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Lesson 1


PowerPoint Capabilities
Microsoft Word is a powerful word processing software used to create documents like letters, reports, research papers, memos, and other projects. If you need to deliver information or attractive and interesting reports and creative presentations to a large audience, Microsoft PowerPoint is the program to use. PowerPoint is a complete presentation package. It produces professionallooking presentations with functions for text handing, drawing, layout, clip art, and many more. It has built-in slide layout, editing features, multi-media effects, and video clips.

What Can PowerPoint Do?

Since PowerPoint is used mostly for delivering presentations, it reduces the need for time-consuming visual aids. You will have better results in conveying information with the use of animation and colorful graphics.

PowerPoint Functions
Shown below are the different views of PowerPoint. Enumerated are the basic terms that will be covered in the entire book. 1.Presentation-a collection of slides, handouts, speakers notes, and outline. It is the over-all design and format that is carried through from beginning to end. 2.Slide-individuak pages of your presentation. A slide consists of text, title, graphs, drawn objects, shapes, clip art, drawn art, and visual created using other applications. Slides can be printed on paper or even transparencies. 3.Handouts-consist of smaller printed versions of slides. This helps you deliver and reinforce the presentation. Additional information such as the name of the presenter, the date, and page numbers can also be added.

PowerPoint Functions
4.Notes Page- this helps the speaker by serving as a guide while presenting the slide. Notes help the speaker or presenter to remember important words that he/she need to say. 5.Outline- this shows you structure of your presentation. One way of starting your presentation is to construct the outline first.

10 Tips for Effective PowerPoint Presentations

Make your presentation design simple. Limit the number of words on slides.

Use the key phrases and include important

information only. Empty space on the slide enhances readability. Use a color scheme that is pleasing to the eyes . Make text size readable to audience. Use contrasting colors for text and background. Use the best quality images available. Avoid the use of flashy transitions. Do not overuse the animations and sounds.

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