Good GP Grades

- students from the class of 2012 share the things they did to get it

• “I went to the library almost everyday after the June holidays to read the newspaper. I took down important news and main details down on my notebook ... I don’t think reading the newspaper would help if I didn’t record things down.”

• “I used Microsoft Word to type my essays. I used the grammar check to see my errors and learn from them....I did the Qn on equality in Singapore.’’

• “Write neatly. So, it is faster when you check through after writing. You don’t have to decipher your own handwriting....I was better at Paper 2 so, I just did normal prep.”

“Thank God ... I don’t know why I got it ... I went for comprehension consultation. It really helped a lot in my compre method. ”

• “I revised by reading articles and newspapers to form opinions about various topics.”

• “I have a bad memory... Read Broader Perspectives and take down points to remember in my notebook.”

• “I studied all the exam requirements and notes. For last minute revision, I read ks bull.”

• “I read my past essays.”

• “I did the question on Singapore society ... I just used whatever knowledge I had.”

• “I did the Singapore Qn ... I answered based on my own content knowledge ... None of the topics I studied came out.”

• “Thank you for being encouraging... I got a C6 for Olevel English .. Getting a B for GP is a great improvement.”

• “I did the Qn on violence, and watched all those nat geo and discovery channels.”

• “Thanks for always forking the time to coach me ... I did the tech Qn.”

• “(When I write, I have) the tendency to drift away from the topic, so all the more I had to be extra careful and kept reading the Qn throughout the paper, no matter which paragraph I reached.”

• “I wrote the tech Qn. I did whatever you gave me and the weekly essay a month before the actually exam.”

• “I did the inequality (in S’pore) Qn... Ijust read the Straits Times everyday in JC2.”

• “I prefer to research on my own materials and read the papers rather frequently. I did a lot of “copy-writing” (copied from KS Bull) during my JC1 Dec break to get me attuned to the framework and also, build up on my vocabulary through reading.”

• “An essay on technology came out which was close to what we did before. Thanks, thanks, thanks.”

• “... I felt I chose the wrong Qn but I didn’t have time to change... For revision, internet, the online blog, BP, the class project about regions ”

• “... consultations from you and at random occasions, drafted out essay outlines...your blog was a big life saver... • Nearer the A level, I wrote many pieces, tried many styles & just studied the many essays I had written.”

• “I did the Violence Qn, which I did for practice before A lvls.”

• “I did the Violence Qn ... I called J and asked him for the key points for the essay that he did for you ... When we stepped out of the exam hall, we were like ‘Oh, yeaaa’. Haha.”

• “I did the Government Qn... Finally got my A for GP”

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