Geometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with the measurements and relationships of points, lines, angles, surfaces and solids.

What are the basic geometric shapes?

OBJECT as) IDEA SYMBOL (Read point line line segment •A A point line B line segment CD ray PQ angle RST .





.We use a protractor in measuring angles.

1) 55° 4) 180° 2) 105° 3) 90° 5) 201° .



A B .

4.1. Find the supplement of an angle that measures 104°. Find the angle if its complimentary angle is 20 ° greater. Find the measure of its complement. Find its complement. Find the measure of its supplement. 3. . An angle measures 60° less than its complement. 2. An angle measures 30° less than twice its supplement. 5. An angle measures 37°.

.A polygon is a closed plane figure made up of two line segments. meet at point called the vertices. These line segments which form the sides of the polygon .



congruent line segments congruent angles congruent triangles Similar figures have the same shape but may or may not have the same size. The symbol for congruency is ..Congruent figures have exactly the same size and shape. . Matching parts of congruent figures are called corresponding parts.

A figure is symmetrical if both of its sides match when folded in half. . The line of symmetry divides the figure into two congruent parts.

Is this figure symmetrical? .

Congruent or similar? Which shape is similar to the figure on the left? .


It comes from the Greek word “peri” (around) and “meter” (measure).Perimeter is the distance around a twodimensional shape . .

The perimeter of the square = 15 cm + 15 cm + 15 cm + 15 cm = 60 cm OR 4 X 15 cm = 60 cm .


An octagonal table has a side which measures 90 cm. Seth has a pool in the shape of a pentagon. 95m and 85 m. Anne walks her dog around a park each day. What is the perimeter of the field? 2. 87 m.88 m wide. What is the perimeter of the pool? 3. Find the length of the fence. Each side of the pool is 11 meters long.1.96 m long and 5. The dimensions of the park are 90 m. What is the perimeter of the table? 4. What is the distance covered by Anne and her dog daily? 5. Gerry wants to put a fence around his garden which is 7. A rectangular field measures 30 m by 6 m. .

.The area of a shape is the amount of space inside that figure. The area of this square is 9 square units.

Formulas in Finding the Area .

3. Find the area of the following figures: 5 dm 6 cm 8 dm 10 cm .

A rectangular room measures 10 m by 5 m. How much carpeting does she need to buy to cover her entire room? . Tiffany wants new carpeting for her family room which has a dimension of 12 m by 4 m. What is the area of this room? 5.4.

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