Design on which Nature functions can help us alleviate the Disaster Coming at us

All we have to do is to stop the reckless release of heat into the environment and stop the intrusion into the Night Cycle and allow Earth to heal her self

But it will not save humanity from Bigger Ignorance that can lead humanity to self destruction

This is the ignorance of God
That has divided and polarized humanity in the name of religion

The pathologically criminal mind of humanity has already developed weapons of mass destruction that can destroy humanity in seconds

The world that is polarized in the name of religion and God has little hope unless it awaken to Truth of God

This calls us to Evolve to know the Truth of God beyond Religion as a Science We need to invent New Force and New Space-Time Reality in which God Works

The material world we deal with is governed by gravity or centripetal force Time here is directed to gravitational collapse or death to a center

This invariably means to know the Truth of Nature and its perpetual existence in time, we need to visualize a New Force and New Space-Time field

Einstein strived at it and he failed

If you stand back to observe Life
We can invent this Force and New SpaceTime Field that Einstein searched for

All Life has a inner space in which it converts gravity into anti-gravity and works against material world that tends to collapse to a center

Plants absorb light and heat and as night fall it converts the energy it absorbed to create biological mass that grows against gravity

In effect it works against disorder and time direction in the material world

The earth with Plant and Animals is a self organizing living system

It is proven by Noble laureate James Lovelock who gave the Gaia hypothesis to the world

The only exception to the rule is the adult humans who is self-centered and is slave to material world

He joins his Force with Material world and thus digs his own grave

Time direction and gravitational collapse or death is inevitable from both materialistic and living point of view

Since human on earth is the cause for gravitational collapse, The collapse should be earth centered

If you stand back to observe nature, every signs point to the fact that we are heading towards this collapse or death
If some thing exist that can conquer time and death and initialize it back into New Time Cycle, it should exist on earth as Super Human Being or God and His Super Act

Characteristic of this Super Human Soul or God now becomes easily definable
It should be “Absolutely Selfless”

The power to transform the gravity force of the whole material universe into antigravity and put the universe on New Track should exist in the inner space of this Super Soul or God

Knowing this Super Soul or God and our relative existence with it beyond religion as a science is the only way for humanity to find True Freedom

All the developments in science suggest that we cannot understand universe in separation of Life
Max Planck said

“All matter originates and exists only by
virtue of a force... We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.” Max Planck

Our survival now relates to knowing Absolute Soul or God Soul that gives Life to all other Souls Absolute Mind or God Mind that illuminate all other Minds

This reality or Truth is explored in the fallowing link elaborately as science
“Truth that can illuminate Human Mind

and Save the world”

Intellectual population of the world needs to awaken to these two basic reality to save the world and lead it into Golden Age where Truth and Justice prevail and peace and order manifests

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