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Ethics in Human Resource Management

Module 6


Introduction to ethics Ethics in worklife Ethics in human resource management Ethical discipline Ethical pratices followed by organizations


Ethics is the discipline dealing with that which is good and bad with moral duty and obligations Business ethics refers to application of moral values, accepted character and behavior by the contemporary business world to all business activities, dealings, offers, practices and such other issues

Influence of Business ethics

Business ethical policies and practices influence and shape the individual ethics, character and behavior

The ethical standards of the top management influence and shape the decisional values and decision-making styles of the middle and junior level managers
HRM operations

How does ethics apply?

Ethical culture in worklife

Honest communication Fair treatment Special consideration Fair competition Responsibility to organisation Corporate social responsibility Respect for law

Factors shaping ethical behaviour at work

Individual Everyones own personal moral philosophy Individual stage of moral development Laws and regulations

Organizational The organisations culture Co-workers and leaders Opportunities to be ethical or unethical Laws, requirements and regulations

Ethical HRM

Job design HRP Recruitment and selection Training & development Career planning and development Employee turnover Reward and disciplinary systems Wage and salary administration

Job Design

Work simplification Job Rotation Job enlargement Job enrichment Autonomous work teams High performance work designs Empowerment De-Jobbing

Recruitment and selection

Know your employment law Follow the ethical recruitment guidelines Use pre-employment information services Use reference checking forms

Training & Developement

To recognize ethical issues Use of ethical guidelines to resolve problems Targets and methods of ethical training

Reward and disciplinary systems

Performance appraisal
Appeals and grievance procedure Discipline system

Employee Turnover

Factors Legal and valid reasons for dismissal Explain the reasons Be firm with your decision Process Informal action Disciplinary meeting First written warning Second written warning

Termination interview

Be straightforward Explain the purpose of the interview Benefits after losing the job Document the exit interview Be prepared for questions


Motivate and commit Individual and organizational factors Training and open two-way communication Knowing what to do