imagine you can not store your food. no warm water and no light? • If you need some medical assistance. There is not way to make medical analysis. no electronic devices. but only thing that doctors can do for you is give you some prescriptions. No TV. How would you feel? • • • . and there is not TV.IMAGINE JUST A SECOND… • • How would be living without Internet? How would be if you come back home. studies or storage some kinds of drugs. no phone. because there is not way to keep it cold. Even more.

BUT IT IS NOT A FANTASY • This is the reality for a lot of Colombian people. there are some town where the people have never seen a shinning bulb ever. • • . They just have to live as XIX century people used to live. because they live too far away from big urban centers. Only with burners and oil lamps to defeat the darkness. they have not 24 hours electric service. Even more.

make their life extremely hard. Labors we considerer simply footling. • • . They can not keep medical supplies cold. and they have not opportunity to access. washing laundry. All this.AND WHAT ALL THIS IS A PROBLEM? • • • Maybe some people think that living without electric power it is not the worst thing ever. even more. studying and other stuff. with out mention the great advantages that our electronic devices provide us. they shall make great effort to accomplish. no analysis). but the difficulties that our compatriots have to overcome. there is not way to treat serious diseases (not studies. no way. Ultrasound for a pregnant lady. Surely It is not. cooking. Food storage.

organize crime.BESIDES… • Children at these towns have not a properly education system. In our country. this situation only help to increases the social gap between the rural and urban population. it is just another explanation for our social conflict. . decreasing their chances to succeed. Less Preparation • • Less Opportunities Furthermore. and guerrillas. because. it provides reasons and human material to delinquency.

Because of that. it is impossible to do it. • . from the generation station. these towns and communities are too far away from the big urban centers and even more. these Colombian people are been forgotten for his own government and the rest of their compatriots.WHY ANYONE DOES ANYTHING? • • Commonly. and now. For that reason. the government said that implementing projects to bring electric power to these village is simply very expensive.


there is a government institution in charge to provide solutions and alternatives to non interconnected towns and village. . To meet this objective.BUT. • • The government had set for 2020. WHAT CAN BE DONE? • In Colombia. the IPSE had considered diferent kind of solutions. The IPSE (Instituto de Planificación y Promoción de Soluciones Energéticas para las Zonas No Interconectadas). all the Colombian people around the country will have 24 hours electric service.

FOSSIL FUEL • Installation of power plants based on gas. diesel. gasoline or coal near the consumption centers. .

 High cost of installation in all non interconnected towns. Disadvantages  The combustion material is relatively cheap.  High levels of pollution.FOSSIL FUEL •  • Advantages The equipment is already in Colombia.  Can be segregated easily.  Transportation of combustion material to the generation center. .

CLEAN ENERGIES • • • Wind Power Hidro Power Solar Energy • Biomass .

interconnected town and village implementing the electrical structure.INTERCONNECTION • Bring electrical energy to non. .

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