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HR Practices of Frontier Foundry Steel

Introduction to FF steel
Chief Executive: Noman Wazir Director: Zarak khan Location: Industrial estate Number of employees: more then 200 In house material testing laboratory. Proper drainage systems installed.

Incorporated in 1986 Commercial production of steel bars and steel ingots June 1988 1992 product diversification and expansion Increased production 1995 Product diversification 2001-2004 Installation of cooling bed 2006 Weldable steel April 2007

ASTM 706 steel bars Wire Rod Bailing Hoops Deformed Steel Bars

Milestones and Achievements

Enercon award 1992 National awards 2001,2007,2011 Amongst top 25 companies of Arabia fast growth 500+ turkey 2011 Only PSQCA license holder of seismic resistant and Weldable Steel Bars ASTM 706

HR practices
Motivation Training and development Maintenance


No written set of HR practices for ff steel


Recruitment process


job description and specification



Recruitment sources
Internal recruitment External recruitment Employee Referrals

Media for recruitment

Online recruitment Newspapers o Local o National

Third party Recruitment

Yaldram Securities (Pvt) Ltd


Selection Process
Lower level staff
Selected on basis of referrals

Engineers/ managers

Go through a selection process

Selection process at FF Steel

Applications are shortlisted/screened as per criteria. Interview calls Interviews are conducted by a Panel.

Final Selection of candidate based on the nterviews.

Selection process at FF Steel

Basic selection criteria. 1) Education 2) Past Experience 3) Attitude (behavior)

Selection (Contd..)
Education 1. Depends on the job but the candidate for the higher degree is preferred. 2. Skills maters grades doesn't.

Selection (Contd..)
Attitude (behavior) In interview the main thing observed in the candidate is his attitude towards the job. The manager said they have set some basic criteria for the candidate to select him on the basis of his attitude towards job.

Selection (Contd..)
Past Experience Past experience is highly preferred but in the relevant field. Candidates with multiple skills are hired.

Training and Development

Reema Gul Anum Iqbal Adnan

Training and development

On the job training

Job rotations Understudy assignments

Off the job training

Seminars and lecture courses

Motivation FF Steel
Fahad Zahid Humayun Amjad

Questions asked from HR manager at FF Steel:

I. II.

How you motivate your employees? Scenario (Employee Problem)

How we motivate employees?

We give prizes to employees based on performance.

We give incentives based on

Produce more, get more Our employees are encouraged by being told Do mistakes, and youll learn Due to our quality motivation practices

Our employees are competitive

Scenario Presented
Employee has any problem Effecting his performance at mill How they are motivated in such cases? How their morale is developed?

They should submit a leave application They will be given paid leaves until the problem is solved Depending on the severity of the problem Also depends on status of employee

Director-Employee Interaction
Great interaction between Directors and employee Directors meet with employees during working hours. Ask them how they feel being here. Employees share their problems with directors

Motivation Statistics
According to the HR manager of FF Steel Im 100% sure that our 99% of staff is honest and motivated Some of our employees switched to other organizations due to some

But due to our excellent HR Practices many employees came back even after 5 years Which shows our great HR achievement

Monetary benefits Accommodation Health and safety First aid kits Help from ceo


Usman Ghani Zeeshan Sohail


We asked the HR Manager of Ffsteel how do you maintain your HR staff?

The Answer was we maintain our employee by a number of!! A thorough performance evaluation followed by performance appraisal. Giving fringe benefits Giving good work environment. No barrier between the management and workers

1. Performance evaluation followed by Appraisal
The companys HR department has designed a brief evaluation form which is also known as Annual incremental form. The patern of this evaluation form is shown:

Evaluation Form (Annual incremental form)

Maintenance (Contd..)
2.Fringe benefits include; Free conveyance on the companys expense

24 hours canteen to cater the food needs of employees Arrange various sports events periodically among the workers.

Maintenance (Contd..)
3.Provide Good work environment. Workers consider their colleagues more like friends rather then professionals. Provide breaks between the work so that employees doesn't get frustrated.

Maintenance (Contd..)
4.No barrier between the management and workers the HR manager of the ff steel believes that the most important thing that retains our employees is that there is no upward communication barrier exists As mentioned earlier the director is always available for the employees problems.

Maintenance (Contd..)