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HRD Audit

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Manoj Yadav M.B.A IIIrdsem

Contents  What is the audit  What is HRD Audit  Concept of HRD Audit  Objectives of HRD Audit  Importance of HRD Audit  Scope of HRD Audit  Role of HRD Audit  Methods of HRD Audit  Advantages of HRD Audit  Conclusion  References .

.What is HRD Audit An HRD Audit is like a weekly/ montly/ annualy health check-up. it plays a vital role in instilling a sense of confidence in the Management and the HR functions of an organisation.

Systems.What is HRD Audit HRD Audit is a comprehensive evaluation of the existing HRD • • • • • • Structure. Strategies. . Styles. Skills / Competencies & Culture and their appropriateness to achieve the short-term and long-term goals of the organisation.

• To take stock of things & to improve HRD for expanding. .Why???? Organisations undertake HR audits for many reasons : • To make the HR function business-driven. & entering into a fast growth phase. • Change of leadership. diversifying.

Why ?. • To find out the reasons for low productivity & improve HRD strategies. • For promoting professionalism among employees & to switch over to professional Management. . • For growth and diversification...

Concept of HRD Audit Following are the concept of HRD Audit….. HRD Audit is Comprehensive HRD Audit examines linkage with other systems HRD Audit is Business-driven .

Objectives of HRD Audit  To determine the effectiveness of management programmes  Develop a statement of findings with recommendations for correcting deviations  To study the current manpower inventory .

Importance of the HRD Audit  Technological changes  To keep pace with the environment changes  Changing role of trade union  Emergence of new working class .

. • Changes in the styles of top management • Role clarity of HRD Department and the role of line managers in HRD.Role of HRD Audit in Business Improvements… • To gets the current facts. • It could get the top management to think in terms of strategic and long term business plans.

Role of HRD Audit in Business Improvements… • Improvements in HRD systems • Increased focus on human resources and human competencies • Better recruitment policies and more professional staff • More planning and more cost effective training .

Scope of HRD Audit HRD Audit emcompasses all the areas like as…  Manpower planning  Goals.policies and objective .

Scope of HRD Audit  Promotion and transfer polices  Performance appraisal systems  Training and development functions .

Following are the methods…  Individual interview  Group interview  Work shop  Questionnaire methods  Observation .Methodology of HRD Audit… HRD Audit requires the use of a number of methods for HRD Audit.

Advantages of HRD Audit • To ensure effective utilization of HR • To inculcate sense of confidence in management • To develop and sustain organizational reputation in the society • To perform a “due diligence “ review for various stakeholders .

Conclusion  HRD Audit is a comprehension evaluation of the current hr strategies .style and skills in the context of the short and long term business plans of a company. .structure .  its main objective is to align the hr function with business goals or to create a business driven hr function.

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