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-- Prof. Megha
"People work harder and smarter 
when there's something in it for them."
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It is an idea that was developed by the
American psychologist Frederick Herzberg in
the 1950s. It can be contrasted to job
enlargement which simply increases the
number of tasks without changing the
challenge. As such job enrichment has been
described as 'vertical loading' of a job, while
job enlargement is 'horizontal loading'.
Job enrichment is an attempt to motivate
employees by giving them the opportunity to
use the range of their abilities.
An enriched job
should ideally contain:
A range of tasks and challenges of varying
difficulties (Physical or Mental)

A complete unit of work - a meaningful task

Feedback, encouragement and

Techniques (Three
1. Turn employees' effort into performance

2. Link employees performance directly to


3. Make sure the employee wants the reward.

How to find out?
1. Turn employees' effort
into performance
Ensuring that objectives are well-defined and
understood by everyone.
Providing adequate resources for each
employee to perform well. Example :-IT,
Com.Skill, Technology, and Personnel training
and development.
Creating a supportive corporate culture. Free
flow of information.
Provide enough freedom to facilitate job
Provide adequate recognition, appreciation,
Cont. Point 1…
Provide job variety. This can be done by job
sharing or job rotation programmes.

It may be necessary to re-engineer the job

2. Link employees
performance directly to
Clear definition of the reward is a must

Explanation of the link between performance

and reward is important

Make sure the employee gets the right reward

if performs well

If reward is not given, explanation is needed

3. Make sure the employee
wants the reward. How to
find out?
Ask them

Use surveys( checklist, listing, questions)

Skill Variety – Increasing the number of
skills that individuals use while performing

Task Identity – Enabling people to perform a

job from start to finish.
Task Significance – Providing work that has
a direct impact on the organization or its

Autonomy – Increasing the degree of

decision making, and the freedom to choose
how and when work is done.

Feedback – Increasing the amount of

recognition for doing a job well, and
communicate the results of people's work
Strategies you can use to
enrich jobs in your
Rotate Jobs
Increase Employee-Directed Feedback
Combine Tasks
Identify Project-Focused Work Units
Create Autonomous Work Teams
Implement Participative Management
Redistribute Power and Authority
Implementing a Job
Enrichment Program
 Step One – Find out where people are dissatisfied with their current work

 Step Two – Consider which job enrichment options you can provide.

 Step Three – Design and communicate your program.

Beneficial to Employees and Management

Meets Psychological needs of Workers

Act as a Motivator
Success depends on psychology of employee

Needs support of employee Motivation

Opposition from unions

make it effective ?
1. The people involved must have a
substantial voice in the planning process.

2. There is needed for better understanding of

what people want

3. It should also result in worker enrichment if

productivity increases are the main goal of job
enrichment, the programme must show how
workers would benefit.

1 Techniques

2 Characteristics

3 Strategies

4 Implementation a job enrichment program

5 Advantages

6 Limitations

7 How to make it effective ? (Overcome

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