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Submitted By :Deepak Rai Saransh Rawal Ravendra thakur Taranjeet Chhabra Sourabh patel

Submitted To :Devendra Jain Sir


Tetra laval group had set up operation in India two decades ago ,with tie-up with NDDB . Tetra pak deals in Various innovative packaging solutions . Case gives knowledge of how Tetra Pak has revolutionized the beverage manufacturing industry through its packaging. Impact of innovations on manufacture has also discussed. Promotional strategies are also mentioned

Their marketing strategy applied to entry into market

with various new and innovative products is also discussed. Innovated promotional strategies is also mentioned in the case for various locations .

1. POLITICAL ANALYSIS: Tetra Pak follow its rules and regulations very

strongly and perfectly.

2. SOCIAL ANALYSIS : Tetra Pak was the worlds largest producer of aseptic carton packaging. They had global sales of $7billion. They have over 20,100 employees. They held 80% of market shares. They dominate the market. They contribute about 2.5% in annual growth.

3. SOCIAL ANALYSIS : They maintain five core values :-

i. Freedom with accountability.

ii. Partnership with customers and suppliers and colleagues. iii. Long term perspective. iv. Innovation and creativity. v. Commitment and fun.

4. TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : They maintain good quality equipment and

technology to serve its customers with best quality milk and juices. They provide best technical services to customer to improve efficiency.

The importance of packaging in the marketing and

distribution of products beverages and liquid foods need to be implemented properly. And also need to work on improving situation in market and re position themselves was the problem in beginning.

The problem mentioned was in the beginning of

Companys establishment in India. But later on they overcome with their problem worse situation and settled as leading company of packaging especially in liquid products. They have also used appropriate strategies to bring and position their product in market.

Following recommendations were given by us: They need to diversify or come up with the packaging

of fresh fruits and vegetables. They now need to be very much careful in taking every action regarding expansion, As they are entering into rural market they need to be well strategies to established themselves in the market.


Q1. Explain the nature of and determinants of demand for tetra pack. Ans. The nature and determinants of Tetra Packaging are as follows :Tetra pack has feature of providing longer shelf life due to its hexa layer coating . Pack provides thr retention of nutrients minerals and other important substance . Unlike like the other packaging system used by other local juice company and milk companies , tetrapack dosent need to use preservatives to keep it fresh It provides good batch production and impressive packing for promotion and generate intrest for buying.

Q2. Discuss the marketing strategy ? Ans Tetra Pak applied two main marketing strategies.
They are:A Push promotional strategy involves taking product directly to customer . They work on the core benefits of purity and hygiene .

Skimming pricing is for new product or innovative product. The price at beginning is high and customers are not price sensitive.. Penetration pricing where they set a low price at the beginning to gain a mass market coverage and the price will rise later. The customers are price sensitive. Tetra pak ran a series of consumer centric promotional activities across the country like celebrate karo , jee bhar ke piya campaign to increase home consumption .

Q3. Why was Tetra Pak not successful in beginning? Ans Tetra Pak was not successful during early days in India due to the following reasons :Tetra pak had very little control over the manufacture of packing material . Tetra Paks misunderstanding regarding packaging is also one of the reasons . They think only packaging was brand appeal. Another reason was that Tetra pak given its technology on stakeship . Tetra pak came with wholly owned subsidiary in 1996 before this they were into joint ventures .

Q4. Suggest a strategy for Tetra Pak to meet the ensuing competition. Ans To meet ensuing competition Tetra Pak must follow following strategies : Come up with something new and unique concept of packaging in market. They need to be more powerful in their supply chain management. They must involve in some corporate social responsibility activities to gain customers loyalty and strong customer relations.

Tetra Pak is doing well in Indian market. Its the time for company to diversify into rural markets.