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Issue 4 March/April 2013

If you are the student delegate who represents your school for all AOTA related information, you are invited to our annual meeting prior to conference!!! Student Delegate Meeting: April 23rd-24th
If your school does not have a student delegate, click here for more information: http://www.aota.org/Students/ASD.aspx

All things Conference!!!

• How to register: • http://www.aota.org/ConferenceDocs/2013C ference/Registration.aspx • Where to stay: • http://www.aota.org/ConferenceDocs/2013C ference/Hotel-and-Travel.aspx • All other questions: • http://www.aota.org/ConfandEvents/2013con rence.aspx
Check ASD media pages, (OT connections and Facebook), and newsletter to keep updated on all student delegate meeting information!!!

• There are a wide variety of student only sessions to choose from. You can access the full conference program and guide here: http://www.aota.org/ConferenceDocs/2013Co nference/Onsite-Guide13.aspx?FT=.pdf

• Thursday: • 7:15 am: First-Timers Orientation • 4:00 pm: Welcoming Ceremony and Keynote address, followed by Expo Hall opening • 8:30 pm: Students Un-Conferenced!!! • It’s a time for us students to let loose and party!!!

• Friday: • 5:15 pm: Eleanor Clarke Slagle Lecture • 8:00 pm: AOTF Gala

• Saturday: • 11:15 am: Inaugural Presidential Address • 7:30 pm: AOTPAC Night!!!!

AOTPAC Opportunity!!!!
• Our profession's political action committee, AOTPAC, relies on contributions from members and student groups. • AOTPAC works closely with AOTA to support legislators who share our priorities and work with us to get legislation introduced and passed that is beneficial to OT and our clients. • Please host a fundraising event with your student OT/OTA association or group to support AOTPAC and keep our profession strong! • We announce the largest amount raised in 2012 at the ASD meeting in April 2013 and the 2013 winner will be announced at the 2014 conference. • All participating groups from both years are recognized with a certificate and are announced at the ASD meeting at the conference. • Details on the AOTA http://www.aota.org/Practitioners/Advocacy/AOT + website: PAC/AOTPAC-Students_1/40882.aspx • There are fundraising idea links on that webpage too.

Boardroom to Classroom: A game changing opportunity!
What is it?
“Boardroom to Classroom is a program through the American Occupational Therapy Association that connects AOTA’s Board of Directors to student groups to increase their knowledge about professional issues and opportunities. Discussions are one hour-long question and answer teleconference or videoconference. They focus on one of six topics (Advocacy in Occupational Therapy, Importance of AOTA Membership, Getting More Involved in AOTA, Current Factors Affecting Occupational Therapy, Importance of Research and Evidence in the Profession, Recent Successes of AOTA for Occupational Therapy).”- Jaclyn Tarloff, MS, OTR/L creator program.

So how does it work?
Members of the AOTA’s Board of Directors interact with students via teleconference or videoconference in a question-answer format that revolve around topics of: Advocacy, Importance of AOTA Membership, Getting Involved in AOTA, Current Factors Affecting OT, Importance of Research & Evidence and Recent Successes in AOTA. After each session, both the BOD member and students are encouraged to leave feedback and comment of the effectiveness of the session to further empower others to get involved!


Student testimonials
• “I felt much more connected to AOTA. The discussion made AOTA seen real, not just an organization.” • “I learned a lot more about what AOTA and the website AOTA.org has to offer to students and beyond.” • “I really enjoyed the lecture… It was inspiring and it makes me want to be more actively involvedin AOTA.”

How to set up a Boardroom to Classroom session
Contact the Assembly of Student Delegates Steering Committee: ASD@AOTA.ORG

Share this information with your Student Occupational Therapy Association Advisor, or Program director to take full advantage of this game changing opportunity!




• The top 3 schools that receive the highest percentage of NEW SCC enrollment will be entered in a special raffle where 1 lucky person from each school will win a iPad2



• Winners will be announced at the Students Un-Conferenced event at the 93rd Annual Conference and Expo in San Diego on April 25, 2013. • And, we will also be recognizing the winning school’s delegates at the ASD annual meeting at conference for all their hard work, spreading the SCC word. Contest ends January 31, 2013.

• Completed cards must be mailed back to AOTA, Attn: Amanda Fogle, 4720 Montgomery Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814 by February 7, 2013. • Online registration is also available at: www.aota.org/scc. Registration after January 31, 2013 will not be counted towards raffle. One registration per person please.